(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Chen Keren, president and general manager of online game company “Iwanzi,” is a Korean who came to Taiwan nine years ago to start his company. He barely made it through the 1997 Korean financial crisis. He subsequently launched Iwanzi, but the company failed due to the burden of heavy debt. Although he tried hard to make a comeback, he was cheated out of a large sum of money in 2006. In addition, he couldn’t solve several bottlenecks in his business. Mr. Chen began practicing Falun Dafa, and followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Despite the setbacks, his business soon prospered.

Mr. Chen Keren sends forth righteous thoughts next to Taipei 101

Mr. Chen developed his company steadily and quickly by setting Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as the spiritual basis of the company. He said, “After practicing Dafa, I have let go of the attachment of not trusting people. I trust my employees completely. I don't inquire much about the small details, and the business gets better and better. I want to spend more time clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa.”

To resist the persecution, which was initiated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on July 20, 1999, and clarify the truth about Falun Gong, Mr. Chen began using his free time to tell people the facts about the persecution.

The Taipei 101 Building is a must-see for tourists visiting Taiwan. Almost every weekend and holiday, Mr. Chen clarifies the truth to Korean and Chinese tourists on the square next to the building. He said that he wants to tell people from China about the evil persecution of Falun Gong. He goes out in all kinds of weather and even on holidays, because he thinks that tourists will miss a precious opportunity to learn the true facts if he isn’t there.

Mr. Chen started out by setting up truth-clarifying displays on the sidewalk. The site was subsequently moved near the building’s side entrance, where tourists come in an endless stream. A television has been added, and truth-clarifying DVDs are now played every weekend.

Facing Interference with Righteous Thoughts

Three months ago, a security guard often interfered with Mr. Chen's truth clarification efforts at the new site and refused to listen to the truth. The man even stood right in front of the television to keep others from watching it. Mr. Chen calmly asked the man to move away. But the man loudly claimed, “I want to watch it, too.” Mr. Chen replied, “You should watch it, but, please, don't obstruct others.” Seeing that the man had not moved, Mr. Chen moved the television aside, but the man immediately moved to again block the front of the TV screen.

Mr. Chen said to the security guard, “Taiwan is a land of freedom. People here have the right to speak and to distribute materials in public areas such as this. What you have done has already violated my right to freedom of speech. If you keep doing this, I’ll move the TV closer to the building’s main entrance.” The man replied in a loud, threatening tone, “Why not move now?” So, with the man following him, Mr. Chen really moved the TV close to the entrance. Seeing the man's angry, threatening expression, he said, “Please don't touch anything. You’ll be violating the law if you touch me or my things.” He asked his wife to make a video recording of the whole process in case evidence might be needed. The security guard followed him but did nothing else.

To keep the security guard from doing anything inappropriate, Mr. Chen asked his wife to call the police. When the police came, the security guard was dumbfounded as he watched Mr. Chen calmly report what had happened to the police. The whole incident ended peacefully.

Two days later, another practitioner told the security guard, “Mr. Chen Keren is actually the boss of an online game company. He's a wealthy businessman and has a comfortable life. Why does he voluntarily suffer hardship to come here and clarify the truth? What does he do it for? Isn’t it so people from mainland China can learn the truth about Falun Gong so they may have bright futures?” The practitioner also told the man, “Dafa has spread to over a hundred countries. It's welcomed and freely practiced all over the world except for mainland China, where it was introduced. The CCP is not only afraid of people being good, but also brutally persecutes innocent practitioners.” After understanding the situation, the security guard no longer interfered. He became very friendly and treated practitioners kindly.

Clarifying the Truth in Daily Life

When Mr. Chen recently went for a haircut, as he listened to others chatting in the barbershop, he realized that the man sitting next to him was a visitor from mainland China. He talked to the man, and they discussed many topics, from the disasters in recent years to the truth about Falun Dafa. In the end the man learned the truth, quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and repeatedly thanked Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen’s older cousin, who was nearly 50, had a wedding ceremony in 2010. Mr. Chen accompanied his 75-year-old mother back to Korea. While staying in his cousin’s house, he met his cousin’s wife's relatives and discovered that they were from mainland China. He began thinking of how to clarify the truth to them.

Seeing his heart to save them, beneficent Master made an arrangement for him. Mr. Chen encountered the sister of his cousin’s wife in the kitchen when he went there to pick up something late one afternoon. After an initial greeting he quickly started to talk about Falun Dafa. He told her that the practice is very warmly received and welcomed around the world, and that he had personally benefited a lot from practicing it. He also pointed out how the CCP persecutes Falun Gong and has ruined traditional Chinese culture and poisoned the Chinese people. He persuaded her to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Mr. Chen said, “My cousin’s wife and her sister both agreed to quit the CCP using their real names. Thank you, revered Master! This long journey is your compassionate arrangement!”

True Happiness

Mr. Chen’s son, a fourth grade student, is also a Dafa disciple who has cultivated for years. He often goes to Taipei 101 with his father and helps hold the display boards and distribute materials that describe the truth about Falun Dafa. He usually travels back to Korea and stays with his grandmother during summer and winter holidays. In the past, he often asked his grandmother to buy him things. But he changed after practicing Dafa. His grandmother called Mr. Chen and praised her grandson, saying that he is now well-behaved and sensible.

Mr. Chen said, “Before I practiced cultivation, I felt that life was full of confusion. I wanted the best of everything, because I believed life was short and I needed to have fun. However, the more I paid attention to materialism and acquiring things, the further away I was from happiness. I felt empty and constantly vexed, until I found Falun Dafa. By practicing Falun Dafa I finally came to understand what true happiness is. The benefits I gained from practicing Dafa are endless. I sincerely hope that more people learn about Dafa.”

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