(Clearwisdom.net) I live in the Ximeng Area in Inner Mongolia. I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. I went to work in a coal mine in Wei County, Hebei Province in 2001. I was in charge of making holes and placing dynamite. The underground pit is only two meters wide. My job is very risky.

One day, the miners were divided into two groups after going down into the pit. We first loaded the vehicle at a location 50 meters away from the pit bottom. Those in front of us continued placing and igniting dynamite, but their charges did not do much. I said we had to add more dynamite and do it again. Those in front of me set up four packs of dynamite. They did not ignite the dynamite but walked to another site about 50 meters away. I did not know the situation and went over to where the four packs of dynamite had been placed. When I was one meter away, someone connected the primers and ignited the dynamite from outside.

With a great bang, my body was pushed up and against the wall. Coal cinders came straight at me, and chunks of coal covered my lower body. My chest hurt and my face was bleeding. However, I could move. Then something magical happened. I saw that the pit was lit up and thought the lamp on my hat was still burning. I followed the light and, with great effort, got myself outside. I moved to the corner 20 meters away. The person who had ignited the dynamite and I met face to face. I asked laboriously, “Why didn't you tell us before igniting the dynamite?” He was stunned when he saw me. At that time, I noticed it was dark in front of my eyes. I touched the lamp on my hat. It had been broken during the blast. It was Master who protected me and made me see the light.

The mine manager was shocked after I was carried out of the pit. My clothes were sticking to my body from my blood. The skin and flesh on my legs was lacerated but my legs were not broken. Lumps covered my thighs. All of the skin on my face, except my eyelids, was peeling and covered with coal dust. I looked terrible.

The mine manager asked me to be hospitalized. I did not agree to go to the hospital and would not take any medicine. Three days later, the lumps on my thighs disappeared. I was black from the upper half of my body to my toes. But I felt my body had become much lighter. I could sit in the half lotus to practice the sitting meditation. By the fifth day, blood clots went down to my toes. Seven or eight days later, the black marks on my face started to fade. One layer of black marks faded every day. Ten days later, all the black and bloody marks had faded. New skin grew in.

A older miner said, “There's never been such a miracle in a situation like yours. In most cases, only half of the person's body at most is left when dynamite explodes. Because the dynamite is placed low, the bones in the legs and pelvis are smashed. And the impact of the exploding wave can smash a person into a meat patty. The sound alone can deafen a person. You are the only one to survive in all these years.”

Actually, I understand the power of dynamite. If just one pack of dynamite detonates on a huge pile of ore, the ore will be smashed. In my case, four packs of dynamite exploded at the same time in a small coal cave.

I had suffered from rheumatism, pulmonary tuberculosis and other illnesses for more than 20 years before I started to practice Falun Dafa. I spent a great deal of money on treatment, but nothing ever helped. Twenty days after I started practicing Falun Dafa, all my illnesses disappeared without any medical treatment. It was Master's compassionate protection that allowed me to survive after four packs of dynamite exploded.