(Clearwisdom.net) On a snowy January night in 2009, a practitioner and I, both of us girls in our twenties, drove together to Columbus, which is two and a half hours from where we live. We planned to help promote Shen Yun there. It was cold and snowy, the surface of the road was icing up, and the driving conditions were very difficult.

Before we left, we were afraid that it might be too slippery to drive on the highways. So, we began driving on less-trafficked side roads to see how slippery the roads were, before venturing out on the highway. The car went out of control on the side road, and started spinning in a circle on the road surface. I cried out, "Master! Master!" Finally, the car slid into a ditch and came to a stop on a forty five degree angle. Seeing that my fellow practitioner behind the wheel was OK, I cried out excitedly, "Thank-you Master!" A tow truck came and the driver and his assistant were surprised that there was nothing wrong with us. There was also no damage to the car.

We set out again, but the conditions became worse. The icy road made the car bounce up and down. I asked the fellow practitioner whether we should return home. Both of us decided we should continue, so we drove on. At that time, we were over forty minutes away from Columbus. I called a practitioner in Columbus who said, "It is still snowing. It is very difficult to drive. We have enough manpower to sell the tickets tomorrow. Don't continue to drive here. Please return. Master protected you just now and you survived a test. Please don't insist on taking the risk any more. Master sees your sincere hearts."

We knew there was enough manpower in Columbus so we decided to find an exit to go back. Within a minute, we found an exit ahead. I looked at it carefully. It was the name of the city where I live. Both of us thought that what we saw was wrong because the city I live in was to the north, while we were driving south. Both of us looked at the GPS simultaneously. The GPS had somehow changed its destination to my home address. It showed that we would arrive home in four minutes.

The fellow practitioner on the phone was still concerned whether we found an exit to turn around and head home. I told her excitedly, "Master has delivered us back home." When she heard that we had already arrived home safely, she said, "Thank you Master."

I started practicing Falun Gong fourteen years ago. On my path of cultivation, no words can sufficiently express my boundless gratitude to our merciful Master. I should be more diligent and be more steadfast. I should walk well on the path arranged by Master, assisting Master to rectify the Fa. I will help save sentient beings, which is fulfilling my prehistoric vows, then return home following Master.