(Clearwisdom.net) Though all of us know the principle of not being afraid of the Falun Gong content in the Shen Yun shows, many of us cannot help but have some human thoughts that need to be suppressed when watching the show, such as: "How is the audience reacting in their minds? Will they accept such a strong message?"

Through the years, while clarifying the truth, we mainly talked about how the principles of Falun Dafa are good, that we are good people trying to improve ourselves, and explain the facts of the persecution in very reasonable and rational terms.

People's minds are full of filth and notions, and we do our best to zoom in on the notions that favor us, and avoid the notions that we fear might trigger bad reactions. We always felt that we could not clean up all the filthy notions and karma in people's minds, so we have learned to be very careful not to emphasize the existence of gods, or the sacredness of our paths, of Dafa, and just try our best to let the beings in front of us position themselves favorably.

This can lead to a fear that sentient beings cannot accept a message when it comes out very strongly, right in front of their faces. But we should never forget that Shen Yun is completely taken care of by Master, and the energy, the things that are happening in other dimensions, and the predestined relations of the people in that venue, can't be compared to anything we ever did before. Then we should also adjust our own minds, and completely trust Master in this undertaking.

Yesterday I was in the audience during the show in Bruges. The piece about the practitioner who holds a banner on Tiananmen came up, and I felt I should quickly check my thoughts and view the piece from the Fa's perspective rather than have human thoughts. At that point, my vision became more clear. Because I feel it can help us to better grasp the significance of the "Falun Gong content" in the shows, I'd like to share it with everyone.

Every particle in the venue was bathed in a golden light, and everything in other dimensions was swirling, as if in a whirl of golden energy. Sentient beings were watching, mesmerized, as if they came surfacing out of a mud pool and saw light for the first time in their existence. The entire scene - the audience watching, and the gods making arrangements - centered around the dancer's banner "Falun Dafa Hao", and when the dancer held the banner in front of the public, the words shot into the venue in powerful rays.

At this point, I saw heavenly beauties flying above the audience (they could have been Boddhisatvas as well). The audience's primordial spirits were very dark, their minds full of karma, and the heavenly beauties cast blankets of pure light over them. When the blankets fell over the audience's minds, all the filth, karma, and bad thoughts were being eliminated, and cleaned out from inside. I felt great compassion and care radiating from these flying beauties, as they took care of the audience as their own children.

Still, more and more energy was being added to the venue, as if one atomic bomb after another came surging out of other dimensions. Huge pillars permeated the cosmic bodies involving the audience, straightening and rectifying everything. I also saw a massive mechanism, like an enormous Falun, turning horizontally in the center of the venue. It was rectifying all the predestined relationships of the audience.

I then had a thought how meticulously everything was arranged, and how difficult this undertaking was. Master could save all the beings who watched the show, but every disturbance in their concentration - someone who walks in during a piece, noises, flashlights - make it very complicated to restore the process of saving people. The audience should see the dances, and hear the music, and nothing else.

The practitioners' bodies were very powerful - not only the Shen Yun performers, all other practitioners as well. Their Benti were like powerful guards, and their gongneng (supernatural capabilities) were added in the whole process of rectifying the Fa - they assisted Master in this undertaking, and their beings melted in the process of Fa-rectification. Though in the scene that I saw, there were no major problems, I understand that if practitioners' thoughts start to waver, the gongneng instantly grow weaker, and their bodies become smaller, leaving gaps in the process and allowing several audience members to develop bad thoughts. Sometimes, we run into audience members who are unhappy about the Falun Gong content, at that time we should ask ourselves if our own thoughts contributed to that. It is also an opportunity to both correct their view and our own minds. If at that time we still follow their reasoning deep inside, the problem becomes very serious, and it will be hard to help sentient beings.

When I came home yesterday night, I could still see how our fellow practitioners beam out gong in other dimensions. Everything we do looks trivial, and that makes it awfully hard to remind ourselves to remain focused and remember the importance of what we do, and the effect of our thoughts and actions. On the surface we might encounter many obstacles, but if we remain determined, and more importantly, if we can mend our hearts and work together, in other dimensions we are already splitting mountains in half.

What I saw was just a reflection of my own level and current understanding, and it's not absolute; I hope it helps others in their cultivation path. Please point out any inaccuracies.