Dear Master,
Dear Dafa practitioners,

I very luckily started practicing Dafa in the spring of 1998. I have always believed in Master and Dafa ever since the day I started to practice. My physical body has undergone great changes: all the diseases I suffered went away and I really experience the ease of being free from sickness. I firmly believe in Master and Dafa.

On July 20, 1999, the evil suddenly arrived and the very good Dafa was vilified and persecuted. My husband (also a practitioner) and I went to Beijing to petition the government for the right to practice. At the Yantai Railway Station ticket office, we were told that tickets to Beijing were not for sale. We hurried to the bus station, but the police waiting there stopped us and we had to watch the bus drive off. Suddenly we had an idea: we took a taxi and asked the driver to catch up with the bus. We successfully caught the bus. During the trip, we silently recited Hong Yin. We were preoccupied with the thought of rectifying the Fa and fear never occurred to us.

After arriving in Beijing, we did not know the way, so we had to keep asking which way to go as we walked. We walked for hours. Our socks wore out, and we got blisters on our feet. Through blood and pain, we continued by reciting the Fa the whole way. When we arrived at Tiananmen Square, we were captured by the police before we had chance to do anything. We were sent to our hometown and detained. We were later transferred to our local town and the detention continued. Everyone was fined 2000 yuan and forced to submit 2000 yuan as a deposit. My husband and I were robbed of 8000 yuan in total.

The contrast of the rampant evil illustrates the greatness of Dafa. After experiencing this incident, we were not discouraged but became more determined in practicing Dafa.

I started sending forth righteous thoughts beginning in 2001 and never miss sending righteous thoughts at the four appointed hours. Moreover, as long as my mind is free, I send righteous thoughts whenever I am walking, working, etc. For hanging Dafa banners, we gave the sites nearby to senior practitioners and went to sites far away ourselves. Sometimes we had to walk five to ten kilometers away. We kept on sending righteous thoughts as we walked. One night when we went out to hang Dafa banners, it suddenly became very windy. It was very difficult to hang the banners with the strong wind, but we didn't give up. After we finished, we thought it must be close to midnight. However, when we arrived home, it was only half past nine. We knew that Master was helping us.

Around 2003, we lacked truth-clarification materials. Practitioners brought the Minghui Weekly publications from another city only once in a while, even though several issues of Minghui Weekly were published in the meantime. To catch up with Master's Fa-rectification process, to allow practitioners to read Minghui Weekly in time, and to let the world know the truth about the persecution of Dafa disciples, we decided to make the materials ourselves. With the help of other practitioners, we set up a material center in our home. From scratch, our material center started to operate. From printing just the Minghui Weekly Journal and Minghui Weekly Newspaper to printing self-adhesive materials, from burning truth-clarification discs to making amulets(1), we experienced various difficulties and worked hard. Finally we became more and more experienced and it ran smoothly.

Initially, we focused on making materials and ignored cultivation, so we often had problems with the printer, like printing blank sheets, jamming, and blurred text. After studying the Fa and reading experience sharing articles, we improved our understanding and upgraded our xinxing. We realized that making materials could not replace cultivation, but in this process, we could improve our xinxing from different perspectives as long as we kept studying the Fa and looking inward. Thereafter, we kept our thoughts pure and righteous when making materials, and our materials were neat and of good quality. If a problem came up, we cultivated inward and could always find our shortcomings. After our xinxing improved, every problem disappeared.

During the 2008 Olympic Games, the authorities blocked the Internet. We didn’t admit this arrangement and overruled them completely. My husband and I strengthened our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. At the same time we studied the Fa in peace. With Master's blessing, we connected to the Internet easily and downloaded updated, anonymous surfing software in time, which we gave to other practitioners as well. We knew that whatever difficulties we encountered, as long as we believe the Fa and Master, as long as we keep our thoughts pure and right, there is nothing we cannot overcome.

Once when I was cutting the printed amulets, I cut from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. A voice came into my head, saying, “You really took too much trouble.” I replied, “No trouble at all. Work related to Dafa can never be trouble.” We never delayed making materials. Sometimes we’d rather push back the farm work than delay sending materials to practitioners. To make a box of amulets (500 pieces of paper included), we had to work on it for several days. We let the printer run continuously. For the farm work, my husband worked in the morning and I worked in the afternoon. By doing so, we could finish the amulets as quickly as possible without letting the farm go under. One year, on December 27th of the Chinese calendar, another practitioner told me that he needed some amulets for distribution in the coming Chinese New Year. The children happened to be home on winter vacation, so the entire family was dedicated to making the amulets. All the amulets were finished on December 29th. The practitioner was very surprised, “How fast!” Yes, it’s true: for things related Dafa, they can always be realized as long as you wish it, since Dafa and Master are almighty

After the movement to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started, because I didn't know how to type, I always had to send the list of resignations to other practitioners who could type, and they sent to it the Epochtimes website. This went on for years. One day I suddenly realized that this was not right and that we should alleviate the workload on other practitioners. I should send the list myself. So I started to learn Pinyin and how to type on the computer.

It took a lot of effort to learn to type. I only learned small letters when I studied English in elementary school, and the letters on the keyboard are all capital letters, so I even had to learn the letters. For other keys on the keyboard, I often remembered the function of one but forgot another. Finally, one day, I could type the list. However, I forgot the functions of some keys, so I could not separate the texts into lines. After a long time, I still failed and had to send the list to another practitioner again. Later, under the repeated guidance of my children, I finally mastered the functions of the different keys. When I typed the resignations list the next time, I succeeded in a short time. I was so happy I did not know how to express my thanks to Master.

More than a decade of ups and downs has made me, this little flower, more beautiful. More than a decade of hardships and successes has made me more steady. More than a decade of persecution has made me more convinced about Master and Dafa. What I've done is not earth-shattering, but I have had a sincere heart in believing in Dafa and Master. I've kept reminding myself: I am a practitioner and I follow Dafa principles in doing everything. I want nothing for cultivation and contribute everything for Fa rectification. I want to become more steady and move faster on the path of cultivation. I hope I will vigorously advance along with fellow practitioners and return home with Master as soon as possible. This is my personal experience. If there is anything inappropriate, please correct me. Heshi.

Note: (1) Amulets – In China, practitioners sometimes "clarify the truth" by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.