(Clearwisdom.net) On the Minghui/Clearwisdom website I read about a Falun Dafa practitioner who was facing an unlawful trial by the Chinese Communist Party. In the court, he saw a lot of police from various branches of the public security apparatus. He figured that so many people were looking forward to being saved by him. So he gladly clarified the truth in the court. In the end many people, including the judge, understood the truth and set him free.

It's clear that this practitioner's mindset was pure and righteous. He had only one thought: saving sentient beings. He truly let go of self and was only thinking of how to save the world's people. In his heart, he did not regard the court as a den of evil where he would be persecuted. Instead, he treated it as a place to save beings. He had only the thought of saving people in his heart, and he had no concept of being persecuted, let alone the thought of how to resist persecution.

History doesn't unfold for the evil. It unfolds for Falun Dafa practitioners' cultivation and process of saving sentient beings. The relationship between us and those police is not a relationship between people being persecuted and people who persecute. Rather, it is a relationship between people who save and people being saved. On the surface the judge was putting Falun Dafa practitioners on trial, but in another dimension their true selves, their knowing sides, were hoping the Falun Dafa practitioners would clarify the truth to them and they would be saved. So this drama was not arranged for the evil to persecute, rather it was arranged for Falun Dafa practitioners to save people. We are the main characters who deserve central stage during this grand play. No matter where we are, that is the place where we save beings. The numerous beings there are the people we are meant to save.

No matter the time or situation, when we only think of saving beings in our hearts with no concept of being persecuted, can persecution still exist? Would it still even be necessary to resist the persecution? When we have the concept of being persecuted in our hearts, we have in fact already put ourselves into a situation of being persecuted. That would be acknowledging the surface manifestations of this world, and acknowledging the persecution. When we have no concept of persecution and only think about how to save beings, we are regarding ourselves as gods who are completing the mission of saving numerous sentient beings. There are two ways to act out this drama. When Falun Dafa practitioners only consider resisting persecution, the evil is leading the drama of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. When Falun Dafa practitioners clarify the truth and save people, practitioners are the main characters who are playing out the drama of saving sentient beings. Which drama to play is completely decided by practitioners. Exclusively resisting the persecution is the same as acknowledging the persecution in a disguised form. Only saving numerous beings is to deny the persecution and accomplish our mission.

When we put a lot of emphasis on the persecution, isn't that an attachment? When we put resisting the persecution first and saving sentient beings as second, aren't we restrained by a strong sense of self? Isn't it the attachment of fearing persecution and the attachment of pursuing relief hiding inside? When we are not being persecuted, we all think about clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. But when there is persecution, our state of mind often changes. We start to only think of resisting the persecution and we overlook saving beings. When our deeply-held cares are threatened, the mindset of self-concern gains the upper hand. Doesn't that create more excuses for the evil to persecute us?

Master said: "If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist."(Eliminate your last attachment(s), Essentials for further advancement II). With the fundamentals laid down and our mindset corrected, we are gods. Nobody dares to persecute us and nobody is able to persecute us.

Do fellow practitioners involved in rescue efforts have the right state of mind? Is saving sentient beings in first place or is rescuing practitioners put in first place? Is it done for the purpose of saving the world's people or freeing fellow practitioners? By looking at the difference between these two mindsets, we can see whether our mindsets as a whole body are upright.

Falun Dafa practitioners are cultivators and do not pursue the gain or loss of the secular world. We are gods who save the multitudes of beings, we are definitely not humans who resist persecution. Saving beings is the fundamental purpose of our existence. The persecution is simply what the evil carries out, in order to hinder our efforts to save humans. We must play well the drama that we are entrusted with and not be interfered with and hampered by other factors. Let us play out this great, noble drama of saving sentient beings to the end of the Fa-Rectification period and fully manifest Falun Dafa practitioners' boundless compassion!