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After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched its persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, I spent an extended period of time in Beijing, going to Tiananmen Square on a daily basis. Whenever I saw other practitioners there exercising, holding the wheel position, I would join them. We were like a group.

In December 1999, I again went to Tiananmen Square to exercise with a group of fellow practitioners. We took a tape player, and it was magnificent.

I was arrested more than a dozen times in Beijing, but each time I was able to escape. One time, when a group of practitioners were arrested and held in a room with a guard at the door, I did not sleep, but just stared at the guard. He soon began to fall asleep. The door was unlocked so I opened it and ran out. Other practitioners who were not asleep also rushed out of the room, but they did not follow me closely and were stopped by the guard who had by then woken up.

On another occasion when I was arrested, the police officer was walking in front of me and I saw a chance to escape when I saw a taxi beside me. I jumped in and told the driver that someone was trying to harm me so he stepped on the pedal and I got away. Another time when I was arrested, a guard was taking me back to Shenzhen. He purchased a big bag of beans and ordered me to carry it so that I wouldn’t have a chance to run away. On the road, I saw an airport sign. I thought, “Oh, Master is helping me run away.” I ran away with the beans.

Hunger strike

I was arrested in Beijing in 2000. My daughter was notified to pick me up and take me home, but she did not come. I believe that Master hinted to me to start a hunger strike. There were over 100 practitioners there and most of them were also on a hunger strike. I took one box lunch, and said, “Master, it is a shame to waste this box of food; I will start the hunger strike after this meal.” I held out on the hunger strike for one week with no food or water. I felt very comfortable and very light. I persuaded other practitioners to also go on a hunger strike.

Eventually, authorities from each of the provinces came to take the practitioners back to their areas. The guard told me to go to Guangzhou. They knew that I had sold my house in Shenzhen, and had money to go to Beijing and other places. I was then taken to Guangzhou by plane. Master reminded me to stop the hunger strike. I said to Master, “I felt so comfortable while on the hunger strike, it would be great if I could stop eating in the future. It would also help to save food.” That day, I could not raise my hands while exercising. I had never been so tired before; I did not let my hands come down. I knew there must have been a problem with my xinxing, so I thought about what it could be. I realized it must have had something to do with the hunger strike. I said, “Alright Master, I will stop the hunger strike. Falun Dafa practitioners should eat.” My hands became light immediately. I asked Master again, “When should I stop the hunger strike,” but Master did not answer. I thought that as a meal was offered on the plane I should stop my hunger strike at that time. I sensed Master patting my head and I knew I was right.

Asking for trouble

I was released as soon as I arrived in Guangzhou. I shared my experiences with fellow practitioners there whenever I had the chance. I was shocked to learn that a college teacher named Gao Xianmin from Jinan University had been persecuted to death. Another practitioner told me what happened, how he resisted the persecution, went on a hunger strike and was then force-fed, which resulted in his death. I thought that others had endured so much for Dafa, so I needed to endure hardships for Dafa as well. It was as if you were not safeguarding Dafa unless you went to prison. I was asking for trouble. I saw Master was enduring for us in other dimensions. I thought I wanted to eliminate my own karma. I could not let Master bear my share. However, all those thoughts were not in accordance with the Fa and I was asking for these tribulations. And they indeed came.

Master published “The Knowing Heart”

We had not heard any news from Master for about a year after July 20, 1999. We knew there were fake scriptures circulating. Then, on May 22, 2000, Master published his first scripture after the persecution, entitled “The Knowing Heart”. After I read it, I could not discern whether it was genuine or fake. Another practitioner who had a computer at home asked me to read the article online. When I got onto the Minghui website (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom), I knew that it was Master’s words. I said to Master, “Master, I am wrong again. I have been disrespectful to Master again; forgive me.” Master then showed me a vision:

Master was at the front of a huge ship. Each of his disciples were in smaller boats. We lined up closely; some lined up a long way back, and later someone fell out of the boat when a wave came. It was just like Master said, “The mountains shake, the seas churn, and the ferocious waves billow.” Master told me, “Hold on.” I clutched onto the boat tightly; later I saw that someone was left behind. I said, “Master, he could not follow closely.” Master was so compassionate. He used a long rope with a hook on the end and rescued the disciple. I saw that someone else was about to fall and I held on to him to prevent him from falling.


In the summer of 2000, I wanted to go to Beijing to clarify the facts about Falun Gong and endure hardship. However, I was arrested at the railway station in Guangzhou. The people who arrested me said that I looked like a Falun Gong practitioner. They asked me where I was from, but I did not answer. They searched my bag and found my phone book. They realized that I belonged to the railway system, so they did not have the heart to arrest me. They said that people who practice Falun Gong were not bad people and it was only that they were ordered to arrest them. They told me to go, but I refused. They found my classmate's phone number and asked her to take me home, but she was so afraid she did not come. They then called my mother, but when she came the next day, I was already being held by the Shenzhen police.

I was held in the Guangzhou railway station for a night. The next day, they allowed me to leave, but I didn’t go. They eventually decided to let the police from Shenzhen take me away. They said, “We do not have the heart to let you suffer.” The police from Shenzhen knew me well and when they came they said, “What is your problem, you run everywhere and cause trouble; we will really teach you a lesson this time.”

Luohu Detention Center in Shenzhen

I was detained at the Luohu Detention Center. I refused to do forced labor and I did the Falun Gong exercises. I was stopped and hung up, and also dragged along the ground. I was concerned that if my buttocks were wounded then I wouldn’t be able to sit and do the meditation. Everyone went through this torture, and their buttocks were covered with blood. My pants were torn, but I was not injured. This frightened the guards.

Since they would not let me exercise and study the Fa, I began a hunger strike. They force-fed me, and as a result my teeth became loose. They beat me very hard, but I was not afraid. The head of the detention center changed his attitude towards me later. He was amazed that Falun Gong practitioners could truly endure hardship. He agreed that I could exercise while I was in detention.

I stopped my hunger strike. I saw that someone was eating dried sweet potato chips and thought that I would like one. I said to the person: “I would like a chip; I have not eaten for a long time.” She gave me a piece. It tasted great, and my teeth were no longer loose.


When I was held at the Luohu Detention Center, I met with even bigger tribulations, as I did not let go of my attachments and my cultivation was very arduous. I realized that I asked for this tribulation, since I wanted to endure hardship. Master gave me hints that after this one, there would be more to come. I knew it would be big and difficult. A higher being controlled me; it erased all my memory and pressed me down. I could not hear anything except its nonsense. I enlarged the two characters “firm”, but it erased them immediately. I attempted to memorize the Fa, but it erased it from my memory. I could not remember anything. I began reading Hong Yin out loud, and asked others to do so as well. As a result, the being could not interfere with me as much, but it still did not leave. I thought I would listen to its reason for persecuting me, but none of its words were on the Fa, so I debated it with Fa, and I became more clearheaded. After the third day, it stopped talking, but used its gong to press on me. There were numerous black substances pressing me down. I could not rise up. I said I had to pass this test. I told Master that I could do it.

Since I could not remember anything, I recited Zhuan Falun. The being seemed scared, so I began reciting Zhuan Falun nonstop for 24 hours. There were numerous Falun rotating in the room and all the black substances were gone. That being was gone as well.

Sentenced to Labor Camp the first time

At the labor camp, I was held in solitary confinement. Initially, the authorities did not want to send me to a labor camp. When I heard that there were numerous Dafa practitioners in labor camps, I decided that I wanted to go to a labor camp. I made the statement in the morning, and was sentenced to a labor camp for two years in the afternoon.

In the summer of 2000, I was transferred to Guangdong Women's Forced Labor Camp in Sanshui, Foshan. I took my Zhuan Falun and other scriptures with me. They were not detected when I was searched. I was held in a room by myself while others went to work. I began to study the Fa. Later someone found out so they handcuffed me and confiscated my book.

Later, the collaborators came and tried to make me give up Falun Gong. One of them said, “Look, Master has endured so much for us. If you still cultivate, you will make Master die.” My tears ran down my face immediately. I said, “You are right, Master has borne all my hardships. They hit my head with an electric baton with full force, but I was not hurt. Master endured all the pain for me.” I cried and said to Master, “I will not cultivate again. I will repay my karma one life-time at a time. I will accumulate my virtue that way.”

Once I said that, I saw Master appear very, very sad. I also cried. I told Master, “I really do not want Master to endure anymore for me.” I thought it must have been my knowing side that was crying non-stop. The guards became inpatient with me, saying, “Alright you may cultivate. How do you live like this? You cry 24 hours a day and don’t sleep, doing nothing but crying.”

Later I told Master, “I might as well cultivate.” Master seemed a little less sad.

When I said I would no longer cultivate, I feel I truly hurt Master's heart. His heart was open and my words left a scar. Since the persecution, numerous people have stopped cultivating. I saw Master' tears running down in the color blood red.

(To be continued)