(Clearwisdom.net) From miserable to joyous was the change I felt upon becoming Master's Dafa disciple in the Fa rectification period.

Before I practiced Falun Gong, my husband and I fought for over twenty years. All day long we either fought or cursed. Sometimes we threw and broke things. Because we were always angry, we both had diseases. In addition to menopausal symptoms, I was upset all day and felt that I could not live another day. Many times I wanted to commit suicide. When I thought of our two children, however, I struggled to live on.

In July 1998, I found Falun Dafa by "chance," and my whole life suddenly turned from dark to light. Words can't describe my feeling. From a period of menopause to adolescence to prepubescence, if you will, I changed from being very sad to very happy. My husband saw the dramatic changes and also began practicing. We are both still stumbling along, as I highlight some memorable occurrences over the years.

Master Fixes the Fa Lecture Tape for Me

In October 1998, I got a series of tapes of Master's Fa lectures in Jinan City. There was noise on the sixth tape, and about one third was not clear. My husband had just started practicing at the time and asked me to change it. So I borrowed the original tape and thought, I would start to record from the part that was not clear. I then started listening to the tape, trying to find where there was something wrong. But from the beginning through to the end, I could hear no noise. It turned out to be no problem at all. This was the first time that I witnessed a miracle of Dafa.

Railway Police Couldn't Move Just After Just One Sentence

When I had just been released from prison in 2010, I went by train to my hometown to visit my grandson. I sat on the top of the bed in the train and was clarifying the truth to the person on the other side. A staff member overheard me and reported me to a police officer. Then two police came and asked me which one was my bag. I pointed to a bag on the shelf. At that time, I was still holding Zhuan Falun in my hand. Just when the officer got my bag, I quickly put the book under the blanket. When I arrived at the on-train office, one officer started searching the bag while the other was looking. Everything was taken out. I thought, do not do it. There's nothing inside. Then they picked up a pancake and asked what it was. I said, “a pancake.” He said, “Oh, pancake.” It took him a long time to say as much, while the other one was just looking without doing anything. At that time, I was surprised and wondered what it meant. I didn't know to send forth righteous thoughts at that time. I only thought, “do not do it.” He then stopped searching and stood still there holding the pancake. He didn't move and just looked at the pancake, “Ah, pancake, pancake.” Until I asked, “Is it done?” He was surprised and said, “Yes, done.” He was a little embarrassed and put the pancake back in the bag. He gave it back and then I left. Later when I recalled this, I laughed. There were many other things that occurred, but I was not enlightened at that time.

Beam of Light Shines Brightly on Dafa Book

On February 3, 2000 (the day before Chinese New Year eve), police officers took a vehicle full of Dafa practitioners back from Beijing. Each little room in the detention center is only five square meters. Nine Dafa practitioners were held in a tiny 5 by 6 foot area on the floor. At 10:00 p.m., on February 4, 2000, guards called me, with the volunteer chief of our Falun Dafa Assistance Center and another practitioner (who had betrayed Dafa and gone astray). They used towels to cover our eyes and then used our clothes to cover our heads. They locked our hands behind our backs and pushed us towards a vehicle. We were taken to another location. When we arrived, we heard firecrackers and realized it was midnight on Chinese New Year's eve. We then started doing the exercises. At that place, the conditions were very poor. It was remodeled from a storage room without any windows. There was a small metal door three feet in height with a one square foot window. There was no light. In front of the room, there was a row of rooms where guards and firefighters stayed. Between these two rows of rooms, there was a hallway, also without light. On the floor in the toilet, the urine was so repulsive that we could not open our eyes. We could not see anything from 4:00 p.m. each day. It was very dark. So each time, when it was time to go out to have a rest, our eyes were extremely uncomfortable.

It was so hard to read in such surroundings, not to mention that I also needed to wear reading glasses. But each time, I read Zhuan Falun, there was a beam of pink light shining on the book. It would shine wherever I read.

I was held there for over three months. Each day, only three or four steamed buns and a little water was given without anything else. We were charged 15 yuan for living expenses each day. The director of the detention center said that he truly admired Falun Gong. Practitioners' faces were glowing with health. If we were not practitioners, we would have died already. Even the director of the firefighters also admired Master and Dafa disciples.

There are so many miracles in the history of the past years of cultivation. I mentioned only a few here. Please bring anything that is not correct to my attention.

August 2, 2011