(Clearwisdom.net) I was very fortunate to participate in Master's Fa Teaching Lectures in Beijing in July 1993. There were ten lectures in total, including two lectures on Sunday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It was noon on Sunday and I was resting in an empty area outside the auditorium. I saw Master walking toward us from a distance. I stood up immediately and saw Master walking towards a female practitioner who sat in a wheelchair. Master asked about her condition. The practitioner had a very severe illness and her family had pushed her there. Master asked her auspiciously, "Can you stand up?"

I saw Master's right hand facing up, his fingers pointing forward to the back of the female practitioner. The practitioner nodded her head weakly and said, "Yes." Then she stood up slowly. Master then asked, "Can you walk?" I saw Master raise his right hand, his palm facing the back of the practitioner. She nodded her head and said, "Yes." She took one step and then another. Master then asked, "Can you run?" She said, "Yes." Then she started to run.

Everyone around applauded for her. The practitioner ran in a circle. Master asked her to come back to her wheelchair and continued to adjust her body. In the end, we saw Master grab her in front of her abdomen, raise both of his hands as if he was holding something heavy the size of a wash bowl, and walk to the side and throw it away with great strength. Master then told the practitioner's family member, "She is quite weak now. Push her to the front, close to the podium, for my lecture in the afternoon."

Master then walked into the auditorium. I was so excited by what I had seen that I cried. After the lecture, the practitioner in the wheelchair walked out of the auditorium all by herself. Every time I share this story with fellow practitioners, Master's benevolent eyes, auspicious face, and every one of his movements appear vividly before my eyes.

I am very happy for that practitioner and amazed at Master's great power whenever I recount that story. After further studying the Fa, I realized how much Master has had to sacrifice in order to save us. Master has suffered for us instead letting us suffer. I remember that Master once said in his lecture that he drank a bowl of poison in order to save a person who'd suffered a stroke. I was thinking how much Master had to suffer for that practitioner in the wheelchair! Master is so benevolent. In order to save us, Master has used all of his energy. My tears will not stop every time I think of it. How can we pay Master back if we don't do well?

Many miracles happened during the lectures, which fellow practitioners have shared before. I want to talk about some miracles that happened to me. During Master's lectures, because of the hot weather and large audience, the auditorium was very hot, without a fan or other equipment to reduce the temperature. However, I didn't feel hot. I always felt a breeze and was very comfortable. It was like Master said in his lecture, that we should to try to put down our fans, and a cool breeze would come in no time. It was just like that, truly amazing!

What was more amazing was that Master's lectures were in the rainy season of July, but I never was caught in the rain. Since I lived quite far away from the lecture hall, I needed to ride my bike for some distance and then take the subway to get there. It was raining before I left the house, but stopped once I stepped out. The rain started again after I arrived at the subway and slowed down or completely stopped after I got out of the subway. It rained again after I walked into the auditorium, and the sound of the rain gradually increased. After Master finished his lecture and everyone walked out of the auditorium, the rain stopped again, and there was water standing everywhere. During the days that Master had lectures, it rained every day, and I brought my raincoat with me every day, but I didn't use it even once.

I remember that one day I went to hear Master lecture just by bike. I saw that my bike had a flat tire after I got home. There was no air in the tire at all. For such a long distance, if it were not for Master's protection, I would not have been able to ride back home.

These are some of the amazing things that I experienced during Master's lectures, but it's not only me. Every practitioner has experienced something miraculous during their own cultivation practice. We all feel how benevolent and great our Master is. After ten lectures, both my body and my mind were changed dramatically. My body felt so light when I walked. For the first time, I experienced how wonderful it is to have no illness at all. The wonderful feelings were beyond any words, and I felt so fortunate and so happy.

I wrote down my experiences and wonderful memories of Master's Fa Lectures to share with fellow practitioners.