(Clearwisdom.net) As we were preparing for a Fa conference, two gray-haired men suddenly appeared in front of me. They were Zhizhe and Huizhe (both names in Chinese denote "wisdom"). I noticed their humorous demeanor and could not help but smile. They seemed to be talking to each other. So I watched them quietly.

They took out a stack of articles and were reading them one by one. It seemed to me as if for them, the articles sort of looked like three-dimensional maps. When looking through a three-dimensional object from different angles, we can see completely different pictures. The two elderly men were trying to see the picture behind each practitioner's sharing article. The articles, though, were not only three-dimensional, but multi-dimensional.

Zhizhe and Huizhe smiled as they read the articles. From their point of view, the images these articles displayed were as precious as beautiful, rare jewels. The men were amazed by the lustrous glows and astonishing hues that crossed through different time-spaces rectifying sentient beings' incorrect notions and purifying deformed elements. In some cases, it seemed as if they had never seen such powerful, penetrating light before. Cosmic colossal firmaments are being rectified and everything is being renewed. Few can see this, but all will be astonished when it is displayed in front of their eyes.

As seen by the two men, everything a Dafa practitioner does, from cultivating in the Fa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, fulfilling their responsibilities in saving sentient beings, being steadfast amidst tribulation, having kind thoughts amidst hardship or offering a compassionate smile is transformed into magnificent colorful gems that are set into the heavenly bodies of the new universe.

When they read my sharing article, they said, "This gem has a slight defect. It represents human notions that have not been eliminated. From what I see, a practitioner who focuses on validating the Fa, and not on oneself, writes a completely different article. The flaws are manifestations of someone who stubbornly holds on to the self, cannot look inward, and is unable to coordinate well with the rest."

I asked them, "So what does an article without any human notions look like?" They showed me the picture of an article of a practitioner who conducted himself with righteous thoughts and actions and coordinated well with the group to save more sentient beings. The bad elements who wanted to interfere earlier were attracted by the article, but gave up on the thought of interfering. Instead, they surrounded this practitioner and danced with heartfelt admiration. I was shocked by this image, and speechless.

Experience sharing articles that may seem plain and simple on the surface display extraordinary images behind them. In classical Chinese literature, there is a saying that describes a well-written article as containing "gem-like words." However, Dafa practitioners' experience sharing articles have surpassed ordinary jewelry, because what lies in between the lines are the wisdom and power bestowed by Dafa, and the compassion and heart to save all beings. Dafa has bestowed wonders and created amazingly colorful precious gems.