(Clearwisdom.net) I learned Falun Dafa with my father in March of 1999. Right away, Teacher Li Hongzhi opened my Celestial Eye, and I could see many wonderful phenomena in other dimensions. I am in college now, but I want to share with fellow practitioners things that occurred during my senior year in high school.

It was 10 p.m. on April 4 (after the persecution had already begun). After studying at school, I rode my bicycle home alone as usual. It was very cold, so I was wearing a hat. When I crossed the street, a big truck came within eight meters of me. Suddenly, a motorcycle sped out from behind the truck and headed toward me. With things happening so fast, I was unable to do anything, and I was hit by the motorcycle. Luckily, the truck stopped just before running me over, and I was not hurt despite the fact that I was thrown right in front of the big truck's wheels.

I pulled my damaged bike to the side of the road, collected myself, and climbed back on. Thinking that I was injured, the person who hit me was very anxious. He asked me if I needed to see a doctor. I was not hurt and was not concerned about myself, but stared at the bicycle, thinking, “What shall I do? How am I going to get to school without my bike?” Then I said to the driver, “I am OK. You can leave now. I will find a way to fix my bike.” But he insisted on taking me home. At my house, he spoke with my dad briefly and decided he would return to our house to fix my bicycle the next day. Later that night, I could not stop thinking that I had not done well. I had attachments, worrying about my bicycle and the cost of fixing it. The next day I said to my dad: “We should not take advantage by letting him fix my bicycle. We should do well when faced with a test.” Dad said: “True. I didn’t do well either. Why don’t we tell him that we will fix it ourselves when he comes. I will also take the opportunity to tell him the facts about Dafa.” And that's what we did. The man was surprised and grateful. Dad clarified the facts to him about Dafa and gave him a DVD of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. At first, we thought it would cost over one hundred yuan to fix the bicycle. In the end, it only cost eight yuan. It must have been Teacher who saw that we elevated ourselves, so he minimized our losses. We successfully passed the test.

The next day, my dad and I sent forth righteous thoughts to cleanse my field. I erected my right hand, and after I was in total concentration, I suddenly felt that I was spinning counterclockwise at a high speed, and I felt dizzy. Then I felt that I was standing on a large round plate, on which there were characters representing “metal,” “wood,” “water,” “fire,” and “earth,” each with its corresponding time. There were also spinning symbols of Taichi, Zhouyi, and Bagua. I believe that they corresponded to my birth date. As I kept spinning, I saw that I was wearing a crown and was enclosed in a transparent dome-shaped cover. Soon I saw that my mother was standing in front of me. A big wave rushed toward her, swirled around, and then rushed against me. It was deflected by the dome before it could submerge me. Soon there came many waves, but they were all deflected. I asked Teacher for help, and they were all destroyed.

Then I saw a series of images of my life experiences displayed on the plate where my birth date was previously exhibited. I saw the scene of my falling into a river and being carried away when I was seven or eight years old. The rushing water carried me downstream as though evil demons were pulling me down. My hands stuck out above the water and waved, and my life was hanging by a thread. Just then, a lotus flower drifted through the sky and wiped out the horrifying scenario that was about to play out. Teacher had saved me. I also saw the scene of my mom learning Dafa, and I understood that before we learned Dafa, Teacher was already protecting and guarding us.

Recalling the terrifying scenes of my falling into the river when I was young frightens me still. Neither my dad nor I could ever forget it. Teacher let me review the scenes of the past with my Celestial Eye after I learned Dafa. It gave me more confidence that every word Teacher says in the Fa is true, and it helped me see the seriousness of cultivation. Because Dad and I did not do well with our cultivation in the past, Mom was worried about our safety and formed a bias against Dafa. She said some disrespectful words about Dafa and built karma for herself. I did not have sufficient patience to clarify the facts of Dafa to her. I instead used ordinary people’s ways to confront her, which only made things worse. The old forces took advantage of my loophole and harmed me.

As a result of that car accident, I became more diligent. I elevated myself according to the Fa and did the three things well. I hope fellow practitioners can learn a lesson from my experience and be more diligent, cherish the time that Teacher has extended for us, and rush to save all sentient beings.

This is the first time I have ever written an article for the Clearwisdom website. Please point out my deficiencies.