(Clearwisdom.net) Unusually balmy weather and the recently renovated Civic Opera House greeted Chicagoans who were treated to the first show of the Divine Performing Arts New York Company on the afternoon of Saturday, December 27.

"Beautiful, exciting," said Mrs. Bigg, a social worker, who enjoyed "the positive message so hard to find in these cynical times. The costumes were so beautiful and the dances entirely synchronized."

Her husband, Mr. Bigg, director of a non-for-profit organization, was "pleasantly surprised."

Brought by his wife to see the show, he said he loved how integrated the show was.

"The Western and Eastern instruments and music, how the themes were integrated with the dances, and how the projections on the backdrops were integrated with the performance" were the things he liked about the show. "I've never seen anything like this before. It's like a whole new generation of technology is being used here without taking away from the humanity of it."

"Yes," his wife agreed. "The human side wasn't lost."

Young children were among the enthusiastic audience members.

Ms. Campbell, with her family down from Eauclaire, Wisconsin, simply said, "We're really enjoying it."

Ms. Marcus, an engineer, thought it was interesting how the underlying themes of compassion and dignity were brought out, as well as those of the persecution in China. "Everything was blended together well," she said. "The Western and Chinese aspects of it blended well, too."

Link: http://en.epochtimes.com/n2/content/view/9212/