(Clearwisdom.net) A friend said to me in Spring 1998, “Your illnesses are so severe, why don't you practice Falun Gong with me? It has a miraculous effect in helping people keep fit.” Although she told me about the many benefits of practicing Falun Gong, my heart wasn't moved at all and I didn't listen to anything she said. I knew that unless it was a divine being, no one could cure all the diseases I had. Yet my friend didn't give up, and she came to my house four times to persuade me. In the end, because I didn't want to let her down, I went to the Falun Gong practice site.

My life has totally changed since that day. I watched the video of Master teaching the Fa, and I found the answers to all the questions I had about life. I learned that the real and only purpose of life is to harmonize with the characteristic of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Within several days after starting to practice Falun Gong, my diseases, which had made me suffer around the clock, including heart disease, kidney stones, cerebrovascular insufficiency, and paralysis caused by cervical spondylosis, breast cancer, severe anemia, bronchitis, and liver problems, all miraculously disappeared.

From that point on, I couldn't live without Dafa. I was immersed in happiness every day, which is beyond description. While walking, I sang very joyful songs. Since I knew how precious Dafa was, except for doing the exercises and sleeping just a little, I used all my time to study the Fa. Even when I was working, walking, and eating, I recited the Fa. I spent only five minutes to eat, and afterwards I continued to study the Fa. I made progress and improved myself in Dafa every day. I felt that Master was with me all the time and taking care of me. Since I kept my heart with the Fa, I experienced many miraculous things. I would like to share three miraculous experiences with fellow practitioners.

The Water Flowed Upward

In July 1999, it rained consecutively for two days. Our house was a thirty-year-old thatched cottage. The road in front was higher than the ground the house sat on. In order to prevent water from coming in, my husband sandbagged around the house, leaving open only the place at the door. When it rained, the water came into the house through the slots. My husband and I had to use containers to remove the water. We also built a barrier dam at the door to prevent water from coming in. Very luckily, not much water entered our house after that.

I usually went to group Fa study at 6:00 p.m. every day. However, on that day when the time came to go, the rain didn't stop. I was concerned that my husband would not be able to handle the situation by himself if more water got into our house, so I didn't go to the study group. My husband said, “Why don't you stay at home and read the books. I'll deal with the water by myself, and if I need your help, I'll call for you then.” After a while, my husband took all the rest of the water out. I studied the Fa until 11:00 p.m. and then did the sitting meditation at around midnight. After that, I went to sleep.

The next morning after I woke up, the rain had stopped. The neighbor who lives on the east side of us asked me, “Is there any water left in your house?” I said, “Not at all. Did it rain last night?” My neighbor told me, “It rained all night. I had to use a pump to get the water out. Now the water level in my house is still quite high.” Meanwhile, the neighbor on the west side came out and asked, “My husband and I had to use buckets the entire night to remove the water. We didn't even have a chance to sleep. Why isn't there any water in your house?” I told them, “There really isn't any water. If you don't believe it, you can come and see it.” After they looked at my house, they said, “It's so strange that the water didn't get into your house.” I was also very confused.

When I later went to the back of the house to do something, I noticed that not far from the wall of the house, a water stream was flowing upward as if it was being pumped upward. Then the water flowed around the house and continued to the road.

I suddenly understood: Master was helping us. I asked both of my neighbors to come to see the miraculous scene and told them about the wonderfulness of Dafa.

Inexhaustible Rice Bag

That same year in September, when our newly-planted crops hadn't yet ripened, we had only a dozen pounds of rice left. We didn't have money to buy more food because I had spent most of our money on medicine since I was 30 years old. We also had two children who needed to go to school. We spent a lot of money and owed a lot of debts. As a result, it was difficult for us to borrow more money. I worried about this for two days, and then I forgot about it.

My husband usually cooks the meals. After I regained my health by practicing Dafa, I had so much strength that I took over most of the heavy labor work at home, leaving the less labor intensive work of cooking to my husband.

More than a month later, my husband came home late one day, so I was cooking the meal. I found that there was almost the same amount of rice left in the bag, as if none had been used. I was stunned. We didn't buy any rice, so how could... I then realized that Master was helping us again. After my husband returned home, I told him about the miraculous rice bag. He said to me, “I knew a long time ago that Dafa's Master was helping us.”

With Righteous Thoughts, the Tribulation is Resolved

In the Winter of 2009, I went to the mountain area with a practitioner to post truth-clarification flyers. We left in a hurry, so I didn't find a proper small bucket, but instead took a big metal bucket for the paste to post our flyers. It was the first time I had walked dozens of miles to post materials, and the other practitioner brought more than 300 flyers with her, making me feel a little afraid.

When we arrived at the destination, I became even more afraid. Carrying such a big bucket and holding a big brush in my hand, I was afraid of being noticed by other people. The road was covered with ice. I slipped and fell as I was walking. My right knee hit the ground, and all the weight of my body fell on my kneecap. It was so painful that I didn't know what to do.

I sat on the ground. A thought popped into my mind, “It hurt so much, the bone must have been smashed.” I then realized that this thought wasn't right, that it's not me. It was my fear that brought this tribulation. I immediately eliminated my fear, “I'm Master's disciple, I'm fine and I must post the rest of the flyers today.” I clenched my teeth and stood up.

Immediately, I didn't feel any pain in my knee, but it felt very warm. Although it was no longer painful, I felt it was swelling. Very shortly afterwards, my pants became very tight around my knee. Two hours later, after we finished posting the flyers and headed back, I felt my pants becoming loose again. After I returned home, I found that only some skin was scratched, and there was a circle of congestion around my knee. Except for that, I didn't feel anything, as if nothing had happened. I'm in my sixties now, and if this had happened to a non-practitioner, I couldn't even imagine what the result would be. Through this, I truly understood that, “...the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.” (“Lecture Four” from Zhuan Falun) My human thoughts invited the tribulation, and because of my divine thoughts, Master resolved the tribulation for me.

Through these miraculous experiences, I have enlightened as a practitioner, that if my thoughts are completely in line with the Fa, it's omnipotent. This is not the practitioner's ability, but it is the power from compassionate Master and Dafa. Every time I have reminded myself about these miraculous experiences, I remember how much Master has suffered and endured for me; it's indeed so much. I can never repay Master's grace, but can only cultivate and strive forward diligently!