Name: Ren Suying (任素英)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Address: Jianchangying Village, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
April 19, 2011
Most recent place of detention
: Wengniuteqi Wudan Detention Center (翁牛特旗乌丹看守所)
City: Chifeng
Inner Mongolia
Persecution Suffered
: Slapped on the face with a shoe, interrogation by torture, brutal beatings, electric shocks, bamboo inserted under fingernails, detention, illegal trial, etc.

( The Wengniuteqi Court of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, tried Falun Gong practitioner Ren Suying from Jianchangying Village, Yuanbaoshan District on November 1, 2011, at 10:00-11:00 a.m. A lawyer from Beijing defended her.

Ms. Ren was taken away by three police officers from the Xinhua Street Wudan Township of Wengniuteqi early on the morning of April 19, 2011. At the time, two officers suddenly came up and held her down on the ground. Ms. Ren was wearing a camouflage outfit with running shoes with rubber soles. Liu Caijun, the captain of the Wengniuteqi National Security unit, took off Ms. Ren’s shoes and repeatedly hit her face with her own shoe. They then took her to Wengniuteqi Wudan Police Bureau in Chifeng City for further interrogation. Ms. Ren was pressured to admit that she, along with fellow practitioners, went to Wudan Township to disseminate printed material. She was also pressured to reveal the names of the other practitioners.

Because Ms. Ren refused to cooperate, Liu Caijun and the others beat her, shocked her with electric batons, inserted bamboo under her fingernails, punched her in the head and neck, kicked her, struck her her with water bottles, etc. She was black and blue all over.

Torture reenactment: Electric shock

Torture reenactment: Inserting bamboo under the fingernails

Liu later sent Ms. Ren to Wengniuteqi Wudan Detention Center. On several occasions, the police brought Ms. Ren out for further interrogation and beat her severely. She was once handcuffed to a chair for seven days and nights. Ms. Ren passed out during the seven days, and when she woke up she was still handcuffed to the chair. They had piled a bunch of stuff on her that she had never seen before, the so-called “criminal evidence” fabricated by the police. Officer Liu Caijun ordered Ms. Ren to admit that the objects belonged to her. She refused, and was subjected to another round of interrogation and torture by Liu Caijun (Tel: 13722163966), Zhang Ruidong, Yang Fenglin, and others. Ms. Ren still has many scars and injuries, evidence of the cruel torture. She has now been detained for over 190 days.

During her trial in the Wongniuteqi Court, several police officers terrorized those present, walking around the courtroom with electric batons in their hands. When they saw that too many of Ms. Ren’s family members and other audience members planned to attend the trial, they delayed the proceedings from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. They also didn't dare to use a formal courtroom. Instead they hastily cleaned up an office and allowed only six of her next of kin to enter the “courtroom.” They body-searched these family members and checked their personal IDs, keeping everyone else outside room.

During the trial, Ms. Ren’s lawyer rejected the charges brought forth by the public prosecutor and claimed that Ms. Ren was innocent. All the purported “evidence” presented by the public prosecutor to frame Ms. Ren was discounted by the lawyer, piece by piece. All evidence and testimonies were proven groundless. Ms. Ren also pleaded not guilty and defended herself. All of Ms. Ren’s relatives were enraged by the Wongniuteqi Police Bureau’s underhanded measures of using entirely forged evidence to come up with unfounded charges, attempting to frame Ms. Ren.

At first, the public prosecutor claimed that all of the “Falun Dafa Is Good” and “Heaven Destroys the CCP” banners in town were put up by Ms. Ren. The lawyer retorted, “On the way here I saw banners like these everywhere in the country. Even now you have a banner at the front gate of the court building saying “Heaven Destroys the CCP.” Did my client put that one up, too?” The public prosecutor was speechless.

The prosecutor also charged Ms. Ren for hindering enforcement of the law using the organization of an evil cult. This was also righteously and sternly rejected by Ms. Ren. She said, “Nowhere in the Constitution or Criminal Law statutes does it stipulate that Falun Gong is an evil cult.” She also charged policeman Liu Caijun, who was present in the courtroom, for cruelly beating and torturing her, and that the scars and injuries she sustained were still visible. When Ms. Ren wanted to show them, the judge stopped her instantly.

Finally, as the lawyer was defending Ms. Ren's innocence, the judge adjourned the trial, with the judgement to be made at a later date. Because this was an illegal trial, they didn't dare to allow the lawyer to continue his defence speech, which was why the judge called for a hasty adjournment.

It was apparent that all the so-called “evidence” brought against Ms. Ren by the public prosecutor was groundless. Ms. Ren is innocent and should be immediately released without conditions.

Ms. Ren’s family is now suing police officer Liu Caijun. The indictment has been submitted to the Chifeng People’s Procuratorate.

We hope that people outside of China give this matter attention.

Members of the trial committee known to be involved in the Ms. Ren's case:

Yang, Jincheng, judge: +86-476-6336022, +86-476-2300969, +86-13947664169 (Cell)
Cui, Yuxin, judge: +86-476-6336025, +86-476-6320216
Xie, Feifei, judge: +86-476-6336025, +86-13848975766
Yu, Fengxin, secretary general of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of the Wengniuteqi Court
Chen, Lixin, head of Wengniuteqi Court: +86-476-6336059, +86-476-8361827, +86-13500661776

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