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3. Eliminating the Attachment to Sentimentality

When I was in college, my paternal grandmother passed away. I often woke up and realized I was crying in my dreams. When I closed my eyes, all I saw was my grandmother. For several years, I could not eliminate my attachment to sentimentality, and I wasted so much time on it. It seemed as if the old forces found a huge loophole in me. My other attachments were uncovered as well, such as a competitive mentality, jealousy and resentment. In fact, the day my grandmother was cremated, Master let me see that Master had made the best arrangements for my grandmother, who had a great impression of Dafa. However, I still could not let go, which became a roadblock on my cultivation path. The evil often incarnated into my grandmother's image in my dreams. When I went over to her excitedly, the evil immediately changed back to its sinister shape. I often was so scared that I woke from my dreams. I could not get rid of the attachment for several years. Later, my grandmother on my mother's side passed away. I was also sad, but not as bad as before. The process of eliminating my attachment to sentimentality was very tough. However, Master never gave up on me and finally pulled me back.

I never had a strong attachment to the relationship between men and women. I can always calmly face any men, even those with whom I share common language. They gradually understood my truth-clarification and withdrew. Some of them had ill intentions initially. I explained to them the Fa principles, which not only helped them give up their intentions, but also made them admire the righteousness of Dafa disciples. Some have often said to me, “It's fortunate to have a friend like you.” I know it is the power of Dafa. Master has arranged many sentient beings' predestined relationships with me. Sometimes, Master shows me the relationships from history to help me understand that the things happening in this life are due to something from another life.

I never wanted to get married. I always wanted to have a quiet life as a cultivator. After I obtained the Fa, I even firmed up my plan. During the 10 years after I graduated from college, I have gone through many tests in this area. In the beginning, I was still patient enough to find excuses and to explain it to others. However, later, my parents became anxious. For a while, my mother scolded me. So I went out of town to avoid it. I realized that this was not assimilating with the Fa. I then used the excuse of being busy at work. But I still had to go twice to meet with men who were introduced to me. Once, I told the person that I am a Falun Gong practitioner. The person withdrew from me. Later I realized that I should not have let him use the excuse of my practicing Dafa. It is discriminating against Dafa. I did not handle it righteously.

My family attributed my not wanting to marry to Dafa. I clarified that it had nothing to do with Dafa. I also talked to them about people I know who are married but not happy. My family finally acquiesced in my plan to remain single. To everyday people, my explanation is, “It is clearly stated in Falun Dafa's book that young people are encouraged to form families and to assimilate to the form of everyday people's society. However, even if I did not practice Falun Gong, I still would not have wanted to get married. Cultivation is cultivation. It is to cultivate one's realm. It has nothing to do with marriage. One can cultivate married or not.” After a while, there were no misunderstandings anymore.

Young practitioners who do not want to get married should pay special attention to this. We should not make everyday people misunderstand Dafa because of us. Please do things wisely. Master will help us.

During the past ten years, I have encountered many tribulations. I have eliminated my attachments of jealousy, competitiveness, resentment and to desire and lust. I also cultivated righteousness, benevolence, tolerance, rationality and wisdom. All of these are built upon good Fa-study. When I do not study the Fa well, I feel everything is hard.

I always had resentment towards my mother. She often seemed to look down on me. She was never willing to spend money on me. Therefore, I developed a strong resistance to her. For example, my mother is very fashionable. She has a nice figure too. So I never paid attention to my appearance and what I wore. My mother is always energetic. I intentionally showed the exact opposite. I was then taken advantage of by the old forces. This resentment impacted my work as well. I did not like my managers. I felt that they were snobbish and only cared about money. That attitude once caused me trouble at work.

I know I was not right. I was worried that I could not save my mother. I started with trying my best to be tolerant. During several conflicts, I avoided having a direct encounter with her. Although my reaction was strong in my heart, I did not directly contradict her. I found out surprisingly that, with that little compromise, my mother actually changed.

A fellow practitioner who has a strong predestined relationship with my mother easily exhorted her to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Another practitioner also promised to help my father quit the CCP. Fellow practitioners and I helped each others' families to quit the CCP. It turned out to be easier than doing it for our own families. I'm grateful to Master for arranging for fellow practitioners to save my family.

4. Spending Truth-Clarification Bills and Miracles Manifest

Last year, I opened a small store of my own. Due to my attachment to fear, I did not tell more people face to face about the facts of Dafa and the persecution. However, I have used truth-clarification bills [messages written on paper money] to spread the truth and save sentient beings, which brought me great business results and profits, even during the depressed economy. This is the result of my spending truth-clarification bills. This is a miracle of Dafa. There have always been people who ask for change from me. I always give them these bills. Sometimes, they admire Dafa disciples' handwriting on the bills or the high-quality printing and the rich content. Some people directly read out loud, “Falun Dafa is good!”

The truth-clarification bills are live media. Currently, there are different varieties of designs. Many businessmen discovered the secret that these bills can bring good fortune, so they often ask to exchange bills with fellow practitioners. A non-practitioner friend who already quit the CCP often comes to exchange bills for the truth bills with me.

(To be continued)