[Editor's note] Shanshan turned nine years old this year. He began practicing Falun Dafa at the age of four with his parents. At the very beginning, his mother watched videos and listened to tapes of the Teacher's lectures at home, while Shanshan was playing with his toys nearby. He appeared not to have been listening closely to the lectures at all, but he started saying some words that really amazed his parents when he was five. Since then, Shanshan began his cultivation practice earnestly. Though he didn't know any Chinese characters, and couldn't even write his name in Chinese, he was able to read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books. However, he couldn't recognize the identical words when they appeared in other places. Over the past year, Shanshan has started telling his mother about what he has seen. The contents are substantial, and the main parts are described in following.

Combating the Demons

Recently, I saw many demons. Some of them appeared as monstrous animals, some as weird life forms, while some others appeared as devilish monsters. Normally, I do not take much notice of them, just let them disintegrate by themselves. But, after my mom read me a cultivation story of a practitioner who used his supernatural powers to destroy the evil demons, we both felt that we have stayed at this level for too long. I know I can now face the battles on my own.

While I was reading one day, a huge wild duck, with a devious look in its eyes, was charging towards me. I tried to ignore it and continued with my reading. But on second thought, I realize that it's about time I should do something about it. Then a thought entered my mind, "You are evil, and you are not supposed to exist. There is no place for you in this universe and you should be destroyed." Instantly, a black and white Taiji disc flew out from my chest and stopped this wild bird from approaching. Almost simultaneously, another strong beam of violet light came out from my body and struck the bird like lightning. Instantly the creature exploded and disintegrated, leaving a wisp of smoke behind.

My confidence greatly increased after this. Soon after that, a huge python appeared, coiling itself up to almost half the height of our house. "I wish I had a sword," I thought. Instantly, a number of swords flew out from my body, and landed on the python. The snake collapsed and quickly vanished. This was how I slaughtered some of those demons.

At another time, I saw a fiery object, shaped like a pyramid but with the face of a devil, flying towards our earth and looking for victims. "No living creatures have been allowed to possess human beings in human history." I thought, "Therefore, you are not allowed to upset peace on the earth." Nothing happened; the thought didn't appear to work. But, as the fiery object got closer towards earth, I saw a yellow beam shoot out like lightning from my body, and intercepted the fiery ball, causing a great explosion and lights flashing everywhere. The fiery object was destroyed and vanished completely.

When doing "Shentong Jiachi Fa,"(Exercise five, Way of Strengthening Divine Powers) I didn't have to produce a thought; supernormal capabilities would naturally come out. To take care of those monstrous looking creatures, thunder and lightning or weapons like flying daggers automatically generated, and could be used interchangeably. Once, I saw a toad looking for a victim. "I mustn't let you take possession of a human," I thought. Instantly, a streak of lightning struck and killed the toad, which rapidly turned into a puddle of black water. At another time, I actually destroyed a flying saucer. This flying saucer was a transfiguration of an outer space being, who is capable of transforming its body to any shape and size, large or small, or entering into its own body.

It has been a long time since I last played a computer game or watched a cartoon movie, as many of them possess very strong demon nature. Besides, lots of filthy stuff, such as the dark spirits from the lower world, different grotesque forms of life, etc., are attached onto the games and movie disks. It is extremely horrifying. As soon as the person enjoys watching the movie or playing the game from the disks, he will get possessed. Every day nothing but fighting movies appear on children's programs. Although the signal possessions have now been removed, and the characters are just empty shells in other dimensions, the faces of the demons still remain. Whoever looks at them will still receive bad signals. It is extremely dreadful.

Last month, our school gave the children permission to wear a funny red nose outfit around on Red Nose Day. Just the day before, all the red noses were sold out from the supermarkets. Almost every child wore one at school. My sister and I didn't. We were simply in our school uniforms. It was because I saw two strange looking creatures from outer space ran the show on Red Nose Day. These creatures had no skulls, just lumps of jelly-like brain tissues, and their eyes sunk deep into the protoplasm. Their faces were half-black and half-red, and they dressed in black. They came up with the red nose outfit because humans like wearing them. From a flying saucer, the two creatures gave commands, directing a huge mass of people of their kind to take possession of the human bodies. Activities on April Fools' Day were of a similar nature, but were controlled by a different group of people with different physical appearances. The intention was the same, to take control by possessing human bodies.

Actually, the Teacher had unlocked my supernormal power a long time ago, I just did not realize it earlier. Hence, I have missed out on a lot of opportunities to combat the demons, which makes me feel bad. I believe I will not miss out on any chance of cleaning up such filth again.

(Story related by Shanshan, and recorded by his mother.)

April 23, 2001