(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa and became a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple ten years ago when the Chinese Communist Party was brutally persecuting Dafa. During those dark days, I felt so happy and lucky that I obtained the Fa. During the past ten years, with Teacher's benevolent protection, I have personally experienced one magnificent thing after another. I can't find enough words to describe my appreciation for Teacher saving me and my sentient beings.

Some time in 1995, I bumped into an elderly abbot in a temple on a mountain. When he saw me, he gave me a deep bow and made the heshi sign to me with both hands. He said to me, “It's so rare. It's so rare. You are not an ordinary person. In the near future, the Lord of Buddhas of the cosmos will find you. From that point on, your life will shine like the sun. In the end, you all will return to your homes in heaven. People around the world will praise you all.” After I started practicing Dafa, I came to realize that my life is for the Fa and I am a predestined Dafa disciple. This was determined a long time ago in history.

One day ten years ago, I overheard two people talking about Falun Gong. I asked immediately, “Is Falun Gong good? Is the Master of Falun Gong good? Could you lend me a Falun Gong book to read?” After getting three “yeses,” Teacher started to purify my body. One day, all my joints hurt so much that I couldn't move at all. I got well the next day. I then had bleeding in my stomach. I also got well soon after that as well. Next I seemed to get asthma. I spit out salty sputum. I got well soon again. Teacher was pushing out my sickness karma. Within seven days, my whole body was pretty much purified. Seven days later, I got the book Zhuan Falun and started my journey of cultivation.

I was born with narrow large intestines which are only as wide as my pinky. I had surgeries when I was nine years old and thirty-two years old. I always had constipation. Doctors said I would always need to take medicine for this. One day after I started to practice Dafa, it felt like my belly was full. However, I couldn't have a bowel movement. I know I am a Dafa disciple, and with Teacher and the Fa, I wasn't afraid. I didn't feel well for a week, but after that, I was OK. Still, I hadn't had a bowel movement. But my heart wasn't moved. I continued with my personal life and work. I just started to track the days. Forty days in total! After that, I was completely well like everyone else. Dafa is so supernormal.

I own a small store. The sun was very strong one day, so I set up a huge umbrella, and put a big rock at the bottom of it. Later when I tried to fold it up, the big rock suddenly rolled over and hit my left foot. The nail of my big toe was pulled off. There was a large wound and it bled badly. My neighbor saw this, and she hurried off to go buy bandages. When she came back, the bleeding had stopped. After one night I saw the wound, which was red and swelling and I thought, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. It shouldn't be like this.” Then I went to bed. The next day when I got up, I was shocked. I saw the nail right there on my toe. The nail looked just like before, only it looked more pink. The wound had disappeared. When my neighbor saw it, she repeatedly said, “Magic, magic.”

I once set up a ladder to the attic. As I climbed up, the iron ladder slid and I fell. There was a very thick iron rod next to the ladder, and the ladder broke the iron rod into two pieces. Yet I was sitting there just fine. My feet were under the ladder but they were totally fine.

Another time, I was riding my electric bike down a steep hill. Suddenly a large bus dashed towards me. I tried to put on the brakes, but the brakes failed. My bike passed by the bus very closely then hit a wall. At that moment, I didn't know what had happened. However, I found myself standing behind my bike. The main frame of the bike was broken in half.

One day I was passing by a construction area. A steel pipe that is used to set up the scaffolding suddenly dropped from high above. It fell down towards me. People on the sidewalk were all shocked and cried out, “Ah!” I looked up, the three-meter-long steel pipe almost hit me. At that time, magically, the pipe moved away about half a meter. It fell near my hand at full speed. I felt it touch me very gently. Out of instinct, I lifted my hand and pushed the pipe away another three meters.

I know that our benevolent Teacher was watching and protecting me from these dangers and disasters.