(Clearwisdom.net) I was previously an atheist and was deeply poisoned by the evil Chinese Communist Party. One day, I met a Dafa practitioner who is now my wife. She told me about the true purpose of life and taught me how to do the five sets of exercises. We practiced the exercises, studied the Fa and experienced the wonderfulness of Dafa together. The following is my personal experience to share with everyone.

I am a technician in a very large factory. One morning, I went to solve a technical problem at a machine shop with five colleagues. Because I had read four lectures in Zhuan Falun that morning, I felt quite happy and my body was very light.

Soon we arrived in front of the shop gate. All of us continued walking towards the gate without paying attention. I walked in the lead. As soon as I reached one step away from the gate, I felt that someone suddenly pulled me back. I stopped and looked back, wondering who pulled me. The other five colleagues hadn't pulled me at all; they were two to three steps away from me and were looking at me in surprise, "Why don't you keep walking? Why..." Boom! A loud crash burst out at this moment. Just then, without warning, the shop gate, which was a roller shutter door weighing over one thousand pounds, crashed down in a flash from more than ten meters high. The blast made by the gate, pushed me one step forward toward my colleagues who were about to enter at that moment and my body blocked them from moving forward, thus preventing them from being struck by the falling gate.

When the gate fell down, my back was almost against the gate, but not touching it. Looking at my colleagues' faces, it seemed as if time suddenly stopped. Everyone stood still in shock with totally white faces. Some stood there with their mouths open; some kept their eyes fixed on me. A few seconds later, everyone fled from the dangerous gate. Then my colleagues discussed how the gate fell down and asked me, "How did you know the gate was about to crash down?" They said that if I didn't block them by stopping, they wouldn't have been so lucky. At that moment, if I didn't stop to look back, I would have passed through the gate, while some of my colleagues might have lost their lives under the gate. They said, "Did you get informed by an immortal?" I said, "Actually, I practice Falun Dafa. This is a very common thing among the millions of practitioners. When in danger, our Master can protect us." I also kept reciting in my heart, "Thank you revered Master!"

After this incident, I often remind myself when I practice the exercises that I must cultivate myself well. At the same time, I must help people around me have righteous thoughts towards Dafa, recite "Falun Dafa is good", and help them walk into the cultivation path if they have the predestined relationship.