(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Gong in 1995 and am now 62 years old. Many miracles have taken place over the past 15 years, and I would like to share just a few in hopes that more people will learn about Falun Dafa. At the same time I would also like to thank Master for saving my life and for taking care of me!

A Miracle Prompted me to Learn Falun Dafa

I had a strange dream in July 1995. Three old men - one with a white beard, one with a black beard and one with a red beard, came to me, presented a large book and said, "Practice cultivation. Your name is in here." I looked, and my name was indeed written in the book. I was startled awake.

In another dream the following night an old woman said to me, "Why don't you practice cultivation when you were told to do so? Go and get your book!" I was again startled awake.

Being a peasant who never went to school, I didn't know what cultivation meant, and I panicked a little. While working in the field the next day I looked around and thought, "I'll go where there's a large crowd, otherwise something unexpected might happen."

Upon returning home in the evening I saw several strangers going into neighbor Yu Zhi's home, so I also went. At Yu Zhi's home I saw the people doing exercises. They told me it was called Falun Gong. I thought, "Maybe this is cultivation." So I learned from them. I also bought a copy of the book Zhuan Falun.

After dinner I lit the kerosene lamp, opened the book and tried to read. I was incredibly frustrated with being illiterate. I hated my mother for not letting me go to school when I was young, and I started to cry. I stared at the book for a long time and then fell asleep.

I had a vivid dream. In it I saw a blackboard, and Master was writing on it. Every character emitted golden light. He read the first sentence to me, "The Buddha Fa is most profound." (Lunyu, from Zhuan Falun) I suddenly woke up, immediately opened the book and read the first sentence. I did this over and over again before falling asleep. Master taught me the second sentence...etc. This went on for three days. Master taught me Lunyu.

Bit by bit I learned to read Zhuan Falun with help from Master and fellow practitioners. As I learned more and my xinxing improved, I was cured of several illnesses including intestinal problems, stomach illnesses, and headache.

Master Saved My Life Several Times

My house was demolished in May 1996. Returning from purchases at a market one morning I ran into my uncle driving home in a horse-drawn cart. The cart was filled with crops on which eight people sat. My uncle told me to jump on board, but before I could climb onto the cart, the horse moved and the wheels ran over my feet. I collapsed onto the ground.

I remembered the story of the old woman in Zhuan Falun who was dragged by a car over a long distance and emerged without a scratch, so I thought that I must be ok, too. When I sat up, I saw my feet had turned 180 degrees. My heels were now where my toes used to be. I twisted them back into the right position, rubbed my ankles, stood up and walked a few steps. The people on the cart said, "My goodness, are you ok?" I said, "No problem. Master is protecting me!" Then I hopped on. It was close to noon when I got home, and my house was almost completely demolished. There were a lot of things inside that had not been taken out yet, so I rushed inside. Just as I was moving things from inside to the outside three bricks hit me directly on the head. I lost consciousness. After a while I came to and touched my head. There was no bump and no blood, but I felt dizzy. So I said to Master in my heart, "Master, the workers need to have lunch now, and I can't tend to them in this state." Instantly, I saw a silver-white Falun spinning above my head and could hear the wind. I looked down and saw a smaller Falun spinning on my feet. They spun for more than a minute and my head and feet then felt as if nothing had ever happened. Tears streamed down my face as I was cooking and I thought, "Master, I have too much karma, and you had to worry about me. I will cultivate well as I am infinitely grateful!"

My niece-in-law passed away in the summer of 2005. My nephew called and asked me to go and pay respects. It rained hard, and I had to wade across a stream. Usually the stream was a dry ditch, but that day it was a roaring river. I walked across it as usual. As I was approaching the other bank, two streams of water suddenly approached me. I ran a few steps forward to try to avoid it, but it was not enough time. I struggled to crawl toward shore, but the streams swirled and washed me downstream. I struggled again. Exhausted, I shouted "Master, please help me!" Right then, a miracle happened. The stream made a turn and flowed past me in a crescent shape. I used what little strength I had left to grab onto a tree branch, and managed to climb onto shore after slipping on the mud many times.

I went to a Dafa materials production site to get Minghui Weekly in 2005. I saw many papers on my way there, and I picked them up and saw they were announcements for practitioners. I delivered them to the site, picked up the newsletters and went home. After getting home, I was attacked by horrendous pain. My lower back and abdomen felt terrible pain, and I screamed while in bed. My husband called several practitioners who came over. I knew I gave the evil opportunities to persecute me while I was picking up those paper slips, since I had some bad thoughts. Practitioners sent righteous thoughts for me for a day and left.

At night, I saw my body lying flat in another dimension. My arms and legs had come off, the old wound from my C-section had burst open, my entire abdominal cavity was exposed, and my intestines had spilled outside my body. I knew the old forces had come to take my life, and I thought, "Even if I had done something wrong, Master is looking after me, and I will never allow anyone to persecute me. Those who do are committing a crime."

I then saw Master's fashen. Master waved his hand. The old wound closed, and my legs and arms returned in place. I felt I could move now. I tried slowly to get up, stand, and eat something, as I hadn't eaten in two days. I completely recovered by the third day.

Right after we left home to go shopping one day, a tricycle and a van came up on both sides of me, sandwiching me. I had no fear and simply couldn't move, as if I was frozen. Miraculously, the two vehicles stopped immediately. Since they were so close, I had a little scratch on my leg. My husband came up, and I hastily told the driver, "Hurry up and go. My husband is coming and he won't let you off. I practice Falun Dafa. Please remember 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.'" I also gave each person a Dafa pamphlet.

I hope people will not believe the CCP's lies, and truly see for themselves the wonders of Falun Dafa.