Learn the Practice

I started practicing Falun Gong in 2003 and have not doubted it since. I did not obtain the Fa as did many practitioners who became excited and elated because they knew that they had found what they had been looking for all their lives. When I obtained the Fa, I felt like it was natural, as if it was supposed to be that way. It felt like the Fa had never left me and had always been there. I know that Teacher had planted the seed in me so that I could obtain the Fa long ago and that Dafa was rooted deeply in my heart. I couldn't forget it after living countless lives.

In 1994 when I was in middle school, one afternoon I saw a ball of light above my head and it elicited a familiar, albeit strange, feeling inside me. It was there for about an hour and no one saw it but me. Since then, balls of light and Faluns have appeared in many of the pictures that I took. I didn't know that those were Faluns back then and thus, I did not carefully store those pictures.

I started reading "Zhuan Falun" in 1995 after my mother introduced the book to me. I read only a few pages during that time but I often introduced my classmates and friends to the book. I even bought the book for a few of them. In 1998, it took me a year to finish Zhuan Falun. I read all of Teacher's other lectures, including some of them many times. I was especially interested in topics discussing the universe and never doubted anything in the lectures, as if everything was supposed to be that way in my mind.

After the persecution started in 1999, although I wasn't a practitioner yet, I helped my mother distribute truth clarification materials. In 2003, I read Teacher's lecture "Touring North America to Teach the Fa" in which Teacher said,

"The reason is, that gigantic cosmic body is below you, it's almost like your body, because that's how gigantic you are. There are countless sentient beings and countless cosmic firmaments inside there. Your cultivation determines whether those gigantic groups of beings are good or bad, and whether they can be kept or not!"

This paragraph lingered in my mind for a long time. I had one thought, "If I don't practice and don't return to the world from which I came, then sentient beings in my world will not be saved." After that, I decided to practice.

Teacher's Grace

Everything that has happened has shown me Teacher's careful protection and His immense compassion and grace.

In 2005, I was arrested the day after I was engaged to be married. Later, I left home and was arrested again and put into a detention center. I got married soon after I was released. My husband is very supportive of Dafa, and I thanked Teacher for this arrangement. My husband has suffered a lot because the persecution has never stopped. He didn't leave me, but instead helped me and insisted on marrying me.

When I was three months pregnant, I found out that I had severe anemia. My doctor suggested that I get an abortion. I was scared, but my mother, a practitioner, told me to to have faith in Teacher and the Fa, and everything would be fine. I told my husband, "I am a practitioner and it is clear that I can't have an abortion. I won't take medicine or receive any treatment. We will be fine." My husband went along. I said to Teacher, "I will trust Teacher with our lives and will listen to Teacher's arrangement. I will deny the old forces' arrangement."

I insisted on doing the three things well as usual. When I was six months pregnant, the doctor told me during my checkup that my anemia had become a lot better. Nine months into the pregnancy, I was 2 percent away from being normal. On the day of the baby's delivery, my blood test results said I no longer had anemia. Everyone in the family was shocked by this, and a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby girl was born. I didn't produce any milk for the first couple of days, but I did the sitting meditation on the third day and afterwards I was able to produce milk. I produced enough milk for the baby for over a year.

Continuing to Rectify Myself to Better Validate the Fa

I decided to memorize the Fa this year. The outcome has been great because it has enabled me to cultivate my xinxing solidly.

I need to have strong will every single time I need to pass a test. Afterwards, I can always feel Teacher's caring and meticulous arrangements. Later, I was able to pass the tests myself. I try not to overlook even small tests, and I have insisted on memorizing the Fa. Gradually, I am able to look inward naturally. Teacher gave me hints a few times in my dreams and encouraged me. After that, I passed some very difficult tests, and I felt that the ordeals had been nothing to begin with.

I know that I will continue to walk the road of a practitioner until Consummation. Recently I have been in a blissful state--being able to practice, saving sentient beings, and returning to where I have come from. In front of me is an ultimately beautiful and bright road.