(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Ma is a computer engineer from Atlanta. He and his wife attended the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular last year, and enjoyed it so much, that they returned to see the show again this year. They both highly praised it.

Mr. Ma said, "This is the second time we saw the show. I think the show this year is even better. It reached a higher level."

Ms. Ma said, "I was touched by the show. The actors touched people's hearts through dance and song, and the background design was very pleasing."

Mr. Ma said, "My favorites were the drum dances, which were very powerful and encouraging."

Ms. Ma continued, "The show was very successful. Because many American people have wrong understandings of Chinese culture, they get illusions of Chinese culture from marshal arts movies. But this show highlights 5000 years of Chinese history and the cultures of minorities, such as Korean and Mongolian."

Ms. Ma said, "America has a short history, and many people know very little about China. They don't have chances to learn. But this show gave them a chance to see something about China that they have never seen. So, I am proud of the show."

Ms. Ma continued, "I also had a better understanding of my own culture from the show. In modern society, many things are shallow, so I am grateful to NTDTV for offering such a wonderful show to us."

Mr. Ma said, "We have compared different Chinese performing arts companies. The Divine Performing Arts is the most splendid one. They have successfully held a magnificent show at the best theater in Atlanta. The show was perfect."

Ms. Ma said, "I think it is great that the arts company held the show at such a great cultural center. I saw that the theater was full, and I was amazed."

They both said that they would come again next year.