(Clearwisdom.net) Along with the progress of Master's Fa-rectification process, Dafa disciples continue to send forth righteous thoughts, and as a result, the evil in other dimensions has been largely cleaned out. The cultivation environment has improved in our county during recent years. When this happened we relaxed in our cultivation efforts and developed attachments to leisure in various degrees, which enabled the old forces to exploit our gaps.

More than a dozen disciples have been arrested and sent to forced labor camps since last September. Especially in recent months, police have been constantly arresting, ransacking homes, harassing, and sending practitioners to forced labor camps. The environment has become very tense, severely interfering with disciples doing the three things, and damaging efforts to save sentient beings.

Several of us discussed our understanding and formed a plan: First, we would start up again our group Fa-study. Secondly, we organized fellow disciples in the entire county into extended sessions of sending forth righteous thoughts to thoroughly eliminate all the evil, including evil elements in the 610 Office, police departments, procuratorate, the court, and police stations in each township that dare to persecute Dafa disciples. We also aimed to disintegrate all dark minions, rotten ghosts, the evil party specter, and meddling gods that interfere with Fa-rectification. We set up two time periods: July 11-14, and July 19-22, at 2-5 p.m., each day for 3 hours. Here are my notes of the things I saw during these concentrated sessions of sending forth righteous thoughts. I hope those practitioners who have not paid attention to sending forth righteous thoughts will wake up.

July 11-14 Session

On July 11, 2010, many disciples surrounded the county seat in other dimensions, formed a strong, unified body, and eliminated much evil. Master's Fashen and many righteous gods were watching us but did not help, but rather, left the opportunity for establishing mighty virtue to us Dafa disciples.

On July 12, the evil was prepared. Demons came to help from other dimension; they caused the whole battlefield to be filled with water. Fellow practitioners were fighting on the surface of the water, but some evil hid under the water. I had one thought, "This little bit of water cannot even cover my feet!" The water immediately disappeared, a big den appeared, evil beings in the shape of frogs, tadpoles, animals, plant, human, even strange creatures remained at the bottom of the den. All were soon cleaned out.

On July 13, disciples in the whole county formed a strong, unified body, and eliminated batch after batch of evil beings in the other dimensions. I was sitting sending forth righteous thoughts; I felt my divine side and human side fully merge together. The large amount of mighty mercy shook the world. The evil tried many times to pull down my erect palm, but they were peeled away before reaching me. There were several higher level evil beings trying to prevent me from using my divine powers normally, but Master strengthened me, and they decomposed quickly from the touch of my little finger. I saw it was only a few minutes before 5 p.m., and my human attachment surfaced. The evil quickly took advantage of my gap, and harmed the right side of my back, and a leg on my Buddha body.

On July 14, my legs could not fold into lotus position, and my right palm could not stay erect. I then sent forth righteous thoughts with my mind, but my mind was not tranquil and it wandered. I looked inside, and a big character--an "eagle" appeared. I also saw my Buddha body had its arms hanging down, surrounded by several evil beings (my attachments). I was separated from our united body. I thought to myself, "What is the meaning of this character? Oh, it is a "self-eagle." I enlightened that I had the attachments of showing off, zealotry and validating myself. I felt that I, myself, had initiated and organized this righteous action, and witnessing so much evil being eliminated, the "self-eagle" became bloated.

Master teaches us in Zhuan Falun,

"Whether it is your supernormal abilities or your Unlocking of Gong, you achieve them through practicing cultivation in Dafa. If you put Dafa in a secondary place and put your supernatural powers in the primary place, or as an enlightened person you believe that what you understand one way or another is correct, or if you even regard yourself as being great and beyond Dafa, I would say that you have already started to stumble. It would be dangerous and you would become ever worse." ("The Mentality of Showing Off," Lecture Six)

Master was talking about me. I said to Master in my heart, "Master, I was wrong." I could not sit in lotus or erect my palm. I let the gong out from my sweat pores. Instantly, red light surrounded the evil beings, disintegrated them immediately, and I went back to our one body. I experienced the miracle of looking inside, and the mighty power of our one body.

July 19-22 Session

On July 19, I felt sleepy when we first started. Then I was walking back and forth in my home while sending forth righteous thoughts for several minutes. I then sat down in lotus position, still sleepy, and my arms felt swollen. I stood up again. I was determined, "Don't even think about interfering with me; I must send forth righteous thoughts!"

It was raining. I carried a chair in the yard, sat in lotus position, and began sending forth righteous thoughts. In less then two minutes, my arms felt very light, and my erect palm stayed steady. Tears ran down my cheeks together with the rain. Thank you, Master! Master saw my righteous will and helped me fix my divine body. I stayed in the rain more than 30 minutes, with no trace of sleepiness left. I went back inside and continued sending forth righteous thoughts. I saw the room was filled with red light, and many evil beings and elements were eliminated.

On July 20, I accidentally spilled a cup of boiling hot water on my left thigh in the morning, and a layer of blisters formed. It was very painful. I enlightened that the evil was trying to interfere with me. I then looked inside and found selfishness. I wanted to study the Fa in the mornings as much as possible, since we were scheduled to send forth righteous thoughts in the afternoon. But then a person came who had never visited us. I tried in my heart to get him to leave, but he was reluctant to leave. I was impatient with him. I said in my mind, "You already know Falun Dafa is good; you have done the three withdrawals, and you do not cultivate Dafa. Why have you come to delay my Fa-study?" I failed to think from his point of view. He must have felt our energy field was good and wanted to stay longer.

I discovered my selfishness, and my legs did not hurt in the afternoon. I saw the second big evil chief in our county come as a big boa constrictor. We disciples lined up, covered it, and disintegrated it. A while later, a big chunk of "white cloud" floated near, dividing itself into many smaller pieces. The disciples then turned with two or three facing each small piece of "white cloud," and emitted mighty gong to disintegrate them all.

These long periods of concentrated sending forth righteous thoughts disturbed many higher level evil beings. They set up a tunnel connection from Beijing, and "dark gas" rolled towards us inside the tunnel, also "black gas" came from the outside of the tunnel moving toward us. The evil beings were so many, I could not see their end, and they caused the whole battlefield to darken. The only thing with light was the Dafa disciples' energy field. I begged Master to strengthen the disciples' energy and open our wisdom to disintegrate the evil. Under Master's strengthening, each disciple emitted strong energy; the Fa-guardians were also eliminating the evil. I said naturally, "Fa-light shines through the cosmos!" Countless evil being were disintegrated instantly, and the sky turned bright. The energy disciples emitted continued to expand, covering half of the surrounding counties. Then we put the evil beings in four big cups. One of the cups was totally filled with higher level evil beings and elements.

On July 21, the biggest evil in our county came as a round shape, but turned into human form. It called many higher level evil beings to help. More than 90 of its "infants" floated from behind it. They were crying to prevent our eliminating the evil. Disciples were sending forth righteous thoughts surrounding them, but their cries were so sad, some disciples felt pity, and their gong decreased. I started to recite Master's poem "Self-Evident is the Heart."

"The truth will bear itself in full,

astonishing the earth (Hongyin, II)

These infants were suddenly gone, turned into a big field of black gas. Disciples emitted strong energy to clear out the black gas.

Soon after, an evil being dripped black liquid from its four corners, rotting everything it dripped on. I froze the black liquid. Facing him, I said, "Your persecution of Dafa disciples is a boundless sin." He said, "I did not know. My superiors ordered me." I said, "Quickly gather your black liquid up, help Dafa disciples clear out the evil. Remember Falun Dafa is good, so you can have wonderful future." He said, "Sure." The black liquid suddenly turned red. He was rectified in our righteous field. He was the only being chosen to be rectified during this series of battles.

Sending forth righteous thoughts is a war between good and evil in the other dimensions. This time it disturbed so many higher level evil beings that they ordered into action a huge evil celestial body that covered layer upon layer of evil beings and elements. I begged Master to strengthen us again, "Bestow disciples with Fa-vessel and wisdom to dissolve the evil." Immediately, a "boundless bottle" appeared in my hand, which could hold all sorts of evil, be it formless or with form, boundless or with boundary, no matter how big or small. I thought that this celestial body was only a tiny dust particle in the cosmos. In a flash, that evil body shrank very tiny and was collected in the "boundless bottle" together with other evil.

The evil called a water demon from the south, but was caught in the "boundless bottle" before it reached us. The evil coming from the north turned into lime water as soon it arrived.

Soon afterwards, many shapeless beings came from above, turned into transparent tiny pieces that formed a thick layer. They seemed countless. At that moment, it was hard to breathe. I had one thought in my mind, "One righteous thought subdues all evil. I am a particle of Dafa; the Fa can disintegrate all evil!" All disciples stood up, got in line, and said unanimously, "We are Fa particles; the Fa can disintegrate all evil!" With our voice speaking out, all those evil beings disintegrated. Finally a "self" came down from a very high level and turned to human shape. It said on the way down, "Let me experience the power of one body." It was disintegrated as soon as it entered our energy field.

On July 22, as we were just beginning, layer upon layer of beings came with names such as "Vicious." I thought, since you are "Vile," we will use mercy and kindness to disintegrate you. With this thought, I saw myself without a body, as a ball of light. The power of mercy and compassion is indescribably miraculous. Disciples disintegrated all that evil, layer upon layer. A short while later, I saw a foot inserted into the three realms, which was also layer upon layer of an evil being. I remembered Master's poem,

"True thoughts dissolve all,
The whole sky is clear." ("Stirred by Reflection")

Layer upon layer of evil instantly disintegrated.

Through these two times of extended sending forth righteous thoughts, I found each disciple had unlimited divine power. There is no such thing as who is capable or who is not, who is higher or who is lower. One disciple's idea on how to eliminate the evil appeared, and the rest of us would know instantly, because we are all very capable, and we are all supporting each other quietly with all our might.

As long as we trust Master, believe in Dafa, form a strong, unified body, and upgrade together, the evil will be completely eliminated. We must study the Fa calmly, look inside, always have the Fa in our mind--then we can have guidance from the Fa. Only when we form a strong unified body can our Fa-power be boundless. I hope all fellow disciples will follow the four global times for sending forth righteous thoughts. This ensures the harmony our entire one body.

Disciples in our county have decided that from now on, we will extend the period for sending forth righteous thoughts at 2-3 p.m., every Sunday, until the evil is completely eliminated.

Please point out anything that is not correct.