(Clearwisdom.net) I am eighty years old and happily obtained Dafa in 1995. Master gave me a second life.

I have practiced cultivation for more than ten years. First, I want to thank Master for his compassionate salvation, and also thank fellow practitioners for their selfless contributions. Master's teachings have always guided me every moment; and righteous thoughts of fellow practitioners have always encouraged me and enable me to so far walk steadily on the Fa-rectification path.

I was quite ill prior to cultivation practice, suffering from hepatitis and an ulcer when I was thirty years old. I took countless medications, and I was always pale and unable to do any physical work. I also had tracheitis. Life was a struggle for me.

Ever since our respected Master published the priceless book Zhuan Falun, I had the honor to read it eagerly. Before I finished reading it once, Master began to cleanse my body. Diarrhea continued for more than twenty days, but my body was thoroughly cleansed. Over the past ten years I haven't needed to see a doctor or take any medication. Now I am glowing with health. I walk fast and energetically. People who know me are surprised at my changes.

Master always takes care of me on my path, giving me hints, and had me gradually experience great insight into the profundity of Buddha Law. I've experienced the boundless compassion of the Buddha Fa and experienced many, many miracles. I only want to write and share with everyone two incidents that are deep in my memory, in order to validate Master's statement that Falun Dafa is the real Buddha Fa.

My family lived in a single-story house. Right across from my home is a Chinese Parasol tree (firmiana simplex), more than ten meters tall (about 32 feet) with a trunk a half-meter (1-1/2 feet) in diameter. The shade tree's branches had never been trimmed. The tree looks like a huge umbrella, completely covering the small road and my home. At about three o'clock in the afternoon on June 24, 1998, during a strong wind, many trees were blown down. The wild wind was followed by a hailstorm. Then came a heavy downpour. I had been out. When the wind and rain stopped I walked home. As I reached the entrance to our small alley, I saw that the tree was tipping toward my house. Thinking of my wife and fifteen-year-old granddaughter still inside the house I immediately called, "Both of you, Grandmother and Granddaughter, hurry out of there! The Parasol tree is about to fall."

Right after they ran out of the house, the tree tipped over and landed right on the roof of my single-story house. We had planted a vine on the roof terrace, but the Parasol tree completely covered it and made it collapse. I realized that the house was too unsafe to stay in, so I said, "Let's go to the neighbor's and stay at their house for a night." Soon afterwards I ran inside our house and burned one stick of incense in front of Master's picture, and begged Master for protection, not to let the tree knock my house down. I had spent all my life savings to buy this house.

We sat in the neighbor's house for a while. A little after five o'clock, my granddaughter could not contain her curiosity and ran home to check things out. Right then I heard her calling, "Grandpa, come! The tree is gone from the roof of our house!" I looked, and sure enough, the tree was indeed no longer on the roof of our house. It had returned to its original position! The neighbor who lives on the upper level in my backyard told us what happened. He had looked out the window at a strange scene: a wind from the south-east had enveloped the huge tree, spun it around, and also pushed it up and down a few times, lifted it off the ground, and then returned it to its original position. I looked, and was astonished to see there was no trace around the roots of the tree that anything had ever been disturbed. Another phenomenon: the commotion didn't leave one broken branch on the roof. Other than the vine falling down, the house was not damaged.

I thought: according to convention, even if a sorghum stalk is bent over, if no one supports it, it cannot stand up by itself. How could such a huge tree stand up on its own again once it was blown over like that? All three of us knelt before Master's picture, greatly moved, and had tears in our eyes: it was compassionate Master who had saved my house! Master, thank you for your protection!

After my son, who works out of town, learned what happened, he also started to practice Falun Dafa.

In the fall of 2004, my daughter and son in-law, who were doing business in other area, rode a three-wheeled motor vehicle to come home. My son-in-law was driving. They had to ride across a very tall bridge under repair. Approximately one meter away from the top of the bridge, the vehicle stopped cold. Not only that, it quickly started rolling backward. The people repairing the bridge on either side were shocked and shouted, "Hurry and stop that vehicle!" Suddenly, the motorbike flipped over several times and landed under the bridge, my daughter and son-in-law with it. Rocks to repair the bridge were stored underneath the bridge. Both of them fell on the rocks, and their vehicle landed on top of them. The repair crew were stunned. Several of them went to their aid. After the vehicle was lifted off them, they both stood up slowly. When they checked themselves for injuries, they discovered they had none all.

Everyone at the site was stunned. They could not have imagined that the two were still alive. Everyone discussed this and said that even if the two persons had been made of iron, they would have been pounded flat. When my daughter stood up, she moved a little and her belt broke. The helmet on her head was broken, too, but they had no physical injuries at all. The bridge repair crew helped them push their vehicle back onto the road, and they drove home safely.

The next day I went to the accident scene and took a look. The bridge repair crew described the event to me again and said, "Your ancestors must really have accumulated

great virtue." I said, "My purpose in coming here is to thank you. I also wanted to tell you that the reason my children survived this dangerous incident without harm is because they both practice Falun Gong, and they both cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Master's law body is safeguarding them, and that is why there was no problem. Genuine Falun Gong cultivators can turn misfortune into blessings; all is well!"

There are so many of these examples. Bystanders at the site learned about Dafa and Dafa's miraculous power.