(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share my experience and understanding of my cultivation practice with fellow practitioners. I hope that my sharing can be helpful to young practitioners who have a similar situation.

I obtained the Fa in 1998 when I was nine years old. Initially, since I was young, I did not understand the concept of cultivation practice. Neither did I know how to practice cultivation. By observing that my mother regained her health after practicing Falun Dafa, I knew that it was good. Therefore, I just followed my mother to do the exercises. As I grew up, especially after the persecution began, I came to understand how to practice cultivation and how to conduct myself according to the principles of Dafa in a complicated society. Dafa has been playing an important role in every stage of my life from elementary school to graduate school.

In the past years, I was busy with my studies and not very diligent in cultivation practice. In fact, most of the time, I slacked off in cultivation due to the lack of a good enlightenment ability and low xinxing standard. I observed that practitioners in different age groups have their own cultivation environment and state. For senior practitioners, the major problems they typically face are the attachment to their children and sickness karma. For young practitioners, what we should pay attention to is how to believe more in Dafa and conduct ourselves according to Dafa's requirements in ordinary society. Moreover, we should be worthy of the title “Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.” Many young practitioners who used to practice cultivation with their parents gave up after the persecution started, because they did not study the Fa well and were easily influenced by society. Eventually, they were lost in the big dye vat of ordinary people.

I recalled my experience of cultivation in the past years and summarized some common attachments that I think most young practitioners have. I would like to share them with fellow practitioners from my understanding.

Attachment to comfort and having fun

It is kids' nature to be playful. However, for some young practitioners who are close to being adults that attachment becomes an obstacle in our cultivation practice. Some young guys who used to be good practitioners became very addicted to video games. No matter how often their parents talked to them, they did not change their habit. In fact, it was because they did not study the Fa well that they slacked off in cultivation practice.

As for myself, I have fallen many times on the path of cultivation because of my attachment to playing. In 2005, I was admitted to a college, but I did not study as hard as I did in high school. Without my parents by my side, I slacked off in cultivation. For a long time, I saw myself as an ordinary person and could not even study one chapter of Zhuan Falun in a week. When my mom called me and asked how I was doing, I lied to her and said that I was doing pretty well in my cultivation practice. One day, I had severe sickness karma and got hemorrhoids. For a whole month, I could not sit or stand. Sometimes, I could not even fall asleep. With compassionate Master's help and my mother's suggestions, I realized that this had happened because I had not been diligent in cultivation and the old forces were able to take advantage of my loopholes. I started to spend more time studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Additionally, I looked inward to eliminate my attachments; then I finally recovered.

Attachment to the Internet

In modern society, people are relying more on computers to do things. As for some young people, they could not do without computers. A few days ago, I got over a huge tribulation that had occurred due to my attachment to the Internet. Since I was admitted to graduate school, my everyday life consisted of staying in the dorm and surfing the Internet. Although I studied the Fa for a short while every day, I spend most of my time shopping, watching movies and playing games online. Moreover, the dirty messages on the Internet stuck in my head. I was aware of the fact that I should not be like this. However, after seeing that other friends in the dorm really enjoyed the Internet, I could not handle myself and simply followed them. During the winter break, when my mother pointed out this issue, I found all kinds of excuses not to get rid of this habit.

One night, when I did the second exercise with my mom, I felt that some scary force was running toward me. Then my heart was beating faster and my chest felt uncomfortable. I could not hear anything and realized that it was trying to take away my life. I could not do anything but shout, “Master!” before I fell onto the bed. I became temporarily deaf and could not hear anything but the sound of a big machine operating. Thereafter, I regained clarity and sat up to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate this interference. I had only one thought in my mind: “I am Master's disciple and I only follow Master's arrangements. I deny any other arrangements.”

I let Master take care of me and twenty minutes later, everything became fine. Later on, when I was talking to my mom, I realized my attachment to the Internet, which had been taken advantage of by the old forces. Moreover, I discovered another attachment.

Master said,

“We also have some students with a misunderstanding. They think that once they practice Falun Dafa they are assured that their physical bodies will never die.” (“An Explicit Reminder” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

In many experience sharing articles, some senior practitioners mentioned that they often faced the issue of sickness karma. I had one wrong thought in my mind, “Since those practitioners are old, they have to face the issue. For young people, like me, they do not have to be afraid of that issue.” This wrong thought had also brought on my tribulation.

Cultivation practice is an extremely serious issue. Young practitioners, do not be attached to the Internet. It is dangerous!

Attachment to saving face

Concerning the three things we are supposed to do, clarifying the truth is my weak part. In my family, my mom is a practitioner but my father is not. Due to the persecution, my family has encountered many tribulations. My mom was illegally arrested twice, and we suffered a lot financially. My father was initially very supportive, but then he turned against us. Sometimes, he even beat us. Even now, he does not allow us to mention Dafa. My mother and I know that we have not done well in explaining the facts about Dafa to my father, but we have been trying. Since my mom is very dignified, she practices cultivation openly at home. Although my father knows that I practice cultivation, I have not gotten rid of my fear to clarify the truth to him. I think it is time for me to do that. I will eliminate my fear and make our environment a righteous one.

Since I usually stay at school, I've only told the facts about Dafa to my close friends face to face. In the past few years, I have been trying to make a breakthrough. However, I've been too afraid that my friends may look at me differently. Thus, I've only talked to them about Dafa from a third-person's point of view. I still have not eliminated my selfishness.

Getting rid of the sentimentality to a boyfriend

For young practitioners, we must mention the issue of finding a boyfriend or girlfriend and getting married. On this issue, I did not do well once. One male classmate was very nice to me over the years and was almost my boyfriend. At that time, my mom was out of town. Master gave her a hint in a dream that I fell into the sea and was about to die. She realized the importance of this and returned home immediately. She helped me realize that I was attached to this boy. Through the process of cultivating my xinxing, I gradually got rid of this attachment.

Some practitioners might say that Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Young practitioners should still have families.” They say that we are practicing cultivation among everyday people, and it would not be right if we all choose not to get married. I just would like to share my understanding.

It has been really hard for us to follow Master and practice cultivation in this difficult environment amid the persecution. We have sacrificed a lot. Our mission is to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. As for personal cultivation, we should get rid of sentimentality, which is a major attachment. It is a serious test of whether we can get rid of the attachment to boyfriends or girlfriends. In such a situation, why would we take risks and be attached to sentimentality, which may be used as an excuse by the old forces to take advantage of us? No matter whether your partner is an ordinary person or a fellow practitioner, the loss is greater than the gain. If he is an ordinary person and supportive of Dafa, you may generate many attachments due to sentimentality. He may also be used to interfere with practitioners. In that case, not only would you be influenced by sentimentality, but he would also be committing a wrongdoing. If he is a fellow practitioner and you two can be more diligent in cultivation together, it is a good thing. If not, the attachments generated from sentimentality will also be an obstacle on your path of cultivation, which is not necessary.

Master has never forced us to do anything. It is our enlightenment quality that directs our behavior. I think that young practitioners should be serious on this issue and conduct themselves well. If you are old enough to get married, do not casually marry an ordinary person. If you meet a fellow practitioner, just let things happen naturally and follow Master's arrangements. Do not be too attached to this issue. Any attachment could be taken advantage of by the old forces, especially sentimentality.

The above is just my understanding, which I wanted to share with fellow practitioners, especially young practitioners. We are fortunate to be following Master in the Fa-rectification period when we are young. If we cannot do it well, we are not being responsible to either ourselves or sentient beings. We will not be worthy of Master's salvation if we do not fulfill our vows. Let's follow Master in the Fa-rectification period and return home with Master.

Please point out anything inappropriate.