(Clearwisdom.net) I learned how to access the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net), normally blocked by the Chinese Communist regime, last year. Soon after, the access was again blocked. Seeing the appearance of the blockade and also the appearance of software to circumvent this excited and impressed me. I admired the practitioners who had developed the software. It was not until I saw an experience-sharing article that I realized that the blockade should not even be acknowledged. Breaking through the Internet blockade is not a matter that concerns only the practitioners who developed the software, but has to do with all practitioners as a whole body.

The interference eventually and gradually decreased. Occasionally I couldn't get onto the web, or the downloading speed would be slow. Whenever this happened, I looked inward and sent forth righteous thoughts, which was sometimes very effective, and sometimes not. While sharing experiences with practitioners from other areas, we discovered we couldn't access the Internet at almost the same times. This helped me understand that when the interference was directed toward each individual, individually sending righteous thoughts would be fairly effective, but when the interference was directed toward the whole body, if we didn't realize it and didn't send righteous thoughts concerning the whole body, then it would be difficult for the righteous thoughts to be effective.

Master in his lectures has emphasized the importance of coordinating as a whole body. Quite a few practitioners' experience sharing articles have been published about this as well. I now feel that I have some understanding about coordinating as a whole body and about looking at things from the standpoint of the whole body. To me it means not merely cooperating while we are all working to accomplish a task. It is during this cultivation period, when we run into something, especially something major, that every practitioner should consider, understand, and accommodate from a whole body point of view. If we regard our whole body as a "living object," and if everyone of us is filled with righteous thoughts, then this "living object" as a whole must be full of righteous thoughts. Then any interference with or persecution of the whole body won't exist. By looking inward though, I knew that I had many realized and unrealized attachments, and on many occasions I didn't do well, as I had not actually realized that I was one of the practitioners who didn't do well.

Yesterday (February 20, 2008), another practitioner told me that he was unable to access the Internet. When I turned on my computer to try, I couldn't either. I immediately realized that it was due to interference with us as a whole body. Once I realized this, my immediate thought was that the blockade evil was nothing. I thought, "What does the blockade amount to? A small finger is enough to crush it!" I tried to access again while sending righteous thoughts. I got through, but just couldn't download files. After a moment I realized that the NTDTV Chinese New Year Splendor performance would be broadcast to Mainland China on February 20 and February 21. This blockade could be interference with the broadcast. I felt very sad.

First of all, by looking inward with regard to the overseas Chinese New Year Splendor performance, as a Mainland practitioner I didn't have a good understanding of how to coordinate it. I thought we just had to wait for the DVD and then let relatives and friends watch, that's all. When I saw a practitioner's article proposing to cooperate as a whole body by sending righteous thoughts with the overseas practitioners to eliminate the interference, I hurried to inform the practitioners I could contact. I had seen several notices about the broadcast to the Mainland during the Lantern Festival, but I didn't think about the need for righteous thoughts to support this until the Internet blockade occurred. Why couldn't my understanding catch up? The reason was that I couldn't step out of myself. If we only look at things from an individual point of view, we will often think it has nothing to do with ourselves.

I would suggest that all the practitioners who encountered this Internet blockade look inward. How much attention did we pay to this performance? Did we realize this should be accomplished through the cooperation of both Mainland and overseas practitioners on the basis of a whole body?

Above are merely my personal thoughts. Please point out anything improper.