(Clearwisdom.net) On January 12, Janet and Mark Canal of Colorado Springs came to the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular in Denver with their two children. Mr. Canal told the reporter that the show was like an epic poem-- transcendent and amazing. He is the manager of a high tech company. His wife, Janet, is Chinese.

Mr. Canal said the show was "epic" and "transcendent," and they enjoyed it very much, remarking that it was better than any of the other shows they had seen in China. He also commented on the elaborate designs. He liked the drum dances and so did his son. His daughter, who is taking dance lessons, liked the fairy lady dances.

Mrs. Canal said, "We really enjoyed the show. The actors' movements and the background designs were all beautiful. The whole show was awesome."

Mr. Canal said the background design was incredibly beautiful and the costumes were impressive. He also said the singers were very professional, too.

Mr. Canal has lived in Asia and appreciates Chinese culture. He said it is very important for his children to learn about Chinese culture. The couple said that they would come to the show again next year.