Greetings Master!

Greetings fellow practitioners!

I started to practice Falun Gong four years ago. However, I did not feel discouraged on account of my late start. I have to be determined and steadfast on the cultivation path arranged by Master, in order to repay His merciful salvation.

My main responsibility is to provide technical support for material sites or families. Here, I would like to report to Master my experiences producing Shen Yun Performing Arts' 2011 Tour DVDs.

Get Rid of the Attachment to Fear

The quality of Shen Yun DVDs produced by our area in past years was not very good. We had a wish this year to produce high-quality DVDs. We have to walk on our own cultivation path.

When we received the requirements for producing Shen Yun Performing Arts' 2011 Tour DVDs from the Minghui Editors, we reviewed them and had a detailed discussion. The requirements were strict this year: we “cannot change anything on the Shen Yun DVD, including changing the cover or envelope, eliminating the cover or envelope, or having handwriting on the DVD.” Every DVD had its own envelope design such that the entire package looked very professional and beautiful. In addition, we were asked to collect feedback from the viewers; this too was a sacred mission and responsibility that Dafa disciples had to fulfill. By understanding the reason why Master created Shen Yun, we would definitely do well with the project of producing Shen Yun DVDs in order to save more sentient beings as Master directed.

There are two editions of the Shen Yun 2011 Performance. The VCD edition has three discs, with each disc having over sixty files totaling over 600MB. The DVD edition has more than 400 files for a total of more than 4GB. When I saw the sizes of the files, a thought surfaced, “The files are too large. It could be unsafe to download them.” My attachment to fear came out to stop me. All I considered was how to safely download the files.

After I sensed the attachment of fear, I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it, “I am a disciple of Master Li. What I am doing is the most righteous thing in the universe-- to save sentient beings. I have to eliminate all the evil forces and all the materials which prevent me from doing Dafa work. I must have righteous thoughts and walk on the righteous path to finish downloading all the files for the 2011 Shen Yun Performance.” Using strong righteous thoughts, I eliminated the interference during the downloading process and rejected all the thoughts that arose from the attachment to fear.

Gradually, my mindset became stable. I use the computer as my weapon to fight and eliminate the evil forces. The download speed was so fast that the first VCD was finished in a short time. I continuously downloaded the other two VCD's and did not have any chance to worry.

I realized, “If I treat myself as a true practitioner, all my thoughts are selfless, consider others first, and are about saving sentient beings. These thoughts are actually the thoughts of a god, and the abilities I use are supernormal. The material in the human realm cannot affect me at all and interference from the evil forces is useless. The effect is powerful and extraordinary.” I reviewed the program at normal speed and found that the quality was very good. The sound and video were both very clear.

Buying Blank Discs Without Any Notions

Practitioner B asked me if I would like to go out to shop for blank VCDs and DVDs with her. She put on her old backpack and got ready to go. I asked her to put down the backpack and just bring money. She did it, but later I found that I had the attachment to judge or direct other people with my notions. I did not like the backpack and requested the practitioner to follow my order. After finding the attachment, I got rid of it right away.

Another practitioner told us to pay attention to plainclothes police officers or monitoring systems around the place that sells blank computer discs. If we bought a lot of discs at once, it might draw the attention of the police. We thought that if we studied the Fa well, got rid of the attachment to fear, and went about things with wisdom and righteous thoughts, there should be no problem. No one would pay attention to us because common people could never persecute gods.

There are many computer discs available on the market. However, which one has good quality? I started to worry that I might not obtain quality discs. At that moment, I realized that my human notions had surfaced again. It made me worry and I could not make up my mind. Fortunately, with the firm belief in Master and the Fa, I asked for Master's support in picking good quality discs

Cultivation is to purify our thoughts. If we have the righteous thoughts to be selfless and to validate the Fa, Master will lay down a road for us. We successfully bought blank computer discs, and the quality of the discs was very good.

Producing Discs with a Clear Mind

Producing Shen Yun discs was not only to save sentient beings, but also to upgrade our realm of cultivation. The quality of the discs directly relates to how many people could be saved. Therefore, while producing the discs, we should clear our minds, study the Fa well, send more righteous thoughts, let the righteous thoughts and sense of responsibility guide us, and do our best job in saving more sentient beings.

We received some feedback from the practitioners giving out Shen Yun discs, “Now, more families are using DVD players than VCD players. We should make more DVDs than VCDs. The quality of a DVD is better than a VCD, and the density is also higher, which would reduce the production costs. If we give out the discs face-to-face, we can ask which one they use.” We accepted the suggestion and adjusted the ratio of DVDs to VCDs. It not only helped the practitioners distributing the discs, but also reduced costs.

An elderly practitioner, A, was in charge of mass producing the discs. Practitioner B wanted to take over for A, since she saw that A was continuously sitting there without taking a break for several days. Ten minutes after B started her first DVD, she felt bored. So she started to study the Fa. After a while, she found that the DVD burner stopped at 21% completion and the DVD in the burner could not be used any more. She tried two more times and the results were the same. She complained, “Why did this problem start as soon as I took over?” I replied, “We should search inward and try to find the attachment causing it. Then, send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference and the evil forces.”

I realized, “We are not focusing enough to produce the discs. The 21% clearly points out our percentage of concentration, and it is caused by our impure hearts. If we don't have a clean mindset, the energy field for producing Shen Yun discs will also suffer, which would causes the DVD burner to stop. Because the whole process had been going so smoothly, my attachments to joy and the show-off mentality gradually surfaced. Since other practitioners were in charge of the whole production, I thought that I did not have to pay attention anymore and my attachment to comfort arose. I had to take this chance arranged by Master to get rid of my attachments, and to improve.” Other practitioners also found many attachments from conflicts in their families and among fellow practitioners. They admitted that they had not gotten rid of the attachments in time, so the evil forces took the opportunity to interfere with our Dafa work. I asked Master to support me to clean up all the impure substances in my space. All of us sent forth righteous thoughts together to get rid of our impurities and to eliminate the evil forces and their elements which interfered with our Dafa work.

After that, we restarted the DVD burner. A strange sound came from the burner. We opened its case and found the sound was from its hard drive. I disconnected the hard drive and restarted it again. Incredibly, the DVD burner worked again! With the Fa and Master, practitioners can create miracles! Everything was back to normal and the burner worked as it should.

Search Inward First, then Fix the Printer

The last step in producing Shen Yun discs was to print the label on the disc and put it in the envelope. With a new ink cartridge, our printer could print the picture perfectly on a sheet of A4 paper. However, it had a problem printing it on a CD. The computer always showed an error message. If the label could not be printed on the discs, all our efforts would be wasted. We refused to be interfered with in the final step and I started to debug the problem. I downloaded all the solutions related to printing problems from tiandixing.org and followed the instructions step by step. Not only could I not find the problem, but also I broke a plastic hook in the printer. Therefore, I stopped.

Whenever tribulations occur, practitioners always search inward. I started to look inward and was surprised that I was actually validating myself and trying to prove that I had excellent skills! The basis was incorrect. Computer skills are just ordinary people's skills. For a practitioner, upgrading xinxing and validating Dafa are the most important things! I always thought that technical problems could be solved by technical knowledge and skills without considering the problems from the cultivation perspective. Therefore, I was interfered with and wasted a lot of precious time. I remembered that I read an article on Minghui website “Upgrade Xinxing First, Then Fix the Machines.” If we search inward right after a problem happens and correct ourselves based on the Fa, our technical problem can always be solved quickly. This is also an approach that validates Dafa.

Other practitioners heard that we had a printing problem. One practitioner sent us the replacement component for the printer, another practitioner provided the troubleshooting guide, and a third practitioner even brought an old printer for us to take components from. A practitioner who did not come to the material site often suggested, “It's urgent to save people, let's take the discs to print them in stores!” After a brief discussion, we came to an agreement. No matter how busy we are, we should study the Fa well. Studying the Fa well is fundamental for doing any Dafa work well. In addition, we should search inward unconditionally and treat the problem seriously.

The upgrading of technical skill is synchronous with improvement in cultivation. If my xinxing improved quickly, my technical knowledge would grow fast. After I studied the Fa, understood the Fa, searched inward, and corrected my mindset, the situation changed. I failed twice to repair the plastic hook which I broke earlier. On the third try, the glue was effective and the printer was back to normal. When the printer successfully printed out the test page, we understood that the problem had been solved. The quality of the CD label was very good.

I realized that Master not only want me to fix the printer's problem, but also wanted me to find the problem in my cultivation. Through the entire process, I could find my shortcomings and improve. As Dafa disciples, we should clearly understand what the priority is whenever a problem comes up. Searching inward should always come before investigating the mechanical problem. Sending forth righteous thoughts is also very important. It demonstrates the mindset of believing in Master and Dafa. The first thought of a practitioner often determines the his/her cultivation realm.

Distributing Discs

It's an important project to promote Shen Yun during the Fa-rectification period. Since all the discs were produced early this year, our fellow practitioners could distribute them during the Chinese New Year period while visiting friends and relatives.

Practitioner B was in charge of distributing the discs. She gave out the correct amount of discs to each local practitioner and ordered the correct amount of discs when they were needed. All the work was well coordinated. She discussed with each practitioner the meaning behind the Shen Yun discs. She let all the practitioners realize that every disc was precious, we had to treat them seriously, and make them effective weapons to save sentient beings.

Local practitioners distributed the Shen Yun discs effectively with righteous thoughts and actions. In farm villages, practitioners gave out the discs face-to-face. In the cities, practitioners sent the discs to their friends and relatives during the Chinese New Year period. The feedback that practitioners received showed that the public was very positive about the performance. Now, all our local practitioners can wisely distribute the discs, instead of simply giving every family a copy. Some practitioners were concerned that we might give DVDs to the people who can only play VCDs. After studying the Fa, we came to an agreement, “It's Master who saves people, not us. When we were distributing the discs, Master's fashen was protecting us. Without any attachment to fear and keeping a compassionate and pure mindset, we believe that the discs will be delivered to the people who have a predestined relationship with us.”

Shen Yun Performing Arts Discs are powerful weapons to save sentient beings which Master provides to Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period. We should follow the requests of Master and the progress of the Fa-rectification, and use Shen Yun discs to save people. It is truly the highest honor to have been entrusted with this task. Dafa disciples need to cherish the chance that Master has given us!

Thank you Master! Heshi!