(Clearwisdom.net) In the summer of 2006, I eliminated my own fears about the idea and my family happily supported me in buying a computer. My child paid for Internet access for me. Several relatives came to show me how to use a computer. I know everything is arranged by Master. When people support Dafa disciples, they also deepen their understanding about the truth of Dafa and build a solid foundation for their bright future.

While making truth clarification materials, I pay special attention to quality. When I choose supplies and add equipment, I always pick the best quality products. I also use high quality cleaning supplies and towels to clean the printer. I always keep my room clean as well. The CDs and paper I use are always brand names. Based on my Fa-study and cultivation, I realized that the reason we make truth clarification materials is to present the wonderfulness of Dafa to sentient beings. We need to implement righteous, kind and good factors during the entire process.

Some practitioners wanted to give me money to help me. I thanked them but did not accept it. Others said to me, “Your child has grown up, you should save some money so he can get married.” I was not tempted. A practitioner told me that one practitioner made many materials in black and white, instead of using color, and I could save money that way. After I heard this, I shared my thoughts with the practitioner from the perspective of the effect of saving sentient beings. Once, we received a truth clarification brochure in our mailbox. It looked dull and the print was not clear. The process of making materials reflects our cultivation path. There is an element of upgrading xinxing in every step. We must remember: Why are we doing this? Who are we doing this for? What is our starting point and our mission? I often think about these questions. I continue to let go of self, rectify myself and purify myself. I realized that Dafa created everything in the universe. Everything in the Three Realms is arranged for Fa-rectification. Dafa disciples' personal income is not their personal wealth. Instead, it is Dafa's resources.

Making high-quality truth clarification materials might cost more. However, when we truly wish to be responsible to Dafa and when we remember the reason we are doing this, you will find that the cost and expense is just right. However, we need to use Dafa resources carefully and righteously. If we pay too much attention to saving money and spend less money to make more materials, the quality may not be good, and the materials we produce may not give people a good impression of Dafa. Furthermore, we may not achieve a good effect of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. In fact, the lower quality materials might have a negative effect on the people that receive them. The loss would be significant and the cost would be too high. It would be an unintentional waste of Dafa resources.

My family is not rich, but I never felt that we did not have enough money. When I view things from the standpoint of Fa-validation and saving sentient beings, no matter what the situation, I always found out that the money was right in front of me. The high quality materials were also right in front of me. Sometimes, when I go shopping, the price of the products is exactly the amount I had brought with me. I never bargain, but the businesses always gave me a very reasonable price. With Master compassionately guiding us, who could interfere with Dafa's resources?

Every piece of truth clarification material requires many different processes and goes through many Dafa disciples' hands. Every practitioner that participates is part of the process and helps to have an effect on saving people. If we put ourselves in the one body and understand this from the perspective of the Fa, we should recognize that doing it well is what we are supposed to do. We should be accountable if we don't do well. Beautiful materials made with pure righteous thoughts from one body to save sentient beings are very powerful tools. They will have a great effect in different dimensions in the universe.

I sincerely hope that all practitioners treat the Fa as Teacher and make high quality truth-clarification materials to save even more sentient beings.