(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1999. As a modest person, I did not consider myself very capable even after practicing and always thought others cultivated better than me. Continued Fa-study and cultivation made me realize that cultivators are not ordinary people. As long as we have faith in Master and Dafa, we will personally witness the power of Dafa. I believe every genuine practitioner has had such experiences.

Vicious communist regime officials have come to my home to harass me several times in recent years. Initially I was frightened and didn't know what to do. I then strengthened my righteous thoughts and disintegrated my fear, and at the same time asked Master for help, not letting evil thugs come and persecute me. With Master's help I made it through these tribulations. Nonetheless, I still did not do well, and many shortcomings were exposed in this process.

My husband left work early on August 21 this year and came directly home. As soon as he and our son arrived home he said to me nervously, "I told you to stop practicing, but you didn't listen to me. I overheard that some people were saying you had participated in an illegal gathering, and agents from the 610 Office will soon come to arrest you. Please transfer all your books and materials to other places that are safe." Before my husband finished I replied determinedly, "No, they won't dare to come here. Their plan will not work!" My husband was surprised at my words, "How can you prevent them from coming? Why should I believe that?" I said, "My master takes care of everything." My husband didn't listen to me and insisted on taking the Dafa books and truth-clarification materials away to other places. My son also supported him, saying, "I promise these books will be taken good care of. I will return them later." Hearing those words from my son, I said nothing further.

After my son left I told my husband, "Please, don't distract me since I will be sending righteous thoughts." I had never sent righteous thoughts in front of him before. This time I let go of the attachment of fear and sent righteous thoughts, openly and aboveboard.

This time I was unafraid. First I sent righteous thoughts to oppose the old forces' arrangements. Then I looked within and found many attachments, including fear of having my home ransacked, of being arrested, of being "reformed," and a quest for comfort, and so on.

I sent strong righteous thoughts to completely disintegrate all attachments that interfered with my saving sentient beings, as well as to eliminate all the dark minions and evil CCP specters. I held the thought that I am a disciple of Master Li Hongzhi and I want to walk the path arranged by Master, while neglecting all other arrangements. Although I could not see it, I deeply believed that Master's fashen was by my side to help me. There are also other gods that are helping Master during Fa-rectification. The evil would thus not dare to come to my door, and I would not let them come in. I asked Master to help me.

After about half an hour I was able to be without an attachment to fear or other attachments. Although unable to see scenes in other dimensions, I strongly felt the sky to be clear and clean. My husband then received a phone call saying that a certain CCP official was no longer responsible for me and would no longer bother me. I knew this happened because I was able to meet the requirements of the Fa at that level. Master helped me resolve that problem.

My husband still didn't allow me to clarify the truth and complained this way or that way. I calmed down and sent righteous thoughts specifically for my husband and my son, to eliminate all vicious elements that prevented them from knowing the truth. I sent strong righteous thoughts once each hour for an entire day.

When doing the second set of exercises that night, I felt as if a fist were in front me when holding the law wheel in front of my head. That fist had four fingers bent down, with only the thumb extended. I initially ignored it since I had never seen things through my celestial eye in the past. Then I realized what the thumb could mean. Was it Master encouraging me? With that thought, the thumb turned over for me to look more closely. It was much bigger than an ordinary thumb, shining in a golden color. I immediately realized that this was something real, and Master was indeed encouraging me. I was in tears. My gratitude toward Master was beyond description. Master hadn't forgotten me, even though I had been slacking. When my husband returned home the next day he was smiling. I knew the evil elements behind him had been eliminated.

Within several days Master helped me discover many attachments. I was able to recognize and eliminate some of them as soon as they surfaced.

This is the first time I have submitted an article. Please point out anything inappropriate.