(Clearwisdom.net) My wife and I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. We studied the Fa and did the exercises every day, and our xinxing elevated quickly. We actively told others about the Fa and joined our fellow practitioners for weekly Fa study and sharing. We understood the meaning of life and how precious Dafa is. Our ordinary thoughts changed, and we started by becoming good people and began our journey on returning to our true selves.

In 1999, the persecution of Falun Gong began. My wife and I firmly believed in Master and Dafa. We encouraged each other and were not intimidated when Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials harassed us at our home and did not allow us to leave our house on sensitive days. We did what we should do. We clarified the truth during our everyday lives to expose the CCP lies. As I am the only child, my parents were very worried about us, afraid that we might get persecuted. They had lived through many CCP movements, and often advised us to stop practicing. We understood their worries, so we usually left the house to put up Dafa flyers after they went to sleep at night.

I remember once we walked through several villages. My wife got blisters on her feet and could not walk home, so I carried her on my back. We did not consider that as hardship, but only felt that the most important thing was letting people know the truth about Falun Gong.

I live in a rural village and I do manual labor for a living. I work from 5:30 in the morning until 8:00 at night, I do not have much time to rest besides my lunch break. The work is strenuous and sometimes I have to work overtime. However, I have been getting up at 3:40 every morning to do the exercises. I am very healthy, never get sick and my work seems easy. Those who know me would say, “People who practice Falun Gong are extraordinary.”

At work, I use every opportunity to clarify the truth to others and save sentient beings. Through my actions I validate the Fa and help everyday people understand that Falun Dafa is good!

Master Protects Me

Once when we were building a house, our foreman used supporting frame that was not put together well. A 50-kilogram concrete slab fell on my right leg. I lost consciousness. After I came to, my leg swelled up and I could not stand. The foreman wanted me to go to the hospital. I said, “Take me home, I'm fine!” They put me in the car, where I silently repeated “Falun Dafa is good” until we got to the hospital.

The hospital personnel could not detect any pulse or determine the condition of the blood vessels in my leg. They only knew I had a fracture. My leg was black and purple, and it was swollen and had no feeling. My wife arrived shortly after. I knew that since I was a cultivator, I would be OK.

A few days later, I had an ultrasound, and they still could not locate my blood vessels. Everyone, including the nurses, was worried about me. After another few days, I talked it over with my wife about how the hospital charged several hundred yuan per day and we didn't want to waste the foreman's money anymore. I got ready to leave the hospital. We also sent forth righteous thoughts that the physician would find my blood vessels fine when he checked my leg again.

The next day, I had another ultrasound. They still could not locate my blood vessels after searching for a long time. My wife and I were sending righteous thoughts continuously. A physician then said that he saw a small vessel pulsing. After checking and rechecking, he said, “The capillaries are OK, the major vessels are fine, too.” I cried when I heard that, and those around me said, “You are fine now. Don't cry.” They had no idea that I was in tears because I was thankful for Master's mercy and compassion, and for enduring my pain.

After I got home, I slowly started to meditate regularly in the full lotus position until I was completely healed. At the end of the year, the foreman wanted to give me an extra bonus for my injury, but I refused the money. As a cultivator, I wouldn't take any money that was not mine, and I also would not trouble the foreman. Usually, whenever someone is injured at work, the foreman would have to give the worker several thousand yuan in compensation. My behavior convinced many villagers that Falun Dafa was good.

In April 2007, my home was ransacked, and my wife and I were arrested. I remained calm at the police department and was not scared. Once I got to the detention center, I told others there that “Falun Dafa is good” and how I have benefited from cultivating Dafa. I even convinced two people to withdraw from the CCP organizations. I was released after 17 days. My wife was sentenced to five years in prison, and is still being tortured in jail.

Elevating Xinxing Changed My Home Environment

After I came home from the detention center, my parents refused to let me leave the house because I continued to cultivate. They would not let me interact with other practitioners, either. What had happened to my wife and I were emotional blows to my parents. They were living in fear and were always upset.

I could not stay at home—I had things to do. Whenever I was about to go out, they would curse at me. I felt that they did not understand me, that I was not even allowed to be a good person. I felt I had no freedom. I insisted on going out and insisted on cultivating. I argued with them and made my mother cry. My lack of compassion hurt my parents and caused them to create karma for themselves and misunderstand Dafa. I was a dedicated Dafa practitioner on the surface, but I did not talk like a cultivator; my words brought shame upon Dafa.

After a period of diligent Fa study, sending forth righteous thoughts, and searching within, my xinxing slowly elevated. I started to take pity on my parents: they are over 80 years old, and they worry about us all the time. To support the family they worked very hard and now they feared for my safety. They were not wrong! I was wrong. I did not behave like a cultivator, and I did not act according to the characteristics of the universe. Not only did I not have filial piety for my parents, I did not even care about them.

I needed to correct my mistakes. I started to change my attitude and no longer argued with them. I let them say what they wanted to say, so that they could vent their anger. I listened to their cries and shouts. Gradually, they no longer said much, and we now live together peacefully. I do what I can for them, and help them with cooking and chores. I chat with them and tell them stories about good and evil. I tell them that reciting “Falun Dafa is good” can benefit their health, and they indeed recited it.

My parents are both very healthy. My father is 86 and still does farm work. My mother is 80 and still cooks for us. Others would say that this elderly couple is becoming more energetic. I know it is Master who helps them, and Master is doing this for my cultivation. At the same time, it is also their predestined relationship. Now they rarely question me when I go out. I understand that on this road of cultivation, as long as I believe in Master and the Fa, search within, and be compassionate to others, this road will be wider and more beautiful.

Studying the Fa Diligently and Negating the Persecution

Every Dafa practitioner must study the Fa. I work during the day, study the Fa at night, and send forth righteous thoughts. I sometimes doze off during Fa study. When I thought, “I am tired and want to go to bed early,” I could not keep my eyes open. I had to overcome this thought. At first, I washed my face with cold water, but that only kept me awake temporarily. During Fa study, my main consciousness must be strong, so I can immerse myself into the Fa. Since my wife is in prison and another local practitioner has become homeless, I have to study the Fa by myself. I study the Fa everyday, whenever I have time, and have a clear understanding of the Fa. Because of my work, it is hard for me to send forth righteous thoughts four times a day, so besides sending forth righteous thoughts at night, I recite the words to eliminate the evil in my mind. It is quite effective. Master wants us to do these things well, so we must do them well.

During the 2008 summer Olympics, the CCP sent guards to every village. No practitioners were allowed to leave their homes. Many practitioners were arrested, and some were sent to detention and brainwashing centers. After the Olympic games, many practitioners were sentenced to prison and forced labor camps.

I was also watched. The CCP guards in my village told me to report to the village committee every day, and said I would need their permission to leave home. I refused to abide by these demands. I rode my motorcycle and visited my fellow practitioners often, and reminded them to send forth righteous thoughts and not be afraid. I was also able to find out about the practitioners who had been arrested and get information about who was responsible, so that other practitioners could get online and expose what was happening. I know this is my responsibility, and I must do it well. Persecuting my fellow practitioners is also persecuting me, because we are one family.

I felt that this wave of persecution was caused by our human attachments; it is also the evil's last ditch effort. I shared with some fellow practitioners that we should not use a human mindset to look at the problem. We need to use clear minds to save sentient beings. We are Dafa practitioners. We are not afraid of the evil, and we do what we should do so that the sentient beings will be saved. Later, our local fellow practitioners came together and our group study has restarted.

I share understandings with my fellow practitioners whenever I have time. During our sharing, I always learn something, and I am often touched by fellow practitioners' understandings on the Fa and their compassion toward sentient beings. My own shortcomings are exposed and get eliminated. I have great respect for those practitioners who have escaped from forced labor camps because they believed in Master and Dafa. I find time to visit them, share understandings with them, and we elevate our levels together. I treasure the fate that has brought us together, and they also like to share with me.

To expose the evil, I do what I can, as I help fellow practitioners to sort through information and write articles. We also go out to spread Dafa materials with other practitioners as one body, which has gone well, for the power of us as a whole is enormous.

Master's article “Be More Diligent” told us how important it is for us to form one body. Every one of us must cultivate well and cooperate with other practitioners as a whole, so that our righteous thoughts can cover a large space, thus completely eliminating the evil forces. We can then more effectively save sentient beings. Let us be more diligent, reach consummation, and return to our origins with Master.