(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I started to practice the Falun Gong exercises with my son at home. Right after we started, Master let him see a magnificent scene from another dimension, in order to encourage him to practice.

Although he started to listen to Master's lectures when I was pregnant and kept studying the Fa for seven years, he seldom practiced the exercises because I was not steadfast enough.

Recently, I started to do the exercises with him. Last Friday when we were practicing the standing exercises, he said, “Mom, I went back to heaven.” After we finished the exercises, I asked him what he saw. He said, “Holy armies and a Falun. I was very big.” His third eye was open since he was born. When he was three years old, he shouted, “Master has come!” when I was practicing the Falun Standing Stance exercise.

Tonight when my whole family did the exercises together, I opened my eyes to see if his movements were correct. Instead of opening his eyes and looking around, his eyes were closed and he was focused on every movement. It looked beautiful. After the exercises, he said, “I saw Master.” He said that Master sat on a pink lotus and wore a yellow gown. His hair was curly and blue. Master smiled at him. He saw that he was huge and went back to heaven again.

I was afraid that he had developed an attachment to zealotry. However, he surprised me by saying, “I cannot be attached to zealotry, otherwise, I will be demoted.” Once after we finished practicing the sitting exercise, he said, “I saw that I was sitting on a goose.” I smiled and replied, “It was a divine crane, right? With a long neck.” “Yes, with white feathers, too.” However, he saw that he fell off the crane when he wanted to play instead of focusing on the exercise.

I told him, “Master is encouraging us to practice the exercises more. I would like to share our experiences to encourage more young practitioners to do the exercises.”

He replied, “Okay. I want to hear it when you finish writing it.”

As the parents of young practitioners, we should really be steadfast to guide them practice the exercises. Let's strive forward diligently together and be worthy of Master's merciful encouragements.