(Clearwisdom.net) Since September 2008, officials of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City have been bringing in male Falun Gong practitioners from other camps in Liaoning Province and Beijing, taking them to the 3rd Brigade's first ward. Here, practitioners are tortured and subjected to brainwashing. Gao Hongchang, who is currently the director of the first ward, was then captain of the 3rd Brigade. As of the time of this report, Mr. Wang Haihui from Heishan, Jinzhou City, Liaoning, and Mr. Sun Yi from Xi'an City, Liaoning, are being tortured around the clock.

Mr. Wang Haihui refused to sign a statement renouncing his faith in Falun Gong on October 18, 2009. He also smudged the signed statements that were hanging on the walls, which the guards had obtained by coercing other practitioners. As a result, Director Gao and Jing Hongpo and Yu Jiang, captains of the brigade, tortured him around the clock. During the day, they tied Mr. Wang's hands and hung him up from his wrists or put him in a straightjacket and tied him to a bed. At night, the guards cuffed and shackled him on a Death Bed.

According to information from an insider, Mr. Sun Yi was taken to the strict management room in December 2009. Those who tortured Mr. Sun in this room include Gao, Yu, Jing, Li Meng, Jin Shan, Wang Yanmin, Su Jufeng, Tu Yupeng, Wang Hanyu, Liu Jun, Zhi Shunchang, Wang Xue, Zhang Liuchen, Qin Li, Na Shuji (the prison doctor, who is in charge of injecting drugs and forced feedings), and Guo Fangjie.

Mr. Cui Guohua from Yi County, Jinzhou City, refused to memorize the prison rules. Guards Zhang Jun, Zhang Zhuohui, Ren Huaiping, Wang Shuzheng, Rong Xiu'e, and Ren Hongzan took turns to beat him, shock him with electric batons, and hang him up in the air.

The source said that in the 3rd brigade, the guards torture practitioners in many ways. They force practitioners to sign statements or to take an oath to renounce Falun Gong, and to memorize the prison rules. If practitioners refuse, the guards will extend their terms. The guards order collaborators to viciously beat practitioners or force them to sit on a 8-inch tall stool for over ten hours and don't allow them to move. The guards also used electric batons to shock practitioners' private parts and other sensitive areas, hung them up by the wrists for days, and pulled their limbs in opposite directions with extreme force.

Those who take part in these torture methods include Yu, Li Zhen and Li Nan.