(Clearwisdom.net) Fellow practitioner Mr. Xiao Ting was released in August 2011 from a forced labor camp. We then shared at our local Fa-study group whether or not he should ask the police to return the money and identification cards they had confiscated. Teacher said in “What is a Dafa Disciple,”

“When I say that Dafa disciples are extraordinary, it is because in a period such as this they have come to save sentient beings, help Master rectify the Fa, and fulfill the mission that each is to personally fulfill—and that is what truly makes you extraordinary.”

After we studied this article, we agreed that Mr. Xiao should ask the police to return all of the money and personal items that were confiscated. We wanted to use this opportunity to clarify the truth to the officers involved in persecuting him.

During that time, every practitioner sent righteous thoughts and posted truth-clarification materials at or sent letters to the police station, while some phoned the station. In mid-September, an older practitioner accompanied Mr. Xiao to the police station and over a dozen other practitioners went to areas near the station to send righteous thoughts.

At the police station, the two practitioners explained to the officer on duty why they were there. One of the officers said, “There were [truth-clarification] words written on the bills so they have been destroyed.” The older practitioner replied, “Destroy renminbi (Chinese money)? You don't have the right to do that. If you really did that, then it was a loss to our national economy. It was 1,800 yuan, not just a few dozen.” The officer knew he was in the wrong, so he said, “You can go to the second floor to talk to our political instructor.”

When the practitioners found political instructor Sun, he tried to avoid talking to them, saying that the chief of the police was having a study session out of town and he wasn't directly involved in Mr. Xiao's case. However, when he mentioned that the money had been destroyed, the older practitioner again emphasized that the police had no right to destroy the money, and that they had broken the law while in charge. Mr. Xiao then told how he was inhumanly tortured in the police station, the detention center, and the forced labor camp during his one-year detention. Furthermore, he wasn't able to take care of his mother when she was sick. When their home was ransacked, his mother was so traumatized that she passed away two months after he was arrested. The older practitioner also told Sun, “You know what the local elderly people are saying? They say nowadays it is not easy to be a good person! Xiao Ting is a kindhearted kid and would give a helping hand to anyone who was in need. It's hard to understand why a good person like him was sent to a forced labor camp. Now the police are locking up good people.”

After listening to both practitioners, Sun became kinder. He asked them to excuse him for a while because he needed to call the police chief. After the call, he told the them that he would deal with the issue by the end of the week or early the next week.

After they left the police station, the practitioners continued to send righteous thoughts so that the officers would know the truth about Falun Gong and be saved at this critical moment in history. On Friday, the older practitioner called the police station to inquire about the situation and was told that they had an appointment on Monday with an officer Shi. The older practitioner was a bit worried after the phone conversation because he knew that officer Shi was the one who severely beat Mr. Xiao during his detention. He wasn't sure how Mr. Xiao would react. However, Mr. Xiao said, “I do not hate him at all, but hope that the police will not generate any more karma because of their altitude toward Dafa, and that they will still have a chance to be saved. We have Teacher's compassionate care, and the path we take is arranged by Teacher.”

On Monday, the practitioner accompanied Mr. Xiao to the the police station again. They didn't hurry to go to their appointment after arriving at the police station, but sent righteous thoughts first, while other practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts outside the station.

Sun came downstairs and said, “Yes, I asked you guys to come. Old Shi is on leave. Come on in!” After the practitioners entered, Sun emotionally said, “I understand you and also sympathize with you, so there is no need for you to say more. Just go home and live your life. Don't come here anymore.” He then phoned downstairs to ask them to bring Mr. Xiao's things up. While opening Mr. Xiao's bag, Sun went on to say, “This is the most I can do. I hope you can understand.” He then took out a cell phone, several truth-clarification brochures, two amulets(1) and a list of names of people who'd quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Sun asked what it was and what was it for. Mr. Xiao told him that it was the hope of those people and those on the list had been saved. Sun didn't say anything, but the practitioners could see he was thinking.

As Mr. Xiao collected his things and thanked him, Sun said, “I am actually quite good. This is not my case. You must understand.” Both practitioners told him that persecuting or not persecuting practitioners is the dividing line between kindness and evil. They also told him that heaven is watching what people are doing and that practitioners are saving sentient beings. Sun then politely bid them farewell.

After this incident, the practitioners had a better understanding of Teacher's compassionate care and the power of sending righteous thoughts as one body. During the process, they met the requirements of the one body as they took others' issue as their own and there was only one thought in their minds—to save people. They didn't have negative feelings towards any police officer and weren't afraid during the entire process. They all enlightened that as long as they do things according to what Teacher says and the requirements of Dafa, they can solve all their problems. Only if we walk on the path arranged by Teacher and fully melt into the Fa can we become true practitioners.

We hope this sharing can be of some help to our fellow practitioners. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.

Note: (1) Amulets – In China, practitioners sometimes "clarify the truth" by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.