(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1995 because I had a lot of illnesses. They soon disappeared after I started practicing. My son also benefited, as he had a long history of migraines. I played the recordings of Master's lectures for him in 1997. By the time he had listened to the 5th lecture, his headaches stopped, and he went to school the following day. He hasn't had another migraine since.

With righteous thoughts, I was able to walk again after fracturing my leg

I stepped onto my balcony on a very cold day in March 2002 and slipped on the ice and twisted my left knee as I hit the ground. I did not panic, because I knew that I would be alright. I called my husband and brother to come help me. I examined my leg and noticed that a piece of bone was trying to poke through the skin of my left knee, and that other bones in my knee were fractured. My husband and brother were horrified, and immediately wanted to take me to the hospital. With firm conviction, I told them that I was alright.

I kept thinking that if every human being is a small universe, like Master has mentioned, then every bone is a particle, and practitioners are also particles. As practitioners have strong energy, we should not experience such abnormal conditions. I then pushed the elevated bone back into place, allowing my leg to straighten. Then it soon began to swell and turned purple. I asked two fellow practitioners to come to my home and send forth righteous thoughts for me. Looking at my leg, I remembered Master and Dafa. I thought that I must be able to walk and practice the exercises, so I absolutely denied the old force interference and persecution of my physical body.

When my husband called my work unit to tell them that I would not be able to go to work, some of the management and my colleagues came to see me. They saw the state of my leg, and immediately wanted to take me to hospital. I told them that I would be OK. I later shared with practitioners, "With the miraculous power of Dafa, I will be able to walk!"

I found it difficult to sleep at night, as I could only lay on my left side when I slept. I told myself that as a practitioner, I should be able to turn my body whichever way I wanted. Immediately after I had that righteous thought, I could easily turn my body.

A practitioner that I had not seen for a long time came to visit me the next morning. We sent forth righteous thoughts together, and asked Master to strengthen us. Within two hours, I was able to walk again. My leg was still swollen, but I could sit in the double lotus position. My family and friends were able to witness the miraculous power of Dafa, as the swelling in my leg gradually disappeared.

When I went out shopping a week later, I saw a taxi driver sitting in the sunshine with one of his legs strapped up. I asked him what was wrong with his leg. He told me that he had fractured a bone in a car accident, and that he had to have two operations on it because the doctor made a mistake during the first operation. It had been six months since the second operation, and he still had the strap around his leg. I told him about my accident and about the miraculous power of Dafa.

I was sitting on my bed one evening, when I suddenly felt my bones being realigned. This happened 12 times. I was full of excitement and gratitude, and had tears rolling down my face. I knew that Master protected me after the accident, and now He was fixing the bones for me. I heard the bones crack, and I saw my leg being straightened and then released. This went on for about 30 minutes. When my family saw what was happening, they were amazed.

I often use this incident as an opportunity to speak to people about the beauty of Dafa. I have shown my colleagues at work and gone to many people's homes to show them my leg. It does not matter how long I walk on it when I go to speak to people about Dafa, I don't feel tired or have pain in my leg.

Ms. Xiao Hong's lower back pains disappeared

Ms. Xiao Hong, 37, lives in the countryside. Her legs and back had always been in pain, and eventually she was bedridden because of it. When her family took her to the hospital, they found that she had severe problems with her lower back. Three of the discs in her lower spine were trapped, and three others had become disfigured. The doctor said that her situation was very dangerous and that she needed immediate surgery. The cost would be over 20,000 yuan, and it was uncertain whether her condition could be cured. When she called her sister, Ms. Xiao Li, a practitioner who lives in another town, her sister told her to first listen to Master's lectures and then come to her house.

When Ms. Xiao listened to the Fa, she could sit up straight and could even do the sitting meditation. Within two months of practicing, she became healthier and happier, and her pains had disappeared.

An elderly woman's hunched back became straightened overnight

An elderly practitioner, in her seventies, invited some of her relatives to stay at her home for a few days. When she told them about the beauty of Dafa, they all quit the Chinese Communist Party.

One of her sisters had a hunched back and even wanted to practice Falun Dafa. After listening to the Fa lectures once, she went to her sister's house, where several other practitioners were studying the Fa and sharing experiences together. She spent the whole night there and by the time she was ready to leave, people noticed that she stood taller than before, and she could straighten her back. She was so excited, as tears rolled down her face. Her back had been bent for decades, and in just one night, her back was straightened.

Ms. Zhang's cancer spread to her entire body, and then disappeared

Ms. Zhang, 68, discovered that she had breast cancer in 1992, and had surgery at the provincial hospital. She stayed in the hospital for four years. As the cancer spread all over her body, her neck and shoulders were full of large lumps, and she needed frequent blood transfusions. The doctors at the hospital eventually told her to go home and prepare to die.

Ms. Zhang's neighbor came to see her one day, and told her about the beauty of Dafa. Ms. Zhang wanted to learn the practice and was determined to become a practitioner. She began to practice the exercises and study the Fa, as Master cleansed her body. She followed Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and gradually her health improved. Ms. Zhang now looks much younger than her age and is full of spirit. She tells people about the beauty of Dafa whenever she can.

Bone cancer disappears after practicing Falun Dafa

Ms. Li Mei, 44, was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2004, but she could not afford to pay for chemotherapy. Her son told her to practice Falun Dafa, since many people had told him that Dafa was miraculous. Ms. Li started to study the Fa with a practitioner at her home, and within a few days the pain in her body had lessened, and she was soon able to walk and practice the exercises. Ms. Li is now very healthy and her cancer is gone.

Miraculous stories of two sisters

The elder sister had rheumatoid arthritis, with lumps appearing on her hands and legs. They hurt badly when she tried to move them. She spent over 10,000 yuan on treatment, but to no avail.

The younger sister heard from some of her colleagues that Falun Dafa had miraculous healing power, and in an attempt to help her elder sister, she began to learn the practice. She had her own health problems and suffered from headaches and diabetes. When she started to practice, these soon disappeared. She then excitedly brought home a copy of Zhuan Falun and told her sister to read it. When the elder sister was learning the first exercise, she could hear cracking sounds from the bones in her limbs as they were being adjusted. Within only a few days, the lumps on her hands had disappeared. The pain lessened with each passing day, and gradually the elder sister could hold things in her hands.

The younger sister was arrested and persecuted in 2003, when she was seen talking to people about Falun Dafa. Not long after she was released, she began to become ill again. She had a high fever, stomach pain, coughed up blood and found it difficult to breathe. When her husband saw her condition, he cried, but she reassured him that she was fine, because Master would take care of her. She had one thought: memorize the Fa. Even if she only remembered one line, she repeated it over and over in her mind. With faith in Master and Dafa, she managed to recover.