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Getting Out of the Forced Labor Camp

The evil factors from Masanjia Forced Labor Camp came here to sabotage the Fa. I told practitioners not to listen to them. The guards were very angry and arranged for other people to watch over me. I was then transferred to the Second Team, which was a team specializing in monitoring Falun Gong practitioners. In that team there were many collaborators, but it didn't bother me. Neither did I do any work. I asked practitioners to study the Fa together. A practitioner from Chaozhou City was able to recite the Fa while he was doing work. Some very determined practitioners did the meditation while the police dragged them along the concrete floor and their bottoms bled heavily. One practitioner learned that the police dragged me too, but I asked him not to mention it because every practitioner was different.

I once saw a person in the labor camp who was unable to move and lay on his stomach. He looked miserable. A bad thought then came to my mind, “Why was he like that? What if I couldn't move?” One day I was unable to move all of a sudden and my lower body was numb. It was very painful, I couldn't urinate, and I had other serious symptoms. I was dragged away to be given an IV. I said to Master in my heart, “Master, I don't want to have an IV. Please take it away in the other dimension.” Master indeed took it away for me and the drips didn't enter my body. I recited the Fa while the policewoman was dozing off. I said to myself, “How is it that I have cultivated to a state in which other people watch over me?”

I felt sad and said to Master that I wanted to go home. I then saw the number 11. But I was not sure if it was Master who really wanted me to leave there. I said to Master, “If you want me to leave, please press my head.” I felt my head being pressed, but I was fearful that it might be a fake Master. So I said again, “Is it Master Li Hongzhi? If it is not, please do not press my head.” Master pressed my head again. I jumped to my feet and stood in front of the policewoman. She was frightened and asked why I stood up. I said, “Master wanted me to stand up. Did you see the number 11? Doesn't this indicate that I should be let go?” She asked what we should do. I said that we should leave and go to sleep.

Many people and some practitioners thought I was pretending. But the police said that I was not pretending because I didn't feel any pain even when needles were poked into my feet. I couldn't sleep and got up early the next day before the trumpet sounded that signaled it was time to get up. I went outside and saw that the sky was beautiful with many Faluns and dragons. I woke everyone up to come and see the sky. Some practitioners also saw the scene. The policewoman came as well, but she couldn't see anything.

I didn't want to stay in the labor camp any longer after one year of detention there, yet I was sentenced to two years. I said to Master that I wanted to go. Master told me that I was able to leave. No one ever imagined that I could go. They said, “You don't conform (meaning I didn't give up my belief and didn't listen to the guards). Several inmates watch over you. How can you escape?” But somehow I was on the early-release list, and was released one year early.

Attaining the Dao

In the forced labor camp, a practitioner whose celestial eye was open saw that my bed was very beautiful and shining with golden lights. Other beds were full of snakes and bad things. She came to sleep in my bed while I meditated. Master lifted me to other dimensions that were full of fairy music, flowers, and many other things, as well as things that I had cultivated. I saw myself as a Daoist. It was extremely beautiful but I was not in a mood to enjoy it. I looked at Master. Master didn't smile at me. He had tears and I cried too. Master was expressionless, and said, “You have cultivated to such a level that you have many 卍. Please count them. Are you satisfied?” I was so thrilled that I was not able to count. Master said, “You are already good enough. You have gone through so many hardships. So many sentient beings were touched by you. Do you want to stop cultivation?” I said, “Master, I don't like these arms and legs. I didn't like them even long ago. This is still a human body. I want to cultivate to a level without any form.” Master said, “Okay.” Bang! I was pushed down and returned to the forced labor camp again.

Every minute I was happy with a smile on my face. I smiled at everyone. The guards liked to talk to me. After I was released from the forced labor camp, I went back to see the policewoman and requested that my ID be returned. I talked to her happily. They explained to me that I previously worked in the railway department and I could go anywhere, or stay in any hotel without an ID card.

Cultivating from the Very Beginning Again

While sitting in meditation this time, my body was very tense and my leg wouldn't stay down even in half lotus. I tried very hard to put the other leg on top of the first one, to be in full lotus, and as a result I broke my leg. After I was in the position, I was in such pain that I could hardly bear it. I saw that Master was behind me and actually bearing it for me. I only bore a little bit but Master bore most of it for me. When Master was sitting in meditation, big drops of sweat were rolling down his face, but Master was still smiling. When I saw that Master was bearing so much for me and bore it with such ease, I kept forbearing--sitting in meditation for three hours. Seen from another dimension, my feet looked like they were burning so fiercely that they were like charcoal.

Starting to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts

When I read the first sentence in Master's new lecture “Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference” in the book Guiding the Voyage, where Master said “It's been a long time,” I cried. As soon as I was released from the forced labor camp in July 2001, I started to send forth righteous thoughts diligently. Sending righteous thoughts is one of the three things Master requires us to do.

I returned to Shenzhen and went to see the assistant at my practice site. She was paid off by the police and had become an agent, but we didn't know this. Many of us even thought she was very good and followed her. She told me where there was a big banner slandering Falun Gong at a theater which was about to put on a slanderous show. I said to her that we should send righteous thoughts to eliminate it. She asked me to go to the show first and she would go later. When I arrived at the theater, I saw the big words on the banner and underneath were messy things. I stood there and recited the righteous thoughts verses out loud. Practitioners came and told me that they could hear me far away. They said I shouldn't shout like this, and that this wasn't the way to send righteous thoughts. I told them that I had dissolved many evil beings. I was looking for a ladder to take down the banner but couldn't find one. I then sat down and sent righteous thoughts quietly. I saw that the banner was destroyed in other dimensions and the show was not put on.

I followed Master's hint and went to the police department to send righteous thoughts. I spoke the righteous thoughts verses loudly. At the time I didn't know how to send righteous thoughts correctly, but I felt that the verses were very powerful and full of energy. The energy had eliminated many, many evil elements. The verses were so good and I found that Dafa was so powerful.

In the Forced Labor Camp for the Second Time

The persecution in Guangxi Province was very severe at the time, and practitioners couldn't obtain Dafa materials. We had large materials centers where we were and had produced large quantities of Dafa books, Master's new lectures, and truth-clarifying materials. We sent boxes and boxes of materials to Guangxi. One day two practitioners and I brought a lot of materials to Guangxi. We gave them out and left a small amount at the local practice site. Master gave me the hint that I should leave the other two practitioners, but I didn't want to. As a result, the three of us were arrested and sent to the Education Section of Guangxi Forced Labor Camp. One practitioner with a small child was transferred to a brainwashing center, but she managed to escape. She went to Shenzhen and told my family of my situation. They didn't know what had happened until then. I was sentenced to three years of forced labor, from January 2002 to January 2005.

The forced labor camp categorized practitioners into two kinds, “transformed” and “not given up their belief.” They were locked up in separate cells. Practitioners who didn't give up Falun Gong were locked up with those who had been “transformed” for one month. If they didn't give up Falun Gong, they were forced to stay there, otherwise they were sent back to their previous cells. I was locked up in the “transformed” cell, and some practitioners thought that I was “transformed.”

The guards ordered me to write a report. The first time I wrote “Falun Dafa is good.” They asked me to write the report again. I thought that perhaps I wasn't determined enough in my belief, so this time I wrote in more detail. The guards made me to write it again, a third time. I thought the guards might not completely know the truth yet so I wrote it more clearly. By the end, I had written about Dafa nine times. The guards finally understood.

They wanted to release me, but were not able to do it in an aboveboard manner. So they always left the door open. But I didn't want to leave. There were many evil elements in Guangxi. Master hadn't come to Guangxi to hold classes. The practitioners I came to know there didn't obtain the Fa until 1998. I found that there were a lot of messy elements there, and I preferred stay there to eliminate the evil. I had been kept in the Education Section for a long time. Master let me do Fa-rectification in other dimensions. Often times when sleeping at night, my yuanshen (primordial spirit) left my body and eliminated a lot of evil. My yuanshen can do many things. At the time I was released from the forced labor camp, I had cultivated to the level of “without any form.” Master transformed me to be a big lotus flower.

Helping Fellow Practitioners

In the forced labor camp, the guards often used TV and radio programs to persecute Dafa practitioners. I sent righteous thoughts and the TV and the radio stopped working. The officers were not able to repair them.

My celestial eye saw that a practitioner was handcuffed on a long term basis. I sent righteous thoughts and the handcuffs in the other dimension fell open. It continued like this three times. That practitioner still had many human attachments and kept complaining about others. I asked the inmate who watched over me to take me to her. She said she wouldn’t do it. I told her that I would say only two sentences. I went there and said to the practitioner, “Tonight the handcuffs will open but in your heart you must think of the three words 'Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance' and nothing else. You must keep saying 'Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance' in your heart.” She finally passed the xinxing test and was no longer in handcuffs. The evil just wanted her to pass the test. It persecuted her until she recognized and abandoned the attachment.

One day in a dream I was walking in front of others and jumped into water. The person following me jumped in as well. I was not concerned with any bad creatures I saw. I kept swimming until I went ashore. Another practitioner had the same dream as well. She told me that the night before, she had jumped off with me but couldn’t see me after a while. She said I was swimming very fast. I told her that we had passed a big test that night. I got along with her quite well. One day this practitioner was tortured and could no longer move her legs. She was vomiting too, and people wanted to send her to the hospital. She shouted, “Who dares to move me? I want [Jinglian] to come to see me.” I was told of her situation and went to see her. I went wherever I wanted to go, even though an inmate was watching over me. But I disregarded her. I went there quickly. Even the guards couldn’t catch me. Upon seeing her, I told her not to move and to send righteous thoughts. I also sent righteous thoughts for her, and she soon recovered. Another practitioner was also having tribulations and asked me to see her. I went to see her and she also recovered quickly.

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