(Clearwisdom.net) On February 1, it poured rain all day in NY. It was also cold. However, the weather did not deter the audience from coming to Radio City Music Hall to enjoy the Chinese New Year Splendor by the Divine Performing Arts. The wonderful performances made them forget the gloominess of the weather. Thunderous applause and cheers from the audience became louder and longer as the show went on, and the resounding drumbeats took the show to its finale, dispelling the dark clouds over Manhattan and paving the way for the contented spectators to head home in the pleasant, crisp evening.

Mrs. Liang is a loyal fan of the Divine Performing Arts (Photo by Gao Ling / The Epoch Times)

Mrs. Liang Liang, a former businesswoman, was waiting for her daughter in the lobby. When approached by a reporter, she could hardly contain her enthusiasm about the show. "It's fantastic. I felt so happy watching the show that I came back to see it again. I also saw the show last year and the year before. I saw it yesterday and came to see it again today. It is truly wonderful, excellent! My daughter also brought her American boss to come and see the show. Last year, all six people in my family came."

Before she could finish, her friend chimed in, "It is so moving and inspiring. Everything, from the costumes to the dances, the music and the stories and the drums. I cannot describe in words just how magnificent they were. I'm so happy that NTDTV has offered us such an absolutely wonderful opportunity to celebrate the New Year with such nobility and inspiration!"

Mrs. Liang's joy and excitement were infectious, and everyone around her echoed her feelings. She held the reporter's hands and shook them warmly, "The show is fantastic. Thank you, thank you so much!"