(Clearwisdom.net) To get to know more about Chinese traditions, I learned and practiced some qigong exercises when qigong was popular in China. I was introduced to Falun Dafa before the persecution began in 1999. I picked up China Falun Gong, and, after reading it, I read Zhuan Falun. At first I was not very serious about cultivation. After the persecution started, being bombarded with all sorts of slander against Dafa, I compared Dafa with what the Chinese Communist Party was saying and firmly believed that Dafa was the righteous law. It was clear to me that the CCP was using its power to bring back a “Cultural Revolution.” After that, I entered the gate of cultivation. However, it wasn't until the end of 2009 that I contacted other practitioners and learned that I needed to do the three things. Although I was not at all a diligent practitioner, looking back I realize that Master has protected me the whole time.

Surviving a number of dangerous motorcycle accidents

I used to have a business in a mountainous area. One night I had to rush to the train station on a motorcycle with a passenger seated behind me. Since I was going fast, I did not see a truck driving toward me on my side of the road. I slammed on the brake. The motorcycle and the man sitting behind me fell. Angrily, I was about to yell at the truck driver. My passenger told me, “It’s OK, let’s go.” This suddenly reminded me that I was a practitioner and that I should not fight with ordinary people. It was amazing to see that the motorcycle was fine, and neither of us was hurt.

On our way back I knew that I needed to go slower. As we were turning right at the corner of a bridge, a truck took a sharp turn and I had to turn to the edge of the cliff. There was only a foot wide in which to maneuver. Calmly, I rode by the truck, safe and sound. After stopping the motorcycle on the road, my heart was racing.

On another occasion I rode my motorcycle uphill with my daughter sitting behind me. As we were approaching the hilltop, I saw a tractor with steel bars parked in front of me. When I was preparing to pass the tractor, a tourist bus rushed toward me on my side of the road. I waited there for the bus to pass by, but at that moment the tractor started to back up. I could not back up, nor could I wait there for the tractor to run into me—I had to move forward. I took a sharp left turn to avoid the tractor and squeezed myself—heading the wrong way—in between the tractor and the bus. After I passed the speeding bus and the backing tractor, I stopped at the top of the hill. My heart thumped wildly.

One day, I was riding fast. At a turn I slipped in a puddle, and the motorcycle and I were thrown five to six meters (around 20 feet) away. Standing up, I found that only the left knee of my leather pants was scratched, and everything else was fine.

Falling down uninjured from an elevated place

Because of insufficient power supply in the mountainous area, businesses had to use a pump to get water out of a river after midnight every day. One night as I went downhill to the riverbed with a flashlight, my right foot slipped and I lost my balance. At that moment I shouted in my mind, “Master, help me!” I fell down from a place that was 4 meters high, head first. I stood up, feeling fine, and started to pump water. The next day I went back to check the scene of the accident and saw that the place was full of big rocks, and, in the middle of all rocks, I saw an imprint of my head on the ground. Yet I had only got a few small scratches on my face.

Same root canal disease, different results

Before practicing Dafa I had an infected root canal. For an entire year I was under a dental specialist's care, but eventually had to have the tooth extracted because the pain was too severe to endure. Not long ago, I started having the same symptoms as before—the gum was swollen, and pus and blood drained from a small hole—on the lower right side of my jaw. I sent righteous thoughts, and after two months the tooth was almost healed and right now is stronger than before. Comparing the two similar tooth problems, one before I practiced Dafa, and the other one after, the results were quite different.