Greetings, great and compassionate Master!

Greetings, respected fellow practitioners!

As the Eighth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China was calling for papers, we were blessed by the publication of “What is a Dafa Disciple.” Master's new article woke me up, prompted me to set higher standards on myself and search within, and to treasure the cultivation opportunities Master has arranged for practitioners in mainland China. I have gathered some of my cultivation experiences to send in as a sharing paper, to serve as a report to Master.

I obtained the Fa at the beginning of 1998. Looking back at my bumpy cultivation journey for over a dozen or so years, I have stumbled along the way. Each test and tribulation was the process of removing my human notions and assimilating to the Fa. There have been lots of misery in the process of giving up human attachments, plenty of hesitation, and there has been gradual elevation and realization of the true meaning of life under Master's benevolent guidance as I constantly studied the Fa and cultivated myself, accompanied by tranquility and harmony that I had never experienced before. I have also come to grasp the responsibilities that I shoulder. I know no one can alter my righteous belief in Master.

Validating the Fa by Taking Fame and Fortune Lightly

It has been a long an tortuous journey in the past dozen or so years of cultivation when confronting the various tribulations and arrangements by the old forces.

I worked in a government organization. My income was not bad, and the position I held was also quite satisfactory. When the persecution started, I refused to give up cultivation practice. The local 610 Office placed me under tight surveillance. They came to my work unit time and again, coercing the leaders of the organization to “transform” me. Members of the 610 Office also held so-called conversations with me, resorting to threats and enticement. I was even taken to a detention center and was locked there for 15 days on fabricated charges of “disrupting social order.” I did not let go of my human attachments and signed a guarantee statement. I felt miserable in my heart during that period of time. I knew that I could not leave Dafa. Without Dafa cultivation, my life would have lost its entire meaning. Gradually, I summed up courage. Practitioners familiar with me also held group discussions to help me make the wise choice. After I built up sufficient strength, I declared publicly, “I withdraw the wrong guarantee that was signed against my will. I will continue to cultivate Falun Dafa.” Because of my resuming cultivation, the higher level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders threatened leaders of my organization that everyone's bonus would be lowered, and the organization's ranking would be lowered. Orders were given to expel me from the organization.

At first I felt bad about all my colleagues being implicated. After I had a clear understanding on the basis of the Fa, I looked at the issue differently. I told them, “To speak about facts should not be persecuted.” But I remained worried about being expelled by the work unit. My income would be cut. Back then my husband had incurred a huge debt for operating a failing business. I had to take money out of my salary to plug his holes. He was so worried about my losing my job and threatened to divorce if I refused to quit practicing Dafa. My elderly parents-in-law were ill and needed support. My son could not study normally because of his epilepsy. My father was over 80 years old and needed my care. Under such circumstances, I hesitated for some time. I felt quite miserable.

Confronting this huge tribulation, it was Dafa that gave me strength.

“The master takes you through the entrance, and it is up to you, yourself to practice cultivation. It all depends upon how you, yourself practice cultivation. Whether you can practice cultivation all depends upon whether you can endure, sacrifice, and suffer. If you can commit your mind, no difficulties can stop you. I would say that there is not a problem.” (Zhuan Falun)

Master's hint gave me the confidence and courage to persevere. When I was at the lowest point of my life, I clearly saw a person floating nearby me. He looked at me with a heavy heart. He did not open his mouth. Yet I heard the stereo sound he sent forth, “I will take you to look at what is related to the future of your life.” Suddenly, a flying device (which could be a Falun) carried me straight up. It spun to the left, then went straight up, then it spun to the right, and went even higher. After it stopped, I asked where it was. “The ninth level” was the answer. I looked ahead, it was a gleaming, magnificent, boundless world. Another time, I was sleeping. I dreamt of a young pine tree on a mountain peak. A dark cloud was on top of the tree. A thunderstorm developed below the cloud. Lightening was accompanied by thunder. The pine tree swung back and forth. Yet places not far away were under sunshine. After I woke up, I realized that Master was giving me a hint. With tears in my eyes, I knew what I should do, “I am a cultivator. To truly believe in Master and the Fa, I have to take everyday people's fame, fortune and sentimentality lightly and not to be driven by them at all. Whether I will be dismissed, how I should walk the road ahead can only be determined by Master. No one else has a say.”

When the leaders at my workplace finally met with me, as they faced the penalty from higher CCP organizations if I refused to give up my cultivation practice, I told them plainly my final decision, “I will not write guarantee statements, or sign anything, nor make oral commitments. To cultivate in Dafa is a choice that I will not change in my life. If telling the truth has consequences, I am ready to face them.”

Shortly after that, local CCP organizations implemented a process for all employees in the public sector to complete while applying for contracts to be extended from time to time, during which the applicant had to express on record his attitude toward Falun Gong. Unless he kept consistent with the CCP Central Committee, he would not be given employment. Facing this evil arrangement, I did not think the work environment was normal nor fair anymore. I resolutely refused to apply for my position and decided to retire ahead of reaching the retirement age. I had prepared myself for any cutoff of income on any day. In fact, a year passed, then two years passed, and the issue of expelling me never came up.

With Master's protection, the evil persecution disintegrated. My righteous thoughts took effect and had a positive impact on the work unit, the leaders refused to commit evil doings against Dafa. Leaders refused to expel me and replied to higher level CCP organizations that “the grassroots work unit refused to consent.” The leaders also refused to agree to the 610 Office's demand to harass me directly while making themselves responsible for any consequences.

The kind thoughts of these leaders to protect Dafa practitioners brought rewards to the work unit. For over a dozen years and under several terms of leadership groups, our work unit tried but could not make it to the award of national excellence. This year, the award was won without much effort.

After I retired, I started a personal business. Facing several competitors, the supplier gave me the authorized dealership despite my disadvantaged position. I never did business before, and was not sure if I could handle it. After a month's preparation, I went out to sell the products. By the end of the first day, I signed a contract with a sales volume exceeding 10,000 yuan. My eyes were filled with tears while holding onto the contract. I knew Master was giving me encouragement.

Rectifying the Environment by Getting Out of Human Attachments

My husband was deeply poisoned by the CCP culture. He was resistant to Dafa and could not understand my cultivation practice. He refused to listen to the facts, cursed Master and Dafa, and destroyed Dafa books and materials. He turned me and my fellow practitioners in to the CCP organizations and often made trouble. This had resulted in my failing tests for years as I had only limited xinxing due to insufficient Fa study back then. With interference from human attachments, I was buried in the attachments of fighting and holding grudges. I knew it did not meet the requirement for a cultivator. Yet I was not able to overcome these troubles. In misery, I kept reciting Master's poem “True Cultivation” to gain strength and confidence.

Through Fa study, I started to see my attachments and bad thoughts, learned to look within myself, and gradually started removing these attachments. Fellow practitioners also visited me and shared their thoughts. Master said,

“If you are free from this sentimentality, nobody can affect you. An everyday person’s mind will be unable to sway you. What takes over in its place is benevolence, which is something more noble.” (Zhuan Falun)

The Fa principles Master taught and help from fellow practitioners calmed me down. By assimilating to the Fa, the capacity of my heart increased. After much tribulation, I treated my husband as a sentient being to be saved, and looked for opportunities to explain the facts to him. I let things run through their course without any pursuit, while focusing on upgrading my own xinxing. I tried to do better by following the standard for a cultivator. It was through my state that he was to understand the greatness of Dafa.

With regard to his coercing me to quit practicing or he would divorce, I did not handle it carelessly. I searched within and asked myself whether I harbored any fear of losing marriage, what would happen if I had to make the choice, whether I would regret it one day, at the end of my life, for quitting cultivation practice for holding onto my family. I could not give up cultivation practice. I had to pass this test. I told him, “I value our marriage and family, and have contributed much to it, I have also been helpful for you and others.” He agreed to what I said. I went on, “To cultivate in Dafa is a choice that I cannot change in this life of mine. It is to be responsible to my family and loved ones by a higher standard. If you can accept, you will see the greatness brought by Dafa. If you force me to make an either-or choice, I can accept divorce.” Upon seeing my resolution, he did not bring up divorce anymore.

Yet my husband remained resistant to Dafa. His attitude to interfere my studying the Fa had not changed. I had to avoid him when studying the Fa or doing the exercises. I also had to hide Dafa books and truth clarification materials. I had been quite careful. Still one day I dropped a sheet from a bundle of brochures on the ground. My husband picked it up. I was cooking in the kitchen. He rushed over, slapped me on the face, and yelled, “Weren't you saying you're not into politics? What is this?” He tore apart the sheet. He then picked up a cooking knife, pointing it at my face, “I am killing you today!” Reminding myself that I was a cultivator, I suppressed my anger and did not budge. Looking into his eyes, I said calmly, “Whether I die or not is not up to you. You put the knife down!” He put down the knife, returned to his room, and did not say anything.

After a long period of passive tolerance, I was awakened when reading Master's article “Expounding on the Fa.” Master said,

“If it continues endlessly and if there do not exist other problems in your xinxing or conduct, it must be that the evil demons are capitalizing on the weak spots caused by your lack of control. After all, a cultivator is not an ordinary human. So why doesn’t the side of you that is your original nature rectify the Fa?” (Essentials for Further Advancement)

I followed Master's teachings to rectified every single though of mine. I knew that I was too heavily buried in sentimentality and did not practice cultivation with honor and in an upright manner. While continuing to remove my attachments, I took up nearly all the house chores, paid for household expenses by working hard, helped to take care of my husband's parents, and paid down the debt he owed so he could stay in business. When my parents-in-law were relocated out of the house that my husband and I paid for, they were to receive some cash compensation, some of which was to be divided among my husband and his brothers or sisters. I left it to his brothers and sisters to handle the compensation without asking for any details. I also persuaded him, “Retribution and rewards are heavenly principles. Freedom of belief is my basic human right. If you want to live under one roof, you can't curse Buddha, can't curse my Master, nor can you damage Dafa books and materials, or interfere with my studying of the Fa or doing the exercises, and you can't curse me either. If you want to have a good future, you have to change. Or I will file a suit for divorce.” My righteous thoughts shocked the evil factors behind him and, to some extent, awakened him. He had become much more restrained.

Compassionate Master had supervised him. He often got hints in his dreams, like stepping on the gas pedal and hitting a wall and failing to answer questions during a college enrollment exam. He asked me what these dreams meant. I told him, “Lives came to this world for a reason. They are being supervised. These are hints that you failed to answer the questions in this life's test, and banging your head on the wall without realizing your stubbornness.” He listened and was speechless. One day he made a disrespectful remark about Master. Within 15 minutes, he started running to the restroom with diarrhea. It went on the whole night. The following morning, he was saying to himself, “I didn't eat anything that was not fresh.” I reminded him, “You made wrong comments.” I know compassionate Master was cleaning his body while giving him a hint. After things like this occurred several times to him, he changed his attitude. He told me, “One has freedom of belief. I won't interfere anymore.” He got used to my involvement in doing the Three Things. Sometimes when I did not do something well, he would remind me, “Aren't you cultivating Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance?” When visiting his parents, he would tell his brothers and sisters about my not taking a single pill of medicine. Sometimes he would ask me about some simple questions related to Buddha, Gods and beliefs. I would give him explanations based on what blocked him. I know I have had deficiencies. If I am not doing things correctly, how can I make others do the same? I have a long way to go.

My son had suffered from epilepsy for years. No treatment ever worked. This had effected his study and life. I and everyone else in the family felt miserable about the illness. He even thought about committing suicide at a young age. When the persecution was at its height, the police tried to gather so-called evidence against me. Seven or eight officers showed up at his school, which was out of town. They circled around him and rudely interrogated him. They caused him to have an epileptic seizure, and he fell down and passed out. He suffered head injuries, and the wounds had to be sewn with seven or eight stitches. The police did not let up the pressure. As soon as he gained consciousness, they continued to interrogate him with coercion. When I learned about this over the phone when he called me, I knew that I was a cultivator and had to withstand this. My husband argued that my persevering in cultivation practice would result in our son's death. I was not anxious to validate myself. I was certain that Dafa would point out a road, and Master would take care of our son.

When I asked our son to choose between medical treatment or practicing Dafa, he chose Dafa cultivation. When he was in a good cultivation state, he often received hints and encouragement from Master. When he slacked off, he would see in his dreams Master lecturing in a classroom, not saying anything except for looking at him and asking one question, “What are you going to do?” As the Fa rectification accelerated, the hints my son got were mostly advice telling him that he needed to hurry up to save more people before the disaster they would otherwise run into.

Over the dozen or so years of tribulations, and through his maturing on the basis of the Fa, the epilepsy he suffered from has completely gone. He not only completed school, but was able to get job offers in private enterprises in Beijing, where the competition was fierce. He excelled in his work as well. We all witnessed the extraordinary wisdom and rewards that Dafa has brought him.

Negating the Persecution While Saving More People

The financial situation of my family had been troubling me all along. When I just retired, the 1,000 yuan or so retirement salary was the only income each month. Our meager savings had all been lost in my husband's failed business. He had no job, could not break even with his business, and owed bank loans, the monthly payment of which exceeded 3,000 yuan. His parents were elderly, sick, and with no income. My husband also owed private debts and workers' overdue wages. I could face creditors any moment. It was often that the monthly due date of the bank loan was approaching, I still did not know where to come up with enough minimum payment.

At first I did not have a clear understanding of the economic persecution based on Fa principles. I worked hard in the business I ran, saved every penny I could, took care of all the chores in order to save business expenses, in the hope that I could get out of financial distress. Sometimes when I was carrying a heavy cargo box, thinking that the money I made through such hardship had all gone into paying the debt while I had no time to do the Three Things, tears would wet my eyes.

Without a clear understanding of the Fa principles, the evil's interference would not let up. For some time, I would just be kept busy. I did not have time to even sit down or to have meals during the day. Everyday people's chores took time away from sleep. I often missed studying the Fa or doing the exercises. I had no time to clarify the truth or save people. I was tired and distracted. As this went on for some time, it occurred to me that the old forces took fellow practitioners to the forced labor camps to deprive them of the freedom to study the Fa and to practice the exercises, to whittle down their determination to cultivate themselves. I lived under surveillance, my phone was tapped and people followed me when I went out and interrogated me if I went to Beijing, plus all my time had been spent on paying down the debt such that I could not do the Three Things regularly. How was I different from being held in a forced labor camp? Wasn't it that the old forces achieved the goal of depriving me of cultivation? I could not walk the path of cultivation as arranged by the old forces.

One day I was hit by a motorcycle when I went out for business. I fell down with my face hitting the ground. At that instant, I clearly felt a soft cushion holding up my face. I was not injured with the protection from Master. Yet the motorcycle was deformed after hitting me. I understood that I had omissions. It was Master who protected me. After the accident, I did not go anywhere. I sat down to study the Fa calmly, and Master's Fa principles manifested in front of me:

“Someone may say, 'I’ll earn some more money to settle my family down well so I won't have to worry about anything. Afterwards, I'll practice cultivation.'”

“...how will you practice cultivation if you do not have any worries or troubles? How can you do the exercises comfortably and restfully? How can there be such a thing? That is what you think, from the perspective of everyday people.”

“Cultivation practice must take place through tribulations so as to test whether you can part with and care less about different kinds of human sentimentality and desires. If you are attached to these things, you will not succeed in cultivation.” (Zhuan Falun)

Fellow practitioners came to discuss with me and help me to improve my understanding. I found my omissions. I did not have a clear mind and fell into the trap of doing business. I acknowledged the economic persecution from the evil and went down the path arranged by the old forces. I adjusted myself, and gradually I let go of my attachment of making money. I have placed doing the Three Things ahead of everything else.

In order to guarantee the time and energy to carry out the Three Things well, I did not open the store front in the bustling business district. Instead, I rented a place in a nearby neighborhood, where I also stayed at night. It saved me time, and I just tried to make enough money to keep up with expenses. Some people in the same business did not understand why. They often asked me why I did not move my business to somewhere with more traffic. I took these opportunities to clarify the truth to them judiciously.

These lessons helped me see through the evil interference that previously kept me busy. By tying up all my time, they achieved the purpose of stopping me from doing the Three Things. I had to breakthrough this situation of “being busy” to find out my omissions. I had to save more people that had predestined relationships.

1. Sorting Out Cause and Effect and Treating Saving People as the Top Priority

Master said,

“For a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, personal liberation is not the goal of cultivation: when you came, saving sentient beings was your great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification. Thus great numbers of beings are to be saved by you. ...as you are now their only hope for entering the future.” (“Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People”)

I kept reminding myself with these words from Master. In my daily life, as long as there was an opportunity to clarify the truth, I would put aside what I was doing and treat saving people as the top priority.

One day, I was planning to visit a business to promote sales in the afternoon. At noon time, I met several people with predestined relationships. One of them was more deeply poisoned by the CCP culture. He argued vehemently with me. I got a little anxious, and worried about my afternoon schedule. Thinking of a Dafa disciple's responsibilities, I calmed down. I sorted out my thinking, listened carefully to where he was blocked, and helped address each and every question he had. I felt what I had learned became handy when clarifying the truth. Everyone listened attentively. The one who argued most vehemently calmed down. He acknowledged that Dafa is good, and commented, “Many of those who practice Falun Gong are of high levels.” He then asked, “Elderly sister, what level of education have you received?” I told him, “This has nothing to do with education. You may make an observation. Among those who cultivate Falun Dafa, even if he has not received much education, he also knows these principles.” In the end, he asked me for DVDs and materials. Three hours passed before he left in full agreement.

I went to the business in a hurry for negotiation. To my surprise, this customer agreed to let me use their magazines and sales networks to promote my products. This greatly reduced the time to build up connections with numerous potential customers in several regions. Things went much faster than my best estimates. It was clear to me that to save people would not affect my business. It would only help my business. I knew Master was encouraging me:

“When one is attached to nothing
The path underfoot is naturally smooth” (“Unimpeded” in Hong Yin Vol. II)

I understand that “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun) Business is not up to me. I should focus on cultivating my heart, while not focusing on the results.

2. Grabbing Opportunities and Seizing the Time to Save More People

As Fa rectification accelerates, many years of Dafa disciples' efforts in saving people have laid the ground work for people with predestined relationship to quit the CCP and affiliated organizations. It is good if we have the time to thoroughly clarify the truth. But under most circumstances there may not be that many opportunities for thorough clarification. I would not give up on these occasions. The first thought that comes to my mind when meeting with people or handling business is, “Here comes a person with a predestined relationship to be saved.” During the conversation, I would try to look for opportunities to get to truth clarification topics, and do the best I can.

No matter what has brought the person to me, I would find opportunities to ask, “Did anyone help you to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations? Do you know what the withdrawals are for?” I would then present more facts depending on the person. I would regret if I focused too much on business and forgot about truth clarification. Then I would try to make it up in the next meeting. I have also learned from other practitioners by carrying DVDs with me whether I go out for business, or for gatherings among friends and relatives, or shopping. Having a meal with former leaders or colleagues who I have not met for years are also great opportunities for persuading them to quit the CCP. When going out of town for business, I will try to visit friends and relatives there to help them learn about the truth and quit the CCP organizations. These approaches have all turned out to be effective.

3. Reminding Myself to Save More People by Removing Human Attachments

I know I haven't done well with fellow practitioners who constantly strive forward diligently. Sometimes I got worried about not being able to save anyone for several days. On one of such days of lack of progress, it was past 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It was raining. I took an umbrella and went to a nearby factory warehouse. The warehouse keeper happened to be a person with a predestined relationship. He used to be a cadre in a state-owned enterprise. I tried to engage him in conversation. He heard some facts, but still had quite a few questions. The conversation went well. He took a DVD from me and quit the CCP. When we parted, he thanked me again and again. I told him, “You don't have to thank me. You can thank the founder of Dafa.” It was Master who brought him to me to encourage me to do better.

To change the situation of not being able to save more people, I have focused on removing my attachments to fear, being discouraged, inertia, and being worried about others' mistaking my efforts as validating myself. I try to grab each opportunity in life, starting with friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, suppliers, customers, business acquaintances, delivery persons, and even strangers I run into. Or simply whoever is willing to listen, I will present the facts to them. I remember hearing the analogy of “nine pancakes” made by other practitioners. A person with a predestined relationship could have eaten eight pancakes provided by other practitioners, and mine being the ninth pancake, which has resulted in his realizing the truth. But all the other pancakes have paved the way to his being saved. So all practitioners are working as one body. As a result, I do it without pursuit. If someone is not willing to quit the CCP, I am willing to pave the way for him to be saved in the future. I have met those who agreed to quit after a few words. There is also one who I tried to convince for five years before he finally agreed to quit the CCP.

He is a customer of mine. In the past few years, I talked to him several times. His reply was “I don't care that much. One has to make a living.” Recently, he suddenly called to place an order. It occurred to me that it could not be a coincidence, and I should not let this opportunity slip by. After he came, I solemnly said to him, “One has to quit the CCP organizations. It is really of grave importance to us all.” During the conversation that followed, he asked some questions. I realized that I did not get a few things across, which delayed his being saved. He was moved by my sincerity, and agreed to quit the CCP. I was relieved, and said, “After five years, you have finally realized. You're truly saved because of the predestined relationship!”

I have been encouraged by so many fellow practitioners who live a simple life and sleep very few hours, yet they are full of energy and devote so much time in carrying out the Three Things. In my daily life, I try to remove human notions and attachments, get rid of interference, and find more time. I have reduced three meals into two, and keep them simple to save time cooking. I sleep less, and rarely watch TV, so as to have more time to do the Three Things.

Although my meals are simpler, my sleep is less, but my physical condition has improved. Just as Master said in Zhuan Falun, “After a period of cultivation practice, our Falun Dafa practitioners look quite different in appearance. Their skin becomes delicate and reddish-white.” Relatives, friends, and neighbors are all amazed by my good health and youthful look. As a result, they are willing to listen to the facts I present them. Most have quit the CCP organizations.

4. Immersed in the Fa, Cultivating Myself While Saving People

I treasure the business because it provides me not only opportunities to save people but also opportunities to upgrade my own xinxing. In this world driven by greed, it helps paving the way for worldly people to be saved if I live up to xinxing standards so that they get to know practitioners' righteous character through honorable business dealings.

When doing business, I keep reminding myself that I am a Dafa disciple, and when there is a conflict of interest, I always put myself in other people's shoes. When facing a price manipulation or pervasive kickback, I will not compete for money or kickbacks so as to avoid tarnishing the name of Dafa. This helps preserve the opportunities for my business contacts to resume predestined kind relationships. As a result, I have earned trust among suppliers, customers and colleagues. Many have quit the CCP during business interactions. Some have even obtained the Fa.

I returned home from my work unit as a declared Dafa practitioner. It was widely known among the community and the residential police officers. Through cultivation, I have come to know that “Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful.” (Essentials for Further Advancement II) and the principle of mutual generation and mutual inhibition. This has made my cultivation and saving people more rational. I have, in my mind, negated the “surveillance” deployed by the evil. I keep in mind: “Though you may find one that has practiced cultivation for nearly one thousand years, a tiny finger will be more than enough to crush it.” (Zhuan Falun) And I broke through these arrangements with righteous thoughts.

I did not conceal the practitioner status in the community or in business. When people of predestined relationships want to listen to the facts, I would turn off cellular phones to avoid interruption, and only check messages after finishing truth clarification. As for neighbors who privately tell me, “They asked me to keep an eye on you,” residential police officers, and officials, property management staff, guards, workers in the residential community, those who peek into my store without identifying themselves, and customers I deal with everyday, I try not to miss the opportunity for them to be exposed to the facts, so that they can avoid committing crimes against Dafa and be saved.

Through these years, the community director who actively set up surveillance on me was assigned elsewhere. The community director who had kind thoughts about Dafa was promoted. Three residential police officers in charge of my community all agreed to “go back to the police station and be kind people” and stopped harassing me. The couple ordered to keep an eye on me have held great respect for me. They often discuss what belief is with me. They have agreed to quit the CCP organizations. Some other people have also been aware of some facts. Under this situation which appears to be lenient yet with a lot of under currents, I have kept on doing what a Dafa practitioner should be doing.

One day, I went out on motorcycle. A piece of stone threw the motorcycle off the road. It cut an opening in my lower leg. When I returned back to the residential community, I ran into a person with a predestined relationship. I spent half an hour talking to him, while feeling blood trickle down my legs. I had no worries. When I got home, I crossed my legs and sat in the double lotus position. I sent righteous thoughts, “I am a disciple of Master Li Hongzhi. If I have any omissions, I will correct them. Master is in charge of me. No evil is allowed to persecute me. Master, please strengthen me to eliminate all evil factors!” In this position, one of my feet rested on the cut, which appeared to keep the cut open and failed to stop the bleeding. I figured that I had to remain in this position and be determined to negate the evil persecution. I kept up sending righteous and doing the exercises every day. A few days later, the 1 ½ inch long cut grew together. There was no scar.

My son and I bought a new computer, a DVD burner, and a color ink-jet printer. We bought top quality DVDs. A production site of Falun Dafa materials was set up in my home. We can produce custom materials for different targeted audiences and based on different requirements fellow practitioners may have.

In the past few years, my business has also prospered. Neighbors commended, “Look at her who practices Falun Gong, she excels in whatever she does!” Despite the doubling and quadrupling of sales volume, I have not run out of time. Instead, things take place in good order. I am able to find more time to carry out the Three Things. I have witnessed the magnificence of immersing myself in the Fa and experienced Master's care and strengthening.

Reviewing my improvement under Master's benevolent guidance, I have so many things that are hard to put into words. I know that no matter what I do, I will not be able to repay the grand mercy Master has bestowed on me. All I can do is to make the best use of the precious time that is left, to cultivate myself more diligently, to save more people, to walk the final leg of the journey, and make up for any lost time and opportunities.

Thank you, great and compassionate Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners who have helped and encouraged me. Please kindly point out anything insufficient due to my limited xinxing and understandings.