(Clearwisdom.net) From the end of April to early May of 1994, Teacher was giving lectures in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Many people from my region traveled there to attend the lectures. To accommodate the attendees who had to work during the day, the lectures were held in the evening. During the day, apart from doing the group exercises together, everybody was free to arrange their own activities. One day, fellow practitioners in my group decided to visit the Baoguang Temple nearby.

As we were exiting the main palace of the temple and walking towards the next palace, we saw Teacher and several key assistants from different major areas. Among my group, there was a senior lady in her 80's who had been suffering severe back and leg pain. She could not stand up straight and could only walk slowly with the help of a cane and other people. Unexpectedly, Teacher stopped in front of us and said to the key assistant of our group, "Why did you bring such a senior lady here?" The assistant replied, "No matter how I tried to persuade her, she insisted on coming. When I tried to stop her, she cried." Teacher smiled, "I see." Then Teacher told the lady, "Hello, my senior, please walk comfortably." Then Teacher walked away and continued on. Fellow practitioners in my group all regretted seeing Teacher leave.

All of a sudden, everyone heard the lady say, "Look! I can stand up straight now. And my legs don't hurt any more." At the same time, she pushed away the practitioners who were helping her stand, and let go of her cane. From that moment, she just walked on her own and happily joined everyone visiting the next palace in the temple.

June 15, 2009