Printing Truth-clarification Materials

When I read the article "Our Compassionate and Venerable Master" in Beijing on July 19, 2000, my face was bathed in tears. I repeatedly called, "Teacher, you have borne too much for practitioners. As a practitioner, I feel guilt and am determined to protect the Fa with my life."

A dozen or so practitioners from all over the country were staying in a basement apartment. I had four or five different truth-clarification brochures, but only one copy of each. Practitioners from different areas hoped that they could take some of the materials with them when they returned to their home bases. We found a print shop and asked for 20 copies of each. Unfortunately, when only half of the printing job was completed, a man ran into the shop and appeared to be in a horrible mood. He shouted, "Attention! No shops are allowed to print Falun Gong materials! If you discover Falun Gong practitioners or materials, you must report it. There is a reward for reporting practitioners." The evildoer left his phone number and then ransacked the shop. I got nervous and asked Teacher to help keep the materials from being discovered. After he searched for a while he left angrily. Before he left, he put up a note on the gate: "Temporarily closed."

I calmed down and asked the shop assistant to finish printing our order. The shop assistant acted as if nothing had happened. When he finished, I took the materials back to the apartment and gave each practitioner two copies. The persecution of practitioners in 2000 reached a peak. However, I was safe even during these dangerous times. Teacher said in his poem,

"When disciples have ample righteous thoughts Master has the power to turn back the tide". ("The Master-Disciple Bond," Hong Yin II )

Wasn't this the manifestation of the re-emergence of the Great Buddha Fa in the human world?

The police were oblivious to many Dafa Books

Two officers from the local 610 Office and a security guard from my work unit broke into my home on August 2, 2000. They rummaged through chests and cupboards, the places where I kept my Falun Dafa books, Teacher's portraits, and Fa lecture cassette tapes. Not only that, there was a full box of truth-clarification materials I had brought back from Beijing in one of the cupboards. I was really worried and told them, "Don't touch my things!" The force of my voice went out through the roof and up into the sky. As a result, the hands of the head of the 610 Office became unsteady. He opened all the cupboards, but was unable to reach inside. It was as if there was a fire inside the cupboards. He dared not touch anything in the cupboards. Finally they hurriedly closed the cupboards and left empty handed.

The police were unable to find me

Whenever I had new materials I would send a copy to the police, the procuratorate, and the judicial department. After some time, the county 610 Office began to look for the person responsible for sending these things to them. They began to suspect me. My work unit gave them a photo of me, and they sent it to the surrounding counties and cities. When several practitioners from other parts of the country were detained at a detention center, their relatives and I went to the local 610 Office to request their release. I noticed my photo on the officers' desk. I remained calm and continued to clarify the truth to the officers until they agreed to release the practitioners. They did not recognize me.

Officers from my local 610 Office combed the area where I lived in an attempt to arrest me. They asked for information from fellow practitioners, and those who knew me well were harassed. One day a practitioner unintentionally disclosed the time I would return home. That day I left Practitioner A's home after finishing the exercises at around 6:00 a.m. Less than five minutes later the police searched Practitioner A's home. A told me later that the police were looking for me.

I delivered the materials to Practitioner B's home and then went straight to Practitioner C's home. I had several Falun Dafa books in my possession. Practitioner B told me later that, after I left, she had a cup of water and was just about to close the door when the police walked in. They ransacked the house and confiscated the Dafa books.

I left the bag with the truth-clarification materials at Practitioner C's home, shared a few thing with her, and asked her to come to the group Fa study. She didn't come with me, so I went to the Fa study by myself. When I returned to Practitioner C's home, I saw a police car leaving her home, the onlookers still talking about it. Practitioner C's family told me that she had been arrested and that the police actually wanted me and not Practitioner C. They hoped I could go to the police station and take Practitioner C's place. I knew the evildoers were very cunning, so I ran out of Practitioner C's home. Just then a motorbike rushed towards me. I waved to the driver and jumped on. Before I could even get seated on it properly, I saw a police car stop in front of Practitioner C's home. I learned that three policemen had stayed inside Practitioner C's home for the entire night, waiting to arrest me. They got closer and closer, but I always managed to leave seconds before the police arrived. It was just like Teacher said,

"While a Tao is one foot tall, a demon would be one yard high." "A demon will never be higher than a Tao." (Zhuan Falun

Walking out of the detention center with one thought

The county 610 Office sent me to the city forced labor camp in mid September 2006. During the medical check up in the detention center a doctor took my blood. He left without a word and then two other doctors came in. I sent forth one thought, "The higher my blood pressure the better." As a result my blood pressure was really high. The forced labor camp called in two groups of doctors from another hospital to take my blood pressure. The results were the same. The last doctor said my blood pressure was scaring him. The forced labor camp refused to take me in, and I was sent back to the detention center. Everyone there was very excited, saying, "Falun Gong is really great. It has divine powers." The following day, everyone in the detention center began to learn Falun Gong.