(Clearwisdom.net) My mother passed away from a heart attack in April 2001, while I was away studying at a university in Beijing. Her death shocked me deeply, as we were very close.

When I returned to Beijing after the funeral, I was lying asleep one night, when I suddenly felt a kind of energy force around me. My mind was very clear when I woke up and my body seemed to be controlled by this energy. I couldn't move. I then heard my mother's voice very clearly, but I couldn't see her. She spoke about a lot of things that happened in our family since she passed away, and what she said was all correct. This really shook my view of the world. I had never believed that there were divine beings, but my mother had always believed in their existence. There is a painting of a Daoist deity in our home that she used to worship. I always thought that it was superstitious and didn't pay much attention to it. I was a stubborn person who only believed in what I could see. My belief was actually shaped by a communist education, being brainwashed by atheist ideology, which caused my unwillingness to accept things beyond what I knew or understood.

A good friend of mine who practices Falun Dafa, and who shares the same dormitory as me, gave me the book Zhuan Falun to read. When the examinations were over on June 23, 2001, I began to study the Fa and do the exercises. A week later, I witnessed the power of Dafa. I saw my body radiating a shining, golden light, and I also saw a large eye in another dimension. The eye had long curly eyelashes. It was so beautiful, and reminded me of what Master mentioned in the second lecture of Zhuan Falun.

Nine years have passed since I obtained the Fa, and I have experienced many things on my cultivation path. My master soul left my body and sat in mid air with the legs folded on top of each other, I saw the Tai-ji symbols, and other things. I've also experienced all kinds of tests from my family and people around me, targeting my attachments to fame, profit and sentimentality.

Although my husband is very close to the Fa, he is not yet a practitioner. He tried to cultivate on several occasions, but he felt it was too difficult and gave up. In the summer of 2002, after reading Zhuan Falun for a few days, he felt that only his hands existed between heaven and earth when we were both sending forth righteous thoughts. He fell asleep one time while he was reading the book, and saw two scenes from his previous lives. In one lifetime, he was a butcher. In the following lifetime, he was a poor girl whose mother was sick and had no money, and she played the violin on the streets. At that moment, he woke up and cried. In January 2005, he had pain in his lower back, so I suggested that he do the exercises with me. The pain completely disappeared a few days later. On another occasion, he was dozing off, and realized that he was a king from a very high-level realm, and he saw that the realm had become bad, which made him very sad. In 2007, he picked up Zhuan Falun again. This time, he saw the characters of Zhuan Falun in other dimensions, and he felt that Master was pouring energy into the top of his head. He saw the Falun rotating in his hand, and saw many other things. But again he failed to persist, and stopped cultivating.

My daughter is seven years old this year. I've been reading Hong Yin to her ever since she was very young, but due to my human notions I thought that she might not understand Zhuan Falun, and so didn't read it to her until she was five and a half years old. The first time we read through the book, it took three months to complete. Then her third eye opened and she saw many things. She saw Master sitting on a large lotus flower and holding a dozen Faluns in his hand, and she saw various phoenixes and dragons, as well as playful cultivated infants. She also saw divine beings in other dimensions, and evil entities being destroyed when we sent forth righteous thoughts.