(Clearwisdom.net) I am 54 years old and started practicing Falun Gong on June 1, 1998. I used to suffer from numerous illnesses that left me bedridden and unable to work.

I felt Master was taking care of me the day before I encountered Falun Dafa. The changes in me became even more obvious over the next four days. I was a taxi driver and I had a hard time doing my job, but after I practiced the cultivation, I was able to resume my job.

Dafa is miraculous. Several months later all of the chronic illnesses that tormented me for so long completely disappeared. My worldview and my attitude toward life changed dramatically, and I felt like the most fortunate person on the planet. I am truly grateful toward Master for saving my body and soul. I held myself to Dafa's standards and continuously removed attachments to fame, fortune and emotions. I strive to be a true disciple.

Private ownership of mobile phones was relatively rare in China during the late 1990s. After I studied Dafa my husband and I found three cell phones in the street and returned all of them to the owners. They offered 200 yuan as an expression of gratitude. We politely declined. Another incident: Once I drove an old couple home from the hospital. When I came to a complete stop, they got out and nodded at me to shut the door. After they left I discovered a new 200 yuan bill lying underneath the rear wheel. I immediately thought to return the money as I am a Dafa practitioner. I asked many people and eventually found the couple who had not even realized they had lost the money. It turned out they could not afford medical treatment and had borrowed 200 yuan from relatives. They held my hands and wouldn't let go and did not know how to thank me. I said, "I practice Falun Gong and Master taught me to do this."

During one winter I drove downhill on a narrow, muddy road. After the customer left I realized I was trapped. The road was iced over, it was still snowing, and I had to go up a steep slope. I stepped on gas but the car did not move. I said in my heart, "Master, please help me." I got out and did not see a single person. As I grew more anxious, four people suddenly appeared on the horizon; as they came closer, I could hear them talking about helping me. I was ecstatic.

Once, after a customer left, I tried to make a U turn but could not move the steering wheel. Suddenly a mid-size van drove by and narrowly missed hitting my car. I think Master had locked the steering wheel. I was able to turn around effortlessly after the van had passed.

Master not only removed old illnesses but also cleansed out the root causes that hid in my body like time bombs. Once during such cleansing I suddenly experienced terrible pain. I couldn't help but bend over at a 90-degree angle; then I crawled on the floor to distract myself from the pain. The pain was deep in my flesh, bones, and nerves. I could neither eat nor sleep. However, my mind was clear and I was happy. Ten days later my entire body lightened up. My footsteps were light. I had endless energy. I could again work for days without feeling tired and then knew what it's like to be free of illnesses.

I sold my cab in 2009 and began working for an acquaintance. He knew I was an honest person and offered me a 20ommission, which is higher than the usual 15%. I had helped him buy the cab before I practiced Falun Gong. He gave me 1,000 yuan to repay the favor. After I started working for him, after three months I had repaid the 1,000 yuan by deducting an extra 10 yuan a day from my salary. I also gave him his share of the profits according to our agreement, which was 8,000 yuan for the month of January. To save him money [the car owner pays for driver's food], I spent 50 cents a day to buy a steamed bun and sometimes worked all day without eating or drinking, yet I still had tons of energy. Dafa is indeed miraculous! The owner said that I helped him save gas money and the profits also went up; the car was well maintained, which also saved him lots of expense on repairs. He had gone through a dozen drivers before me. None of them submitted the proper money or only small amounts because business was slow; in addition, he also had to fix the car frequently. He couldn't believe how well I was doing. Later on he began practicing Falun Gong.

In 2003 I opened a kindergarten at my home and bought the best food for the kids. I also taught them the principles of Truthfulness- Compassion- Forbearance. I would not let a single child fall behind. Many of them got perfect grades after starting school. I did not advertise; all the kids in my class were referred to me via word-of-mouth. Several children had previously been to quite a few kindergartens. Their dissatisfied parents sent them to me, and almost all of them stayed.

The parents were content and brought me gifts during the holidays, but I always politely turned them down. I explained to them that I am a person living in accordance with Dafa's principles. I also told them that Dafa is embraced in more than 100 countries around the world, and only quitting the Communist Party will ensure them a bright future. One parent agreed to quit the Party on the spot and the next day brought a name list of five others who wanted to quit. One day a parent left a few boxes of gifts on my doorstep. I couldn't send them back to him. The next day I went to a supermarket and found out the prices of the gifts. I deducted the money from the child's tuition. The parent asked, "My child used to spend two weeks of every month in the hospital; how come he suddenly became healthy after he joined your class?" I answered, "Several parents have asked the same question. I'll come to your home tonight." I visited the family in the evening and told them that people around me would benefit from my Dafa practice, and their bodies would be adjusted to an optimal state. I also advised them to quit the Party, and five members of the family said yes.

The above are stories from my cultivation. I am determined to completely devote myself to doing the three things well and following Master home!