Greetings, Master!

Greetings, fellow disciples!

I am here to report to respected Master and share with fellow practitioners about disciples in our village doing the three things.

I. New and Veteran Disciples Diligently Advance Together through Group Fa-study

Most of the disciples in our village obtained the Fa between 1997-1998. Nearly 20 of us did group exercises daily, and had a group Fa study every other day. We strictly disciplined ourselves, the majority reached a state of being illness free, and we were well received by other people in the village. There were a few who quit cultivating after the persecution began in 1999, but 14 of us have steadily persevered through the persecution up to today.

The persecution resulted in us losing our group Fa-study and exercise environment. In the autumn of 2002, we resumed weekly group Fa-study in an elderly practitioner's home. Her husband does not cultivate, but very willingly allowed us to use their home. We were immersed in Buddha's grand grace once again. We cultivated together.

People see disciples' healthy appearance, and we clarify the truth to them non-stop. There have been new practitioners joining us. Our group Fa-study developed from once a week to every five days. Plus, new practitioners formed a daily group Fa study led by a veteran practitioner. The new practitioners solidly believe in Master and Dafa. Four of them are illiterate, but they follow along when reading the books during group Fa-study. Soon one of them could read Zhuan Falun, and now two more can catch each character when others read. We have six new practitioners joining in doing the three things now.

Fellow disciples look inside whenever they across conflicts. And now, not only do we help others look inside, we can look inside ourselves when others meet with problems. Therefore, frictions between practitioners are reduced, our one body has upgraded, and at the same time, we negate the old forces' arrangements. Of course, we did meet with interference to our group Fa-study. Practitioner A had severe sickness tests. Each time, our group upgraded on the Fa, enabling our group Fa-study to be sustained steadily to the present time.

II. Rectifying the Cultivation Environment by Clarifying the Truth in Our Village

We gradually began clarifying the truth in our village after resuming group-Fa study. The first time we printed flyers with an oil hand roller. We were arrested and took a detour. Later, practitioners in the city provided us with materials. Finally we established our own materials production center. Most people learned the truth and the village heads protected us. The current Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary told us, “If the higher ups plan to harm you, I will let you know ahead of time.” The security officer is directly under the local 610 Office. He read many copies of Dafa books in 2003-2004, and his son and daughter-in-law joined cultivation in 2009. He quit the CCP. The truth-clarification efforts enabled us to have a good environment. People all know we have a group Fa-study, since we have lots of people joining in, and they all know that Dafa is good. This is one of the reasons why our group has endured.

III. Saving the Surrounding Sentient Beings

The nearby towns and villages had no practitioners; hence, we shouldered the responsibility to save them. We expanded our distribution of materials to the nearby four towns, and we plan to expand to one more remote town in the mountains. We normally go during the evenings until late at night. We like to hear the dogs bark, because in some villages more than half the houses are empty, so a dog barking means their owner needs to be saved. We are not scared even when dogs bark together. We do not think we are in danger, because we are dignified Dafa disciples, and we are the only hope for sentient beings to be saved. Our xinxing has elevated in the process of saving people.

IV. Face to Face Truth Clarification and Distributing Shen Yun DVDs

We started passing out Shen Yun DVDs and clarifying the truth face to face two years ago. We had been doing very well in our own village, and we formed two- or three-person groups that went to neighboring markets last year. This year, we went twice to large markets. A new practitioner who distributed Shen Yun DVDs for the first time told us, “I am so happy to distribute Shen Yun DVDs. I took this step finally.” Practitioners saw her pure heart to save people and smiled. We often share our experiences of saving people face to face.

With Master and Dafa here, we hold firm in our beliefs. Master's infinite grace brings us immense joy, and we will cultivate better and better.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow disciples!