Hello, benevolent Master!

Hello, fellow practitioners!

I am 80 years old. I went to school for only one or two years. I was partially illiterate and was unable to write any articles myself. In previous Fa conferences, fellow practitioners helped me write an article according to my narration. For the eighth Fa conference this year, I wanted to write a sharing article myself and let Master know my cultivation situation. Writing an article is a process of cultivation so it is not important how good or bad my writing is.

Writing an Experience Sharing Article for the First Time

On the afternoon of April 18, 1994, a friend of mine came to visit me. She talked about qigong. She said that Falun Gong was holding classes and asked me if I would like to go. I said that I had illnesses from head to toe, so how could I learn? She said that this Falun Gong was very effective in healing illnesses and suggested that I go. I didn't want to go. She told me I had to accompany her. That was how she forced me to attend Master's lectures in Chongqing.

On the 20th, I saw Master step onto the stage. Master was tall and benevolent, and I felt like I had seen Him somewhere before. I was very focused in listening to Master lecture. The more I listened, the more I wanted to hear. Master's every word went straight into my heart. I listened and listened, and my eyes filled with tears. I made up my mind then: “This qigong is so good that I must learn it well.”

I felt very comfortable those several days in the class. All my diseases disappeared. On the 6th day, Master asked each of us to write an experience sharing essay. I believe that Master wanted to know how we understood the Fa. At night I was unable to sleep. I believe Master is a Buddha because he can save sentient beings. How blessed I am! How could I not write something? But I didn't know how or where to start. But I said to myself that, no matter what, I must complete the article. “Gods and Buddha, please help me!” The next morning I picked up my pen and out came my sharing entitled “My Pledge:”

I am excited and tears fill my eyes as I start to write
Seeing Master is greater than seeing my family and relatives
It is hard to fall asleep when one is so happy
I shed tears all night until morning
Thank you, Master, for guiding me
I hope Master will save me from the human world
Diligently cultivating Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance
Getting rid of human attachments
It is the chance to escape from the bitter sea of humanness
No more fighting with the human world, following, instead, the path arranged by Master
I hope Master will look at my heart
Master will leave me this time
I do not know when I will see Master again
I wish Master a safe journey from Chongqing
And hope that He will return to the Mountain City next year

Since I made my pledge, I must fulfill it. As soon as Master finished lecturing, I started to spread Falun Gong. After some time I thought that, since there were many people in that area teaching the exercises and spreading Falun Gong because Master had had held two seminars there, I decided to go to where my daughter lived to spread Falun Gong. I haven't gone back to my hometown since then. I believe Master arranged it. It was not a matter of my wanting to go and then being able to get there. It was my mission and it was pre-arranged that I should be here.

I Have No Fear Because Master Is with Me

Since July 20, 1999, the police have been everywhere looking for practitioners and arresting them. Practitioners were very sad and didn’t want to eat or sleep. Some practitioners asked what we should do. I told them not to fear. We can listen to Master. Master has already told us what to do. Then I recited Master’s poem “True Character is Revealed” from Hong Yin Volume II to them:

“Be resolute cultivating Dafa, the mind unstirred
Climbing in levels is what’s fundamental
Faced with tests, a person’s true character is revealed
May you Consummate—
a Buddha, Dao, or God”

I told them that we should remember it well in our hearts. Master is here and the Fa is here. We shouldn’t have any fear.

I went out to tell people about Falun Gong as I could no longer stay at home doing nothing. I told everyone I met that what was on TV was utter lies and slander. I told people about the beauty of Dafa. Master’s poem “Self-Evident is the Heart” was published in 2000. Master pointed out a golden path for us. As I read the poem, tears ran down my cheeks and a warm current spread throughout my whole body. I read it many times until I could recite it from memory.

The evil was slandering Master and Dafa and persecuting Dafa practitioners, and I could not just keep silent and let the evil have its way. As a child, I’d liked to listen to my grandparents tell me stories about gods and Buddhas. From childhood I'd had the wish to cultivate, but I didn’t know Master had already chosen me to be a Dafa disciple. Now my dream has come true and I am a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. I own this ultimate title in the universe and became the most admired being of Buddha, gods, and Daos. How blessed I am! It is beyond words. Master compassionately chose me. I cannot forget Master’s arduous salvation and protection. Master is being slandered and framed. I have to go out to safeguard Dafa, to repay Master for His compassionate salvation, and to do what Master wants. There is nothing I fear. I will completely devote myself to safeguarding the Fa. I firmly believe that Dafa is good and righteous, and Master is righteous. Dafa practitioners must have righteous thoughts and righteous actions and must study the Fa well.

Master said in “Drive Out Interference” in Essentials for Further Advancement II:

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.”

So I studied the Fa and hand-copied Zhuan Falun more diligently. Gradually I could write Chinese characters and could talk to more to people about Falun Gong. So, year by year and step by step I went out to validate the Fa and clarify the truth.

One day an officer from the local police station demanded that I report to him what I did every day. I couldn’t cooperate with the evil. I went to the police station, however, to tell them about the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa and how I recovered from my illnesses after I started to practice. I told them that we cultivate ourselves according to the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance and we don’t hit back when hit or curse back when cursed. We think of others first in everything we do. We abide by rules and laws. Nevertheless, such good people are sent to forced labor camps and sentenced. No other country treats us like that. It is the shame of our country, something that history has never witnessed before. Falun Gong is a cultivation way of Buddha law. People practice Falun Gong in over 100 countries. You should learn much more about Falun Gong instead of following others and believing what they have said. You shouldn’t treat good people like that.

I said to them, “I am treated so badly every day that my family members cannot recognize me I am so disfigured. I will not leave here. I am homeless now. I will stay at your place forever.” I kept clarifying the truth to them. I didn’t write anything required. I refused to leave. The police said to me, “It is not us but our supervisors who demand that you report to us.” I said, “Then ask them to come here.” The officer said, “Grandma, I will send you home.” I said to him, “I am now homeless.” I went on with them like this for several hours. The policeman finally sent me home. My family members fussed at him, and he had to talk nicely to them.

Passerby Helps Spread the Truth

Master said in “Eliminate Your Last Attachments” in Essentials for Further Advancement:

“If a cultivator can let go of the thought of life and death under any circumstance, evil is sure to be afraid of him. If every student is able to do this, evil will of itself no longer exist. All of you are already aware of the principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist.”

Master’s Fa was embedded in my heart. I didn’t have any fear. I was thinking of how to save sentient beings.

One day I saw a lady walking in front of me. I walked a bit faster and caught up with her. I looked at her and communicated with her with my eyes. She looked at me and I smiled at her and said hello. She returned my greeting. I asked her why she didn’t take the bus. She said she would rather walk. I said that I liked walking, too, and that I walked pretty fast. She said I looked very healthy and had good skin. She asked me how old I was. I was 75. She was 15 years younger than me. She said she wanted to buy some clothes, and I went with her. The saleslady said to me: “You look like you are a cultivator. You look very kind. You look very healthy and have good skin.” The other lady asked the salesperson which one of us she thought was older. The salesperson said to her, “You are older, of course.” The other lady replied, “Oh my goodness, I am completely finished.” I said to her, “No, you are not finished. Since I have the predestined relationship to meet you, I will tell you the secret to keeping healthy and young. Would you like to hear it?” They both said, “Yes, we would.” But I said, “It is better that I don’t say.” I intentionally made a fuss. They said, “Please do not keep it to yourself.” I said, “OK. I used to be very ill. I started to practice Falun Gong and I recovered. Now I feel like I am in my 30s or 40s. I am full of energy and don’t feel tired at all. My body is so light.” Then I told them the facts of Falun Gong and asked them to withdraw from the CCP. Both of us bought an article of clothing and gave Falun Gong materials to people who came to buy clothes. The person who came with me said to me, “How come you didn’t give me any materials? I don't have any. I have many relatives and friends. Please give me several copies.”

The two of us then went to a place nearby where there was a row of chairs, and Eight or nine middle aged women were sitting there. She said, “Let’s take the clothes out and try them on again.” I agreed. I put my clothes on and danced around. She asked the women nearby to come and have a look. She said, “Do you know how old this lady is? She is 15 years older than me.” The women said unanimously, “How come she looks so young?” Then I told them the facts of Falun Gong and asked them to withdraw from the CCP. They accepted the materials readily. I gave out all the materials I had. The lady who came with me cooperated with me very well. She was helping me all the way. We were indeed predestined. Master must have arranged it.

Wanting to Hear the Falun Gong Facts Again

One day I was sitting in a seat very near the door on a bus. An old man was carrying a heavy bag and could hardly get onto the bus. I went to help him get on the bus. Others on the bus looked at me and praised me. I said that it was no trouble for me, but he would be unable to get on the bus if I didn’t help him. “You would do the same if you were in my seat,” I joked. The old man thanked me repeatedly. I told him that it was all right. The old man said he had books inside the bag. He knew a lot of people in Yunnan. He told me his name. I asked if he was famous and did research. He said yes. Then I asked him if he was in good health. He said that he suffered from many chronic diseases. I said, “You are lucky to meet me. Do you want to know why I am so healthy? If you want to listen, I will tell you that now I am in very good health, but I used to be in poor health. Medicine ended up having no effect on me. I tell you the truth, Sir, after I started practicing Falun Gong, I recovered from all sorts of illnesses. Falun Gong belongs to the Buddha school and it is a great way with high moral values. It can save sentient beings. It benefits the country, society and the people. It does no harm at all. What the CCP says is all lies. It deceives you. The self immolation incident on Tiananmen Square was staged. The CCP persecutes Falun Gong and arrests many people. I'll give you some materials and you will know the truth. You will be blessed if you know the truth. Please remember these nine characters: ‘Falun Dafa is good and Truth-Compassion-Tolerance’ is good. If you recite them from your heart repeatedly, you will recover from your illnesses.” He was very happy and accepted the materials. He asked for a few more copies for his friends. He should have gotten off the bus at the next stop, but he said, “I would like to talk to you come more, so I will not get off until you get off, and then I will go back. I have never met someone as good as you. I am very impressed.” I said to him, “Our Master teaches us to be good people with high moral values. Falun Dafa is spreading and uplifting moral values. In today’s society, people’s moral values have really deteriorated.” He said, “Yes, society is so corrupt. There is no way to save it.”

Falun Dafa Is Good. You Are a Living Testament.”

Recently I saw four men and four women dancing in a nearby park. I was thinking of saving them, so I went to greet them. I said, “ Hello, everyone. Can I join your dancr?” They looked at me and said I could. They were taking a break. I said, “I have gotten old. I don’t know whether I will be able to learn your dance. You dance so well. I would really like to learn.” One of them said, “You look the same age as us. You have very good skin and look like you are an active person.” I told them that I was nearly 80 years old. They were surprised. I said, “I like sports. You see how I can kick my legs.” They watched me kick my leg up over my head. They said, “Unbelievable. We can't kick that high.” Then I sat down in the lotus position and did the hand gestures. One of them said, “It is Falun Gong.” They all came over to me and said, “Please get up and tell us what benefits you get from practicing Falun Gong.” I said, “The benefits are endless.” I told them how wonderful Falun Dafa is. I asked them if they believed what I said. They said, “You are a living testament. Yes, we believe it. Can you teach us the Falun Gong exercises?” I said, “Yes, I can. I will teach you for free. I will not take a penny from you.” They all laughed. I gave them some materials and they took them. Two days later I went to see them. They said they had finished reading the materials and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. They gave me their names without any hesitation.

I Clarified the Truth to the Person Who Reported Me to the Police

When I clarify the truth to people, I run into different situations. Not everyone is predestined. I have come across quite a few people who cursed me when I told them the truth about Falun Gong. Of course, I have also met many, many people who are predestined in little alleys, in parks, at supermarkets, and in shops. One day there were many people at a bus stop during rush hour. I clarified the truth to an older couple. The lady put my materials inside her bag. Then the old man suddenly shouted, “Down with the anti-revolutionary!” He took out his cell phone and was going to report me to the police. I was very calm. I said to him, “Please wait until I finish talking. Both of you are younger than me. I don’t know either of you. Neither of you is in good health. You are carrying such a large bag of medicine. I am actually hoping you will recover quickly from your illnesses. I have very good intentions for you. I won’t cheat you and won’t ask for a penny from you. Where can you find such a good person nowadays? Yet you want to report me to the police and call me anti-revolutionary. Where is your conscience? Can't you differentiate good from bad? So go ahead. Call the police now.” The old man still went ahead, trying to call the police. I said, “If you really call the police, your phone will instantly not work.” He said he didn’t believe it. He tried to dial the number three times and couldn’t get through. He said, “That is strange. My mobile is a good one. I spent over one thousand yuan on it.” I said, “Even if you spent two thousand, it would not work, because I am trying to save you and it is for your benefit. You are asking the police to arrest good people. It is intolerable injustice. Please do not act like that anymore. Take the materials home and have a good read, and then you will know how good Falun Gong is.” The old man didn’t say anything more.

Telling People the Truth about Falun Gong Has Become a Part of My Life

Every day I go out to tell people the facts about Falun Gong. It has become a habit. I also study the Fa and share experiences with fellow practitioners. Some practitioners had been to forced labor camp or sentenced. Some had been taken advantage of by the evil and suffered from sickness karma. Some had difficulty walking and were hospitalized. Some had the attachment of fear and were afraid to talk to people even though they had stepped forward. We studied the Fa together and looked inward. As a result, everyone exposed loads of attachments, especially the attachment of fear. We didn’t put what we learned from the Fa into action. We studied the Fa and realized what we should do. We must put what we learned into action.

Through studying the Fa and sharing many times, some practitioners were able to go out and clarify the truth. Some practitioners went out with me and watched me first to see how I clarified the truth. In doing anything, the beginning is the most difficult part. After they had gone out a few times, they got rid of their fear.

My family and I benefit a lot from Dafa. Three of my four children were previously unemployed. Life was difficult for them. But now they have good businesses and own houses and cars. They are all healthy and everything is going well with them. My husband was seriously ill a few times. He was about to be hospitalized. The doctor told him that he should stay at the hospital for the night, and that he would come back the next morning. But when my husband got up the next morning, he said, “I feel like I am no longer sick. I am well now.” Our children said, “Dad, Mother’s Master has cured your illness.” My husband nodded his head and agreed.

We all know that time is very tight. Everyone, please cultivate diligently, catch up, and progress with the Fa rectification process. This is an opportunity that comes once in millions of years, and we have been waiting for it for thousands upon thousands of years. This is the chance not to be missed. We are Dafa disciples chosen by Master. We should help Master to rectify the Fa, do the three things well, and fulfil our pre-historic vows. Practitioners, please let go of human attachments and step forward to clarify the truth to sentient beings.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!