(Clearwisdom.net) One afternoon in late August 2011, four elderly Falun Gong practitioners from a small town in Shandong Province went to the home of a fellow practitioner to study the Fa together. As they were sending forth righteous thoughts at 3 p.m., about a dozen officers from the local Domestic Security Division and police station broke in.

While the other three practitioners continued sending righteous thoughts, the practitioner who lived there asked the officers what they wanted. A plainclothes officer asked if this was the home of a certain practitioner, to which the practitioner replied, “No. The home belonged to my husband, but he has already passed away because you people persecuted him.” The officer told her that they were from another city and were looking for someone. He then pulled out a photograph and asked her if she knew the person. She said she did not.

The practitioner's daughter, Huihui, who does not practice Falun Gong, appeared. When the officer showed her the photograph, she, too, said that she did not know the person. An officer told Huihui that they wanted to look in her father's room. She could not understand why they would want to do that. The officers insisted, so she unlocked the door and said, “You have come at the right time. My father is waiting for you in there.” When she opened the door, the officers seemed quite scared and decided not to go in. An officer asked Huihui if her mother still had people come to the house to practice Falun Gong. She replied, “As long as it brings her health and happiness, I will support her.”

The three elderly practitioners were still sending forth righteous thoughts as the officers seated themselves around the room and started reading the truth clarification materials that were there. The leaflets exposed the persecution of local practitioners. The room was very quiet.

The silence lasted for about 30 minutes before an officer asked where the leaflets came from. When the police were about to arrest the practitioners, Huihui tried to stop them and said that the practitioners were only there to keep her mother company since her father died. However, the police still arrested them and took them to the local police station. Huihui immediately phoned the practitioners' relatives.

The officers still wanted to know where the truth clarification materials came from and ordered Huihui's mother to tell them. She said, “I do not know who made them. Even if I did, I would not tell you.” The police then threatened to arrest her and punish her in the police station. Huihui said in a stern voice, “You are already responsible for my father's death. You cannot take my mother as well.” One of the officer's then found a copy of Zhuan Falun and was about to take it away, but Huihui snatched it from him and locked it away.

When an officer told Huihui that her father had died because he was ill, Huihui went on to tell them how her father had benefited from practicing Falun Gong and that all his illnesses had disappeared through the practice. She said, “After the persecution began, you arrested him, detained him, tortured him, brainwashed him, and extorted money from him many times. My father would have been in perfect health if he had not been persecuted.”

Huihui cooked some food for the three elderly practitioners that had been arrested and took it to them in the local police station. When she told an officer that she wanted to see the practitioners, the officer immediately said that it was not possible. However, he took the food and said that he would pass it to them on her behalf. Huihui did not leave the station until she saw the officer take the food to the room where the practitioners were.

The next morning she took more food to the practitioners and went directly to the room where they were being held. From the time they were arrested, the practitioners had been telling the officers the facts about Falun Gong. They were released the next day. Huihui's mother has not been harassed by the police since.