(Clearwisdom.net) My mother is a healthy ninety-one year old woman. She has no problems with eyesight or hearing and is able to sew and do her own laundry. At one time, my mother had a bad temper, but now this has improved. People who know how old my mother is think she is quite incredible and ask, “How does the old lady become younger and younger? She is full of energy!”

In fact, the good health that my mother enjoys is given by our great Teacher! I often tell my mother the truth about Falun Dafa. I tell her that Dafa has spread around the world. She believes in Master Li Hongzhi and the Dafa he teaches us. After teaching her how to use an MP3 player, she listens to the recordings of Fa every day. Dafa has brought her happiness and peace in her later years.

I remember I received a phone call from my family last autumn. I was told that my mother suddenly could not speak and might die. I sent forth righteous thoughts for my mother. I cleared away all evil attempting to persecute her in other dimensions and negated all the arrangements of the old forces. My Master has the final say for the arrangements of the life of my mother. I asked Master for help. About thirty minutes later my mother returned to normal. All the people in my family witnessed the magic of Dafa! When my older sister who lives in another town phoned, my wife excitedly told her, "You should thank Master Li immediately! Master has saved our mother!"

This past Spring, after bathing at a hotel, my mother suddenly vomited blood three times. I was not scared. I said, "Mom! It is nothing. Together we will negate all of the old forces. We just follow Master's arrangement and do not follow any others. Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" My mother was also very calm. After awhile, she appeared fine and there did not seem to be anything wrong. We gave her some cold water to rinse her mouth and drove her back home.

One morning, a few days ago, my mother told me that she had accidentally fallen to the ground the day before. At the time of the fall, she felt a little pain on the back of her head, but now it was ok. I asked her if she had asked Master for help. She said she did that, as well as shouting, " Falun Dafa is good!" I said, "Since you believe in Dafa and Master in your heart, Master has taken care you!"

Sometimes, if I am away for work and my mother needs me, she speaks to Master's picture and asks, "Master, please have my son come home!" I would get the feeling mother needed me and return home. At times like this my mother believed Master was helping her. I often told my mother, "You have happiness, health and children that love and honor you. You should appreciate Master!"

My mother supports my cultivation practice and treats my fellow practitioners with respect. Sometimes, mother has given me her pocket money to help save sentient beings. She believes that it is correct for me to follow Master to cultivate myself.