(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Chun'er, a fellow practitioner, has her celestial eye open. I was in tears when I listened to her description of the miraculous scenes she saw last year. The following are some of the scenes she described.

1. One time, during the second exercise, the Falun Standing Stance, Chun'er saw a scene where she was the Lily Fairy in the Lily paradise a long time ago. She lay in the mud with only a piece of straw wrapped around her. At that time, the colossal firmament was in the final stage of the formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction process, and the Lily Paradise, of course, was in a tremendously miserable and destructive situation. The Lily Fairy clearly knew that she could only wait for death. When she was dying, she suddenly heard a voice resounding in the colossal firmament, but she only caught the last sentence: "Who will go down to Earth with me to save sentient beings?" She immediately woke up and saw the King of the Universe. She indicated her willingness to go to the earth along with the Lord Buddha. At that time, all the other gods had already gone down to the earth. She was the last god to come to the earth, as her world was in the process of destruction.

While she was petitioning the Lord Buddha to come to earth, she saw Fu'er, another practitioner in her 60s, kneeling before the Lord Buddha. She did not know where Fu'er came from, but Fu'er was wearing dark Taoist attire, while Chun'er, the Lily Fairy, was dressed in a white gown.

The Lord Buddha repeatedly reminded the Lily Fairy to come back and not to get lost in the delusion of human beings. He then gave her a dark blue vase. On her way down to earth, she looked back to see tears in the Lord Buddha's eyes, his expression one of compassion, worry, and concern.

In comparison to the universe at lower levels, the Lily Fairy had descended from a paradise which was extremely holy and pure. The further down in levels she descended, the more chaos there was. When she had dropped down almost to earth, she could no longer see anything, and could only hear the sound of noisy mixed voices, like a buzzing sound.

On earth, Chun'er was first reincarnated as a courtesan with a great talent in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. At her own request, she only served noble and wealthy men, and Fu'er was in charge of the brothel.

Her second reincarnation was as a male, born into a wealthy family. One day when this wealthy young man was out rowing with his servants, he saw an attractive young girl on the other side of the river bank. He already had two wives. Suddenly, he had a wicked thought and told his servants to help him rape the girl. When Chun'er saw this scene in her third eye, she could not continue looking. She cried, "I don't want to see it anymore... How could I have always been such a bad person over the course of my many lifetimes?"

2. Another time when Chun'er was doing the second exercise, she saw her foster-brother, Feifei, crawling over a line of icy cold sharp knives to snuggle up to her, muttering, "You have saved so many sentient beings, but why not me? When the universe was in its last moment of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction, I was that purest straw in your paradise. It was me who was wrapped around you and awakened you so that you could hear the call from the Lord Buddha. I have been looking for you over the past five thousand years, since we came down to the earth together. I always have to crawl over the icy cold knives to get close to you. I left my phone number for you a few years ago, with a hope and a wish that you could save me. Please save me. Let us go back to our wonderful paradise." After the exercises, Chun'er called Feifei to clarify the truth to him and asked him to quit the CCP. Feifei was then saved.

3. One day, Chun'er saw herself sitting on gong pillars with both her palms exposed. She saw sentient beings she had saved sitting on tiny blossoming lilies in her palms, and they were all beaming. She had saved them by clarifying the truth to them and helping them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Chun'er rose up in the air with the pure white gong pillars, holding the sentient beings in both hands. The strong power of the gong pillars broke through the boundaries of the three realms and continued carrying her higher and higher until she reached her own lily paradise. She then carefully released the sentient beings from the lilies, and Chun'er sat on many layers of lotus flowers.

Chun'er also saw that when she studied the Fa during the daytime, the more Fa she studied, the more sentient beings she could bring back to her paradise. After the sentient beings were assimilated by the Fa, she simply waved her hands, and all the pavilions, plants, and trees were displayed so spectacularly that they could not be described by human language.

My dear practitioners, we must realize why Master requires us to study the Fa more and save more sentient beings.

4. When Chun'er was sending righteous thoughts, she saw a big green lotus leaf that looked like it had just being rinsed by the rain. When she looked up, she saw Master sitting on a huge lotus flower, and his tears streamed down onto the lotus leaf. Master told her, "Seize every chance to save sentient beings, and I will bring you back to your original home." She has seen Master in the same scene and heard the same words many times.

5. One time, Chun'er saw Master sitting on a huge pyramid-shaped lotus flower when she was doing the second exercise. On each lotus petal sat a Dafa disciple; the higher up the position, the fewer the petals and the fewer the practitioners. During the Fa-rectification period, Dafa disciples around the world will fly to Master's lotus petals from all directions and stay at their positions on the flower. Then Master will move the lotus flower and bring all of them home.

At the moment when the Fa rectified the Human World and the lotuses with Dafa disciples on them were launched into the sky, Chun'er saw some unsaved sentient beings staring up at them. They shouted, "Why didn't you save us?" Then all the Dafa disciples started to cry and left with much regret.

My fellow practitioners, there is not much time left! Let us remember Master's teachings:

"Study the Fa well and abundantly--and do so frequently--become true cultivators of Dafa, and shoulder the responsibility of helping Dafa to spread widely and save sentient beings." ("To the First Fa Conference in India")

The above was narrated by Chun'er. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.