(Clearwisdom.net) Rich Bean, a businessman, along with his wife, Juliana Bean, a language teacher, came to the second performance of the Chinese New Year Spectacular in Atlanta. They both liked the show very much.

Rich and Juliana Bean

Juliana said that the show was excellent. She was glad to see some of her students there as well. It was a good chance for them to learn about Chinese culture, she said.

Juliana liked the first dance "Descent of the Celestial Kings," because it was "absolutely gorgeous," and it made her feel that gods were on the stage. She also liked the Erhu solo. She could tell that all the actors "performed with their souls."

Mr. Bean was touched by the performances which manifested the spirit and suffering of Falun Gong practitioners. To him, the show was very powerful and accurate, and encouraged people to step forward to stop the persecution.

Rich was amazed that the actors could impart rich messages even when they were still.