(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 50-year-old country woman and don't have much education. My husband passed away some time ago. Our family was poor, and I had to undertake the responsibility of bringing up my three daughters. Before I began Dafa cultivation, villagers always picked on me. I thought at the time that if I learned some superior qigong, I could use it to deal with those who took advantage of me and put them in an embarrassing situation. I was blessed to obtain Dafa in 1997 and it has changed my view on life. During the period of frenzied persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I persisted in believing Falun Gong is good and I witnessed many remarkable and miraculous events.

One day in June 1997, while I was taking a walk by the riverside, I saw many people doing Falun Gong exercises. I thought that if I learned the exercises, no one would dare to pick on me again. An elder practitioner told me that as practitioners we should not strike back when beaten nor swear back when sworn at. She told me that I needed to learn the Fa and cultivate my mind and not be resentful toward others. After I had learned the Fa, I changed my view. I vigorously participated in doing the exercises and studying the Fa. I always told people how Falun Gong is good, and I wanted them to practice it. It taught me how to be a good person, and it improved my health. At the time, many villagers had come to learn Falun Gong. One of our exercise sites had as many as four hundred people.

After July 20, 1999, the CCP began its frenzied persecution of Falun Gong. In 2000, public security personnel arrested me using as an excuse my organizing people to do Falun Gong exercises and spreading Falun Gong. Police tortured me in attempt to extort a confession from me: "Do you know that you have committed a crime?" I said to them: "I am innocent. Falun Gong teaches me to be a good person." A policeman slapped my face so hard that half of my face became swollen. The police continued: "How many people practice Falun Gong?" I said: "I don't know." "Have you been to Tianhe in Guangzhou City?" I said yes. "How many people have you spread Falun Gong to?" I said I didn't know. Several policemen then hit me with heavy wooden sticks. I felt dizzy and my eyes were blinded. My clothing was torn and I fainted to the ground. They put me by the courtyard; I lay there like a dead person. They were afraid of having to take responsibility for my condition and thus took me home. I woke up the following morning miraculously and didn't feel a thing. Police officers came back later, put me in handcuffs and took me to a car. They told me to hand over all Dafa books then drove around looking for Dafa practitioners. I told them that I had headache and felt dizzy, and I didn't know where to find them. They drove around and couldn't find means to proceed further and thus took me home.

I went to town to do some sweeping to make some money. From time to time police officers came to harass me and wanted me to write a "guarantee statement" to quit practicing Falun Gong. Once, four policemen with guns in their hands came. They put a gun to my neck and chin and said, "We will shoot you. This is the world of the Communist Party. To kill you is just like killing a chicken for us in the Communist Party. I said, "Go ahead, shoot me. I am flat broke." These evil police said, "We will give you three thousand yuan every month if you help us arrest Falun Gong practitioners." I said, "I don't do such heartless things." They tried such tactics for over one month. One day, my three daughters, who were in their teens, knelt before me crying, "Those police have spread the word that they would kill our whole family." I couldn't help shedding tears and said, "I can't let you live like this. I will provide for your schooling." I thus stopped Dafa practice and continued to work in town. After paying for tuition, there was not much money left. We could only afford to have rice for three years. In order to raise my daughters, I got married and moved out of town. Our life improved. I worked diligently in the field and many miraculous things happened time and again. For example, our crops didn't have any insects while others suffered from them. I only had to plant the seeds and we would have a bumper harvest and get good prices for the crops. My daughter also went to college. Others stopped picking on us.

In late 2004, my health deteriorated because I didn't persist in doing the exercises and studying the Fa. I had headaches and nose aches, and my back hurt. My whole body was in discomfort even though I had taken shots and medicine. I was even using the best medicated patches for my back for four months, but I had discharges on my back. I often had dizzy spells and common colds. I couldn't see things clearly. My husband didn't have any sympathy for my condition and said he wanted to divorce me. I felt I would rather die than live. I wanted to find a Dafa book to read, but I had lost all contact with other practitioners. I often had dreams that I was getting a Dafa book.

One day in August 2005, I met an elder in her seventies. I felt that she was kind-hearted so I asked her with all my courage, "Are you a Falun Gong practitioner?" She said she wasn't a practitioner, but a friend of hers was. I was very happy to hear that. Every day I asked her to introduce her Falun Gong friend to me. When the practitioner saw my yellowish complexion and that I was wearing seven to eight pieces of heavy clothes even though it wasn't cold at all, she told me to repeat, "Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." I thus repeated it day and night. A few days later, she gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun and some materials on truth-clarification. I was very excited to have the book that I had been looking for all along. I read Zhuan Falun with a passionate thirst. It was miraculous that I could clearly read every word in the book. I finished reading Zhuan Falun in one day without stopping for meals. My husband saw me reading the Falun Gong book and cursed me as having a mental disorder. He threatened that he would burn the book and report me to the police. I said, "I am not afraid. I just want to read, even if I get shot." I insisted on reading Zhuan Falun every day. I felt my whole body become very light and all my illnesses vanished suddenly.

I began to do the exercises a month later. With unparalleled excitement, I felt I had to tell others that Falun Dafa is good and is being treated unjustly. I wanted to validate Dafa and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to people. I thus printed lots of truth-clarifying materials and gave them to everyone I met.

My persuading people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its associated organizations usually went quickly. I most often went to a marketplace and set up a stand for signing up people to withdraw from the CCP. No one ever stole anything from my stand. I said to people: "I used to have many illnesses. Master Li saved my life. The CCP has killed as many as 80 million Chinese people. The self-immolation is a setup plotted by the CCP. Everyone should quit the CCP to be saved." Many people heard what I said and agreed that the CCP officials were bad people, and we all needed to quit the party. One time there were many people standing in line waiting for their turn to sign up for the withdrawal. It was so miraculous. Our Master arranged it all.

My husband said that if I kept fighting with the CCP I would die. I said I would not die, and I would follow Dafa, and I was not afraid. I distributed truth-clarifying materials to over a dozen villages. When I rode my bicycle I felt there was a divine force helping me, and I didn't feel tired at all.

One day in November 2007, I was planning to plant some vegetables. The field was filled with dry weeds, which were over one meter tall. I thought of burning them off. When I lit the fire, the wind started to blow and the fire seemed to be getting out of control. I knew there was a chicken house a dozen meters away and I was afraid that the fire might burn down the chicken house. I jumped into the weed field trying to put out the fire, but the fire kept getting bigger. I had only one thought, that is, Falun Dafa is good. After I recited it five times, the wind stopped and so did the fire. Even my feet didn't suffer any burns. I couldn't help but shed tears knowing it was Teacher who was helping me.

One day in March 2009, when I opened the front door, I heard a loud sound. I felt a heavy thing come down on my head. I immediately recited "Falun Dafa is good." I raised my hands to stop the falling object on instinct. With a bang, my head was hit. I cried out: "Teacher save me!" At that moment, I only felt a slight pain, even though it had been a nearly 80-pound pine beam that hit my head.

During the last several years of cultivation, I have encountered numerous miraculous events. The above is my cultivation experience, but I still need to continue my efforts to raise my xinxing level.