I pay special attention to my time and use every moment to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and clarify the truth about Dafa. I do not allow myself any leisure time to think about things not related to the Fa. I also study or memorize the Fa. I study one to three lectures from Zhuan Falun every day, memorize other scriptures, and send forth righteous times seven times a day. I have been doing this every day for the last 12 years and never dare to slack off.

….searching inward with resentment...was not cultivation. In order to help me get rid of this heart, I was transferred three times in one year. I was still not enlightened to it until Master used my co-worker to criticize me. I then realized Master's compassionate guidance.

When they did not succeed in arresting me, I searched within. I was not afraid of the evil, but I was afraid of being “transformed.” Once I found that attachment and got rid of it, they only talked with me and no further steps were taken. In actuality, I transformed them.

--By the author

I did not write an experience sharing paper for the previous five Internet experience sharing conferences. I felt that I did not cultivate as diligently as others and that things were ordinary for me, not like those fellow practitioners who were resisting the persecution in prison. There were numerous outstanding examples that could encourage fellow practitioners. For the previous two conferences I was encouraged to write my experiences out again, but they were not published. This year again, fellow practitioner persuaded me to write, not for myself but to validate the Fa.

I began practicing Dafa in 1996. I had hereditary asthma since childhood, as well as gastritis and, later, hepatitis B. I was in treatment for six to seven years with no relief. After practicing Dafa for a month, I experienced an enormous change. My appetite returned, my insomnia was gone, my step was light, and my illnesses were all gone. Dafa was rooted in my heart. When the persecution began, I told myself that, even if there was only one person left practicing Dafa, that person would be me.

Spending Large Amounts of Time Studying the Fa, Cultivating Xinxing Solidly

Every time Master teaches the Fa, he emphasizes the importance of Fa study. I follow Master's instructions every step of the way. I pay special attention to my time. Besides work and daily life, I use every moment to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and clarify the truth about Dafa. I do not allow myself any leisure time to think about things not related to the Fa. I also study or memorize the Fa. I study one to three lectures from Zhuan Falun every day, memorize other scriptures, and send forth righteous times seven times a day. I have been doing these things every day for the last 12 years and never dare to slack off. Master is watching us, all the righteous gods are watching us, and all the sentient beings are waiting for me. I focus my thoughts on the basis of the Fa. If there is a thought that is not quite right, I immediately use the Fa to suppress it. At home I help out with household chores and do not argue with my wife. At work, besides doing my job and clarifying the truth, I do not argue with people or gossip. When I am with fellow practitioners, I am only focused on Dafa related things. I still have had moments that were not on the Fa and afterwards I would immediately search within for attachments. This is what Master requires of us, and I will do it.

When I am at home, I do my best to help my wife. When conflicts surfaced, I would look inward. Sometimes the bad substance might be gone, but it would resurface again. After several rounds I could clearly feel it get weaker and weaker.

Sometimes, however, if I just searched inward superficially and did not get rid of the root cause, the conflict could grow larger. I still do have the attachment of being afraid of getting taken advantage off. My job at work was to clean the raw materials dropped down from the assembly line and the load could be quite large. It was a filthy and tiring job. The previous shift often left jobs for me to do so I had to do two shifts at one time. I thought that, since I was a cultivator, maybe by doing more at my job, others might comment that Falun Gong practitioners were all good people and I could verify the Fa that way.

What happened did not serve to let others know that Falun Gong practitioners were all good people, since, in our factory everyone already knew that Falun Gong practitioners were good. I still had attachments that I had not relinquished. Every time I got to work, I first checked whether the previous shift had done the cleaning. When they had not, I got upset. My supervisor also mentioned, “You shouldn't do their job—you're spoiling them.” When I changed to a different work area, the situation continued. I was so furious that I wrote a note that said, “The supervisor saw that the cleaning was not done and issued a fine. I will pay it, but I hope that from now on everyone carries out his or her responsibilities.” Co-workers from all four shifts saw the note, including my shift co-worker who respected me before and had stated that Falun Gong cultivators are good people. She also helped me persuade others to quit the CCP. After she saw the note, she thought that I was giving her hard time and got angry. Her words became sharp and she still would not do the work. I got more furious days later when I saw more raw materials laying around. I told on her to one co-worker, saying, “Still nobody does the job, I will ask the supervisor to take a look. I have to deal with this on a daily basis.”

Before I could finish my sentence, she stated, “Hey, you cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. First of all, you did not do well on the forbearance part. If you tell the supervisor, your co-worker will be fined for sure, so won't you have hurt her? Where is your compassion? You stated that you want to be a good person. She thought highly of you in the past, but after she saw your note, she was very upset. If you tell on her again today, you are really awful.” I replied immediately, “It's my mistake.” Right away, the things that had weighed on my heart were gone. I felt much better and began to work happily. I finished in one hour a job that would have taken hours in the past.

From that point on, my co-worker cleaned the place until it was spotless each time. I was searching within in the past, but with resentment and reluctance. I did not find the root cause, which was not cultivation. In order to help me get rid of this heart, I was was moved three times in one year at work, and I was still not enlightened to it until Master used my co-worker to criticize me. I then realized Master's compassionate guidance.

Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings

After the persecution started, I never stopped clarifying the truth for a single day except for severe weather when no one was outside. Before the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in 2004, I mainly told others the facts about Dafa. I did not leave out anyone I knew. When I was on the day shift, I would tell the facts to factory workers and many construction workers from outside of the factory. Their working conditions were very poor. I would bring them hot water and let them rest at my workplace. My healthy and youthful appearance and my kindness helped them to accept the truth about Dafa easily. When we met again, if I did not recognize them right away, they would shout, “Falun Dafa is good!” Some asked me for Dafa amulets(1) for their family members. Sometimes I would let over 20 people know the truth in one week and would be very happy. If there were only two people who knew the truth in a week, I would be upset.

After the Nine Commentaries was published in 2004, I felt the challenge to clarify the truth and persuade people to quit the CCP at the same time. I felt the pressure and did not know where to start. But this was what Master wanted. No matter how difficult it was, I would do it. I began read the Nine Commentaries repeatedly. After many times through, I had clear thoughts. I began practicing on my family members.

When I was reading Master's article “Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference,” my brother came to visit me. I was just reading this part:

“In other words, nowadays everyone in Mainland China is thinking in the evil-party-culture's way. Of course, if in Fa-rectification the malevolent party hadn't persecuted Falun Gong, then it wouldn't have been an issue, because a lot of confused cultures and ideas will be naturally set right in Fa-rectification. Cultivators wouldn't have needed to do anything in that regard, and the evil specter of that party would have been rectified as well and thus saved. But once it started persecuting Falun Gong, it became the most evil specter, for this is a time when Dafa disciples are validating the Fa and Dafa is carrying out the Fa-rectification. So Dafa disciples need to see it clearly for what it is, and people that are represented by it need to clearly state their stance in terms of whether they will follow that malevolent demon or choose what is bright and an eternal life. They must understand this issue soberly now. The gods are set on purging it from humankind. And also, it has indeed been persecuting Dafa disciples and interfering with Fa-rectification over these years in a terribly evil way. So why, then, do the world's people need to state their stance? Because everybody [from Mainland China] has said things about following it. When people took an oath as they were inducted into the [Communist] Party, the [Communist Youth] League, or the [Communist Young] Pioneers, they all raised a fist and swore that for their entire lives they would struggle for the sake of evil Communism and that they would devote their lives to the malevolent party. The evil specter of the malevolent party is seizing on this and persecuting those people to the point of death. The evil specter asserts that those people made a pledge back then that they would give their lives to it, so it uses that to persecute people. Also, the malevolent party's factors still exist in the minds and bodies of those who don't see it clearly for what it is. So how could you not see it clearly for what it is? And after you do that, you have to eliminate it.”

My brother was reading attentively at this part and understood. I said to him, “Quit your Party now.” He agreed immediately and I knew Master had helped.

He was the first one I persuaded to quit the CCP and it greatly encouraged me. I told my brother-in-law next. I simply told him that Dafa teaches people to be good, that the CCP is persecuting good people, and that the evil will be punished and that those who joined the Party and its affiliated organizations had to withdraw in order to protect themselves. He quickly agreed as well. My sister was very easy to persuade, and she helped her in-laws and son quit the CCP, and then my mother. At first my mother thought that if she quit the organization she had to practice Falun Gong and would not dare to quit. My sister helped explain things clearly to her and so my mother also quit. Later on I persuaded my co-workers and other people I knew. They all knew the truth about Dafa, but they did not understand why they had to quit the CCP. I discussed it with them a couple of times and gradually they all quit. After a while everyone in my factory knew the importance of quitting the CCP.

I began to persuade strangers in August 2008. I worked the day shift and got off work around 5 p.m. After I finished my shift I would take a shower, change into clean clothes, go out to clarify the truth, and send forth righteous thoughts at 6 p.m. I felt like a part on the assembly line and could not stop for a second. Day in and day out, I repeated the same pattern. Even though time was tight, I felt happy and at ease. I began rotating shifts in 2009, even though it was hard at times, and I had time to go out during the day. Shortly after that, I got a position with a very light workload. It only took me half an hour to finish my assigned job each shift, so I could study the Fa. It is truly like “Cultivation depends on oneself, cultivation depends on one's Master.” (Zhuan Falun) As long as I tried my best, Master arranged everything well.

Before I went out each time, I sent forth righteous thoughts. Facing all sorts of sentient beings, I could not carry any deviated thoughts. After I had a chance to talk, I would learn a little about the person and turn the topic to clarifying the truth. I kept a peaceful heart and a smile on my face. Even strangers liked to talk to me. Someone would say, “You look like a kind person, I will listen to you.” I would let them follow my thought process and not let them affect me. I mainly talked about the basic truths, but if my mentality was not pure, the same words might not be accepted by others. So when clarifying the truth, a cultivator's state is very important. We are saving people, not debating with them. Fellow practitioners all say that Master is the one truly saving people, we just move our legs and mouths. I truly believe it is so.

Clarifying the truth cannot be separated from cultivating xinxing}. Several months ago, the local 610 Office attempted to set up a brainwashing center and wanted to arrest me but did not succeed. After that when I went out to clarify the truth, I had some fear and did not successfully persuade anyone after trying quite a few times. I saw someone in his 60s and talked to him. I discovered two people nearby, and one was making a phone call. Another young man stood right behind me. I thought these three might be plainclothes agents monitoring me, so I only made small talk with the older man. After half an hour, he left. I followed him and then started to tell him the facts about Falun Gong. He stopped me and said, “I already know.” He then turned around and left. When I turned around, I saw the one who had been making phone calls and his companion get on the bus. The young man's girlfriend arrived and they also got on the bus and left. It was my fear that was playing out.

Since I had found my fear, I had to get rid of it right away. The next day I went out talked to four couples, and eight of them quit the CCP. I met two more people, one of whom was making phone call. I talked to the other one who stated that he had read truth clarification materials before so it was relatively easy to persuade him to quit the CCP. The guy on the phone finished his call and came up, too. The one who already quit told me, “He is a Party member. Help him to quit, too.” I began talking to him and he asked, “Do you practice Falun Gong?” “Yes,” I replied. He suddenly grabbed a hold of my left arm and twisted it behind my back. He said, “I am from the police station. Come with me” He pushed me forward several meters. I was calm, had no fear, and replied, “People from the police station also need to safeguard their future.” He smiled and said that he was just joking. I told him the facts, and he quickly agreed and memorized “Falun Dafa is good.” Things happened so quickly. I found my attachment to fear yesterday. Did I get rid of it? What happened today was truly a test.

The people I talked to were farmers, factory workers, college students, office clerks, college teachers, military officers, and policemen. Over seven thousand of them in all. I've met all sorts of people. They could say anything in reply, and I would not argue with them. I let them finish their sentences. I don't touch their negative sides. I do not argue with anyone in a public area. I tended to get happy when I did well in helping people quit the CCP. I kept reminding myself to get rid of attachments to elation and showing off. It was Master who did it, how could I save people?

Master asked us to do three things well. It is the best cultivation path, cultivating xinxing during truth clarification. Only when you study the Fa well can you obtain wisdom and clarify the truth effectively and be safe.

Resisting the Evil with Righteous Thoughts

In July of this year, the local 610 Office attempted to set up a brainwashing center and wanted to take me there. While I was at work, my supervisor told me to go to the office. The security director was there as well. The security director was delighted and said, “ Hey, let us go travel. We will provide your food and lodging, and your salary and bonus will not be affected.” I told him I would go nowhere. He changed immediately and said, “You have to go.” I replied, “Your words do not count.” “How come?” he asked. I said, “I am in charge of my own body.” They attempted to arrest me and I shouted, “Bad people are kidnapping the innocent!” Everyone came outside of the building, and crowds of people were gathering, so they let me go. I went straight home and called my brother to let him know what had happened.

As soon as I hung up the phone, 610 Office and security personnel (over 20 altogether) showed up and carried me downstairs. I yelled all the way, “Help! Help! I'm being kidnapped!” They pushed me into the car, but right then my brother came and shouted at them, “What are you doing? You are committing a crime!” He pushed them away and dragged me out. If he had been half a minute later, I would have been gone. Master's arrangement was perfect.

There were over 100 bystanders. Some advised me to call the police. Some also mentioned that security had no right to arrest people at home. Others told me to go home and lock the door. No one was on the side of the authorities. This is the foundation I had laid over the years: they all knew the truth. My neighbors and co-workers all knew the true situation very well. I also believe that when you run into such a situation, you should keep strong righteous thoughts, shout, and get the attention of people nearby. The evil is afraid of being exposed.

Over the next two days, I found the secretary of the factory discipline and legal committee and the deputy director of the factory. I told them that the security department had committed a crime. They had broken into and entered a citizen's home and attempted to kidnap me in the light of day, and I had the right to sue them. The secretary said he would look into it. The deputy director of the factory stated that the responsibility of the security department was to protect factory property, and they had no right to arrest anyone. He said he would reprimand them. I knew that the deputy directory had initiated the whole incident and was now lacking in confidence.

On July 30, the security department staff came again and stated that, since I did not go the previous time, I had to go this time. They asked me to cooperate with them, or they would put my job on hold. I said, “You all know that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. Persecuting good people is a crime and will be punished in the future. If I cooperate with you, it will amount to being an accomplice. You know the policy of the CCP. In the future, no one will take responsibility for you. Think hard: who is truly concerned for your wellbeing?” They came to threaten me again the next day, stating that would be my last chance. They were accompanied by police attempting to scare me. The policeman said, “I looked your file. We have ways to do it whether you comply or not.”

This policeman had not heard the facts before, so I told him my personal story. I also told him that there was no legal documentation supporting the persecution of Falun Gong and that persecuting Falun Gong was a crime. I told him about how Falun Gong is now practiced all over the world. I talked for over an hour. Towards the end, he begged me, “Please help me out here. If you do not go, we will be in trouble.” I told him that if I agreed to go with him, I would be helping him commit a crime and I could not do that. They had no choice but to let me go home. After that they no longer dared to try to arrest me.

When they attempted to arrest me the first time without success, I searched within. I was not afraid of evil, but I was afraid of being “transformed.” Once I found he attachment, I got rid of it. Later, they only talked with me and no longer dared to use force. Actually, I had changed them.

Closing remarks

Without Master's guidance and protection, it would have been impossible for me to make it to today. My gratitude toward Master is beyond words. I want to thank fellow practitioners who work for Minghui for their dedication and devotion. Let us learn Master's new scriptures quickly, let us know Dafa information in time. Thank you, fellow practitioners from all parts of the world who've shared their experiences and encouraged me to be more diligent. Thank you, fellow practitioners at the material sites for printing and sending us materials. The only thing I can do is seize the moment, do what Master has asked, and walk the final path well.


(1) Amulets In China, practitioners sometimes "clarify the truth" by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.